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1 Shinichi Kudo Shinichi Kudo

Cool and collected, great deduction skill for a high school student, and the best female character, Ran, likes him! Plus he's cute too. I mean, come on, people!

Kudo.. The most FANTASTIC character in the whole Anime!

Well, he's intelligent, handsome, calm, and collected


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2 Kaito Kid / Kaito Kuroba

Kaito Kid is the coolest and most mysterious male in Detective Conan! Love his humourous, funny and witty quotes. Kid is absolutely hilarious! He is my favourite character in this series, and he has an interesting background as well. Best and most childish magician ever. - Goku02

The coolest male character in the series!

Coolest and wittiest character ever. Not to mention his cuteness.

The Coolest character ever!

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3 Conan Edogawa Conan Edogawa

I really like conan more than shinichi maybe because he is in each and every episode but still shinichi and conan are same peoples but still they seems different to me sometimes.
But he is the best I mean for both of them but as for me I like hattori the most I guess but I voted him for best character so this time I'll vote for conan for best male character I like him cause he has amazing bond with each person in detective conan also cause he is the hero of the show.

Come on people Edogawa is wayy more cuter than kodu.. even yukiko-san agree with me

He's kawaii

4 Heiji Hattori

He's so funny, I like him haha

He's the Japanese king of comedy and the Detective of the West

He has sexy skin

I love you heizzzee

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5 Kogoro Mouri
6 Hiroshi Agasa

I just love chubby lol

7 Shuichi Akai

He should be at least second


Akai is easily one of the coolest characters... Ever. He's one of the top tiered geniuses, not afraid to give his all, cares for the ones he love and is an amazing sniper. And he's hot too.

'Cool FBI agent' personified ^_^ - icyicy00

He's smart, attractive, the best sniper, relaxed, cool, a skillful driver, the best agent.
He has faked his death, he knows, how the Organisation thinks.
He can do Jeet kune do, he has the green card, he knows how to fool his enemies.
In Episode 425, he knew before Shinichi, where the Organisation is.
Akai is named "Silverbullet" by the boss.

8 Wataru Takagi
9 Yusaku Kudo
10 Juzo Megure

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11 Gin
12 Tooru Amuro

Come ooon.. am I the onllyy one who think he is so hot? I ship hem with shiho as will.. yeah I said it sew me

13 Saguru Hakuba

Agree, I like him

14 Subaru Okiya
15 Matsuda Jinpei
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1. Shinichi Kudo
2. Kaito Kid / Kaito Kuroba
3. Heiji Hattori
1. Shinichi Kudo
2. Conan Edogawa
3. Kaito Kid / Kaito Kuroba



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