Top Ten Greatest Desi Raps (Desi Hip Hop Songs) of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Kali Denali - Bohemia Kali Denali - Bohemia Cover Art

This one should be classified as a drug. I repeat this is a drug. This song has the best lyrics, flow, & music. Bohemia is a legend.

Kali Denali by Bohemia is the greatest Desi Rap songs of all time. This song is about his early life and struggles. This song deserves the no. 1 spot. - Manmind

Kali Denali is the best Desi Hop Hop Song of all time. Bohemia is a legend. - Manmind

2 Faqeer - Bohemia Faqeer - Bohemia Cover Art
3 ek Tera Pyar Remix - Bohemia ek Tera Pyar Remix - Bohemia Cover Art
4 eitbaar - Bohemia eitbaar - Bohemia Cover Art
5 Kacha Ghar - Pardhaan
6 Meri Baari - Pardhaan Meri Baari - Pardhaan Cover Art
7 Farak - Divine Farak - Divine Cover Art
8 Photo - Bohemia Photo - Bohemia Cover Art
9 Vich Pardesan De - Bohemia Vich Pardesan De - Bohemia Cover Art
10 School Di Kitab - Bohemia School Di Kitab - Bohemia Cover Art
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