Most Depressing Pink Floyd Songs

The Top Ten Most Depressing Pink Floyd Songs

1 Time

Aye-aye-ayeee... - Britgirl

2 High Hopes

Talking about how times were easier/better back then... - MaxPap

The song is about age, youth, old etc. Gilmour put depressing/sad words in it, especially in the chorus. - zxm

This song is literally a tear jerker.

3 The Gunner's Dream

Never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Beautiful song!

4 Remember a Day
5 The Final Cut

What is Time doing at #1? Lyrics are sad and all but there's nothing depressing in it.

THIS is a depressing Pink Floyd song. - MaxPap

6 Goodbye Blue Sky
7 Us and Them
8 Comfortably Numb
9 The Post War Dream
10 Don't Leave Me Now

It is depressing. - MaxPap

The Contenders

11 Dogs

You think Time is more depressing than This? Ha? Multiply Time by 100 and Dogs is still way more depressing. Very heavy lyrics but a great message.

This song upsets me when they are being pulled down by the stone. This is the reason I don't enjoy Animals.

12 Hey You

Especially the guitar. - Userguy44

13 Echoes
14 Nobody Home

A very heartbreaking song with a meaning most of us could also experience, I think it is far more depressing than Comfortably Numb, just to mention one from this list

15 Cirrus Minor

It is a rather sad song. If remember a day is this high than CM should be higher.

16 Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd

I don't know what you think but this song in my opinion is pretty heavy and I found it helps make The Wall a depressing album.

17 When the Tigers Broke Free
18 Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd
19 The Fletcher Memorial Home
20 Welcome to the Machine
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