Best Depressive Black Metal Songs


The Top Ten

1 Nostalgia - Nocturnal Depression

This song is very beautiful, listen to this blackmetalheads! - Ananya

2 This Dreadful Emptiness - Austere

Chaotic emotional stuff! - Ananya

3 Tortured by Solitude - Coldworld

Heart wrenching to the last - Ananya

4 Dreaming - Eternal Night
5 In My Last Mourning... - Thy Light

this is sorrow, pain and beauty - Ananya

6 Ur ångest född - Tristram

This is pretty unique, these all makes me happy anyway - Ananya

7 Melancholie - Coldworld

Less sad, stunning beautiful melody in it are top notch, one of the catchiest ever - Ananya

8 The Funeral of Being - Xasthur

It breaths desolation, the shoddy production fits the style in it perfectly - Ananya

9 Unveiling the Silent Arms of Despair - Trancelike Void

Droning affairs of sadness and melancholy the likes of which will pierce you to the core. It will lock you in the state of transfixed melancholy from the start to finish, enveloping you ina whirlwind of hopelessness - Ananya

10 Death - Pierce Me - Silencer

I added this since Death - Pierce Me is the song by Silencer I listened to the most

The Contenders

11 Moon - Moon
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