Top Ten Derailed Total Drama Characters


The Top Ten

1 Ezekiel

Ezekiel was by far the most derailed contestant ever, he went from being an actual contestant to a wild feral beast made only to be laughed at and ridiculed. - Rathernotbenamed

2 Trent

Trent went from being a very sweet down to earth person to completely crazy and weirdly obsessed without a real reason even why - Rathernotbenamed

3 Sierra

Sure she was creepy and weird in World Tour but in all stars she lost all traces of being a normal person and her character just became nothing but obsessive and crazy. - Rathernotbenamed

4 Dakota

She ended up like a second Ezekiel, but at least she remained her humanity when she got mutated into a hugs monster - Rathernotbenamed

5 Lightning

Lightning in all stars lost the half of a brain he had in revenge of the island and went from one of the key players to comedy only - Rathernotbenamed

6 Lindsey

Lindsey like Lightning just lost any actual character and the little brain they had to become stupid and just first kick-offs in all stars - Rathernotbenamed

7 Mike

I liked Mike in both seasons when it started out, but the amount of focus hey put on him at the end and the extra attention just made him lose appeal as a charchter - Rathernotbenamed

8 Zoey

Zoey like Mike was overplayed which made a lot of people hate her. In Revenge of The Island I absolutely loved her, but they just overplayed it until I got sick of seeing it be everything the show had to offer. - Rathernotbenamed

9 Duncan

I actually liked his character and the whole plot line with him going soft in the end, but I just don't think it made logical sense considering the past seasons and just kind of made his character contradictory by the amount of softness they made him have - Rathernotbenamed

10 Dave

I just think Dave was one of the best characters in the Pakitew Island season, but they just wrote him to be so whiny near to to the end of his elimination and the real problem I had was when they turned him into a spiteful villain in the end and gave him such a terrible ending with being forgotten and everything. I just was sad to see how he was written off at the end and that he lost his mind. - Rathernotbenamed

The Contenders

11 Gwen Gwen

She acted too nice in All Stars way different than her personality in Island.

Indeed, when I think about it I did notice she lost her attitude that a lot of people loved about her. - Rathernotbenamed

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