Top Ten Deputies In Warriors Who Deserved to Be Leader


The Top Ten

1 Graystripe

Sorry Brambleclaw, but Graystripe was there first and he totally deserved to be put back into his place after journeying back home! - keycha1n

Was loyal no matter what (except mating with silver stream) was a noble deputy and never had any hunger for power - Catscatscats

There would be allot less fighting if he had been leader. - birdechosplash

2 Squirrrelflight V 1 Comment
3 Whitestorm

He was my favourite cat in the whole series, one of the only cats to welcome Rusty, Sorreltail's father, Bluestar's nephew and the most loyal cat in ThunderClan. - birdechosplash

Served his clan so well and died because of blood clan. - Catscatscats

4 Deadfoot

Well he is 4th because Deadstar doesn't sound right. But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be leader. - Catscatscats

5 Redtail V 1 Comment
6 Russetfur V 1 Comment
7 Stonefur

Again, Tigers fault but misty became leader - Catscatscats

8 Stonetooth

At least he had a happy ending in the elders den. - Catscatscats

9 Lionheart V 1 Comment
10 Oakheart

Seriously agree - Catscatscats

Me too

The Contenders

11 Ashfoot
12 Bone V 1 Comment
13 Unicornheart V 2 Comments
14 Hillflower V 1 Comment
15 Wildwillow V 1 Comment
16 Honeyshine V 1 Comment
17 Tawnyspots

So kind and understanding he died just so Bluefur could be deputy

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