Best Desiigner Songs


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1 Panda

I got broads in Atlanta - Forhad_765

This song is awesome. 5/5

The best song ever


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2 Shooters
3 Timmy Turner

Catchy beat. - 906389

This song is fing scary listen to It in reverse

4 Da Day
5 Champions
6 Moon People
7 Finesse
8 Jet

I originally was pretty mixed on this song but now it's actually one of my favorites from him. The beat goes hard and his voice mixes in well - Mcgillacuddy

9 Tiimmy Turner - Desiigner

Excuse meee... you put this TWICE - AlphaQ

10 Outlet

The Contenders

11 Intro
12 Make It Out
13 Zombie Walk

Am I the only one who thought it was Future at first?

Nah. It's actually not that hard to tell the difference. Desiigner makes these random yelling sounds and future doesn't and Desiigner is better and easier to understand - AlphaQ

14 Overnight
15 Caliber
16 Liife
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