Top Ten Deputies In Warriors Who Deserved to Be Leader

The Top Ten

1 Graystripe

He is amazing! So brave, intelligent, smart, and noble. He would have made the best leader!

Sorry Brambleclaw, but Graystripe was there first and he totally deserved to be put back into his place after journeying back home! - keycha1n

Was loyal no matter what (except mating with silver stream) was a noble deputy and never had any hunger for power - Catscatscats

I would be honored if my mate became leader


2 Whitestorm

He supported Firestar and Bluestar for so long and he never should have died! He was strong, wise, noble, and kind. I think Whitestar could have lead his warriors into a great future. DIE BONE DIE

Whitestorm was AWESOME. When Rusty was welcomed into ThunderClan, Whitestorm didn’t mock him, (*cough COUGH* Longtail) but welcomed him and gave him a chance. When Fireheart became deputy, Whitestorm respected him and treated him like a deputy. Whitestorm was a very honorable cat and is kinda underrated, honestly. He would have made a fantastic leader.

Served his clan so well and died because of blood clan. - Catscatscats

Whitestorm shouldn’t have died. He was awesome

3 Squirrrelflight

Go Squirrelflight!

I really hope that squirrelflight becomes the next leader of ThunderClan. She will be an amazing leader. I'm sure of it!

So vote for squirrelflight! GO SQUIRRELSTAR! she will be one day, just Bramblestar needs to get over his problems, and just die for the ninth time.

Why did the series end here - Catscatscats

4 Deadfoot

Well he is 4th because Deadstar doesn't sound right. But that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be leader. - Catscatscats

5 Redtail

Killed by tigerstar, sad right - Catscatscats

6 Stonefur

Amen! Murphypaw u rock my world! - ChickenQueen

Tigerstar let me just say if we're all one big Clan then there is no half clan cats so you don't need to waste your time because if there's no half clan cats you don't need to kill them because you are one of the clan so there is no half clan cats - Murphypaw

Again, Tigers fault but misty became leader - Catscatscats

He is so noble and died the saddest death ever!

7 Russetfur

I💖 Her for some reason - Catscatscats

8 Stonetooth

At least he had a happy ending in the elders den. - Catscatscats

9 Lionheart

He is awesome

He was like a clan dad to Firestar

No greed 4 power - Catscatscats

10 Oakheart

Seriously agree - Catscatscats

Me too

The Newcomers

? Starleaf

The Contenders

11 Ashfoot

Amen! - ChickenQueen

12 Hawkwing

He deserves to be leader. After all, if he becomes leader, we no longer have to deal with Leafstar! Although... maybe I'm biased since Hawkwing is my favorite character... - Pikafire

13 Bone

R u kidding me, who added this - Catscatscats

14 Unicornheart

They don't know about unicorns - Catscatscats

Who added THIS - Catscatscats

15 Squirrelflight

How dare you say that about Squirrelflight! SQUIRRELSTAR FOR THE WIN

Sorry squirrel fans. I hate her.

16 Hawkfrost

REALLY? - ChickenQueen

He is cool

17 Hillflower

She doesn't even exsist - Catscatscats

18 Wildwillow

Neither does she - Catscatscats

19 Honeyshine

Or he - Catscatscats

20 Tawnyspots

So kind and understanding he died just so Bluefur could be deputy

21 Sharpclaw

He’s cool

22 Cinderfur
23 Reedwhisker

He is serving Mistystar very faithfully and loyally and he is strong and courageous. He has also been shown to put his Clan before himself many, many times

24 Mudclaw

Would have made an interesting plot twist for WindClan

25 Lionblaze
26 Mothshine
27 Icefrost
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