Best Despicable Me Minions

The Top Ten Best Despicable Me Minions

1 Dave

No it should be Bob. - Azurin13

This list is retarded - suicunesorcerer

Why does this list even exist? - suicunesorcerer

So cute very interesting Dave - onlyway

2 Stuart

I love Stuart! So cute! - Medmac

He's hilarious in Minions! Is always hu try for a BANANA!

3 Kevin

He saved his tribe - MarioMaster101

He saved his tribe. Without Kevin there would be no boss for them even though descicible me 3 ruins it.

He saved his tribe.

He is meanest of them all
Actualy he is the only mean one

4 Jerry

The one in Despicable Me 2 is the cutest of all minions - darthvadern

5 Carl

"Bee-Do, Bee-Do", easly my favourite - darthvadern

6 Phil

Phil is the minion dressed like a housemaid. Definitely one of my favourite minions! - Medmac

7 Tim
8 Tom

Team tom!

9 Bob

All of the minions are cute but he is the cutest minion!

He's so cute

He is so cute, he's small and is always in for his teddy bare, I love him so much.

Me likeee! - Azurin13

10 Lary

The Contenders

11 Purple Dave
12 Jorge
13 Mel
14 Steve
15 Lance
16 Josh
17 Scott
18 Purple Kevin
19 Ken
20 Donny
21 Mike
22 Frank
23 Darwin
24 Mark

He was the mom in the supermarket.

25 Paul
26 John
27 Snape
28 Bill
29 Cliff
30 Norbert
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