Best Designed Pokémon Gijinkas Made By Pokémon Fans

This is for the Pokemon Gijinkas that look really good, either looking cute or awesome. Enjoy posting Pokémon Gijinkas here!

The Top Ten

1 Gardevoir Gijinka

The male Gardevoir Gijinka looks cool looking and looks very nobel. - DinoLover4242

2 Swampert Gijinka

He looks cute. - DinoLover4242

3 Keldeo Gijinka

He looks awesome and is like a swordman. - DinoLover4242

4 Delphox Gijinka

She looks cute and is like a maid girl. - DinoLover4242

5 Deoxys Gijinka

He looks awesome. - DinoLover4242

6 Kabutops Gijinka

He has awesome moves and he looks cool. - DinoLover4242

7 Kyogre Gijinka

She looks awesome and beautiful. - DinoLover4242

8 Groudon Gijinka

He looks epic. - DinoLover4242

9 Dialga Gijinka

He looks like a cool wizard. - DinoLover4242

10 Haxorus Gijinka

He looks like a cool swordman. - DinoLover4242

The Contenders

11 Palkia Gijinka

He looks very awesome, even as a Gijinka. - DinoLover4242

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