G-4rce Album Reviews: New English

Mcgillacuddy Alright, new mixtape from newcomer artist Desiigner. He's already made himself popular with his smash hit Panda, which brought out the potential he has, and I wanted to see how much he could utilize it. So, not long after, Desiigner releases his debut mixtape New English. Quite an appropriate name for this project since you need a translator to understand half of what this guy is saying...

New English
Artist: Desiigner
Released June 26, 2016

Metacritic Reception
Critics: 60% Mixed to Positive
Users: 3.6 Generally Unfavorable

Intro 3/10:
This intro actually provides a bit of promise for the album at first listen, but once the heightened level of hype from Caliber comes in, this just ended up feeling like a cheap way to start a mixtape. They should've just taken this intro out because it was very unnecessary.

Caliber 8/10:
So this is where the mixtape begins. Forget about the intro. The production is hard, and Desiigner's voice fits it very well. Although, the vocals in this song sound insanely similar to Future's chorus verse in I Got the Keys.

Make It Out 10/10:
This is probably the best song on the entire mixtape in my opinion (yes, even better than Panda). Desiigner changes his tone, thank God, and the production is so god damn nasty that I can't take it. Desiigner's voice is VICIOUS. Like holy crap, man. This is appropriate car-blasting music, and I'm just going to go all out and give it a 10.

Shooters 7/10:
This song would've been as good as Make It Out because of the pure fire in the beat production, but only one problem: "Finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters, finna pull up with the shooters..........." OMG bro can you shut up about the f*cking shooters like TODAY?

Monstas & Villains 9/10:
Ugh, this song is too damn SHORT! Fortunately, I was able to dig in on Youtube and find the full version of the song, and this actually ended up being one of the better songs on project. Like Make It Out, the production is just too much. Desiigner doesn't reuse his lyrics as much as he did in Shooters, but just for the chorus line. I'm not sure who else does the other verses in the song, or if Desiigner has more voice tones than I thought he did but with more versatility in this track, it bangs.

Interlude 1 3/10:
Like the intro, the style of this interlude just doesn't fit the mixtape as a whole.

Talk Regardless 4/10:
Once again, the production hits, but it's Desiigner's damn Future voice again. IT'S BACK. Nothing interesting here.

Roll Wit Me 3.5/10:
Talk Regardless + Shooters = Roll Wit Me. Nothing more to say about that.

Interlude 2 3/10:
Need I say more about this bullcrap?

Da Day 5/10:
I'm very mixed with this song. Again, the production hits and he actually uses different voice tones, but the verses blow. Not as bad as Shooters and Roll Wit Me but it seems like Desiigner just ran out of tricks up his sleeve.

Jet 7/10:
Okay, I actually had to listen to this one twice to get into it, and honestly, it's one of the better songs on the mixtape. Desiigner's Future voice fits the production very well, and we get some decent verses from Pusha T. Not a bad track at all.

Overnight 3/10:
Nope, nope, and F*CK NO! Desiigner brings back the Future voice, but it just doesn't fit with this track. Probably the best way I can describe it is that he uses his Future voice like Kanye West uses his autotune voice, except West does it more appropriately.

Zombie Walk 2/10:
Jesus Christ, I'm so done now. This is the worst song on the entire project. It seemed like he just put SO LITTLE EFFORT into this CRAAAAAAPPPPP. Excuse me while I go cry for a minute...

Panda 9/10:
Okay, so this is the mainstream song, and yes, it's a good song in my opinion. He uses his Future voice, but his flow is just great in this song and the beat slaps.

Overall Score: 5/10 Mediocre
One thing that this project doesn't do is bring anything new or unique to the table. Desiigner bites off of Future's style. I don't exactly blame him for it, but this style gets old quick because we've heard it many times already. As a matter of fact, I don't even like Future's music that much. I also can't count how many times he used that prick making automatic rifle noises in the background. Granted, the production on some songs just slap hard. First time hearing this, I was having a hell of a time going wild over the first few tracks, but once Monstas & Villains ended, the rest of the mixtape just seemed "mehhhhhh" and I just ended up getting so frustrated that even the last song, Panda, didn't bend me back into shape. The lyrics are nothing new either. Desiigner's a killa, gangsta, he's got a lot of money, f*ckin with his bitches... you see where I'm getting at here. I would say that there's nothing completely wrong with these lyrics, but unlike the songs on YG's album Still Brazy, Desiigner had nothing to back them up. The reason I gave Monstas & Villains, Make It Out, and Panda such high scores wasn't because of the lyrics, but because the voice tone and flow, whether it was Future style or not, fit the production, making the songs balanced. Also, just throwing the extra interludes and an intro in the mixtape was highly unneeded. The only thing this project is good for is Make It Out, Monstas & Villains, Panda, and the insane hardcore production on some songs. I still have hope for this artist, though. He is still a newcomer, and there's a lot of room left for development. Hopefully, Desiigner gives us some good material in the future, and a word of advice to him, Timmy Turner was not a good way to start.

I think I may do a review for Still Brazy. I did request SwagFlicks to do one for that, but we'll see what happens. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go delete a some of these songs from my iTunes.


I'll do the review, but I have to do some other projects first. - SwagFlicks

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