Top 10 Destination Wedding Planners in India

The wedding is a one time experience for almost everyone. There
is so much to do to make your dream wedding turn into reality. After
all, we marry only once. From starting your new life
to looking your best on your big day, it’s just too much to handle alone. The Indian destination wedding planner is here
to help you to make your special day a dream come true and a memory for a lifetime.

The Top Ten

1 Divya Vithika Wedding Planners

Divya Chauhan & Vithika
Agarwal share a common passion for
turning dreams into a reality. They decided to put their capabilities together
and to bring life to fairytale wedding dreams that couples share together. They
take care everything from invitations to guest hospitality. They believe every
couple has taught them something new, which defines their career today. - nakedeyead

2 Naked Eye

Naked Eye is
specialized in Wedding planning, Organization and much more. They are
affordable and promises quality. Their creativity and vision set them apart from others. - nakedeyead

3 The Wedding Co, Mumbai

Barkha Athania, the face of the Wedding Company has an experience in all types of interior designing and wedding organizations. They take up only one project at a time. The grandest and special wedding handled by them was a 13-day affair. - nakedeyead

4 3 Productions, Bangalore
5 Frozen Apple Events, Rajasthan

Thakur established Frozen Apple Events with the motto ‘Freeze your memories
with sweetness' three years ago. He believes that a wedding planner is the face
of a wedding as he carries the reputation of his clients. Sahil believes that a
planner should be paid for his experience and planning skills. - nakedeyead

6 Wedding Dreams, Mumbai

Abhishek Sharma, it all started by helping his friend in his wedding. He
initially began doing this part time and his success eventually made him turn
it into a full-fledged businessman. - nakedeyead

7 Tamarind Weddings, Kerala

wedding planners believe that weddings are not just occasions,but a ritual.
They are trained in destination and luxury weddings. Starting from designer
wedding invitations to the assistance of groom and bride along with shopping
and tamarind wedding and give you memories of a lifetime. - nakedeyead

8 L'amore Weddings, New Delhi
9 My Shaadiwale, Bangalore

wedding planning company specializes in custom weddings. Be it a love marriage
or an arranged marriage, he has done it
all. - nakedeyead

10 Parinaya, Kerala

which means 'meeting of two souls' is a part of the Impresario Event Management.
They have managed grand weddings for Indian and foreign clients over the years.

these are the top 10 wedding planners specialized in their field and have the
potential to fulfill your each and every demand to make your dream wedding come
true. These wedding planners will take all your responsibility on their head so
that you can enjoy it all with your family without any worries. - nakedeyead

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