Top Ten Desserts After Dinner

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The Top Ten

1 Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's so soft and delicious. - JaysTop10List

None can beat my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. I lo-o-o-v-e Chocolate Chip Cookies. - Kiteretsunu

2 Cake

Nothing can beat cake the great taste so good. - skyelolwut

3 Cheesecake

I really love a traditional New York strawberry cheesecake. Sometimes I deliberately leave some of my dinner to make room for it. - Britgirl

4 Ice Cream Smoothie

Otherwise known as a smooth and creamy milkshake. - IceFoxPlayz

Sounds. really really really good. - JaysTop10List

5 Cupcakes

Chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles... any flavor is good! - JaysTop10List

6 Ice Cream Sundae

I would kill for an ice cream sundae right now. It's delicious. - PositronWildhawk

This should be number 1

A sundae would be good. - JaysTop10List

7 Brownies
8 Chocolate Cake

Hate chocolate cake
Don't judge if you do you suck


9 Brownie Sundae
10 Apple Pie

The best kind~!

The Contenders

11 Ice Cream Sandwich

Sounds delicious with the cream inside. - JaysTop10List

12 Blueberry Muffins

Sounds tasty especially with the blueberries inside. - JaysTop10List

I love blueberry muffins at McDonald's!

13 Carrot Cake
14 Chocolate Pudding
15 Jello
16 Pound Cake
17 Chocolate Ice Cream
18 Ice Cream
19 Pumpkin Pie
20 Biscuit Pudding
21 Kheer

The world's best dessert.

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