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21 As the Dew

I really love this opening because I love Garnet Crow too!

22 Secret of My Heart

This song is amazing with a wonderful meaning!

I love this song.
Mai Kuraki is great...and so is Ran Mouri

23 Mune Ga Dokidoki

This is definitely one of my favorites. Great catchy song.

So underrated mu favourite beging song

24 Kimi No Namida Ni Konna Ni Koishiteru

Not my style of music at all, but I couldn't get this one out of my head while it was airing. Almost as catchy as the main theme song.



25 Anata Ga Iru Kara
26 Ikusen No Meikyuu de Ikusen No Nazo O Toite
27 Natsu No Maboroshi

Of all soundtracks from DC, I always prefer Garnet Crow's. They are always so wonderful. And this is my favorite. It's so addictive! GARNET CROW FOREVER!

28 Don't Wanna Lie
29 Your Best Friend V 1 Comment
30 Kimi to Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made

The best Detective Conan opening ever!

Got that as my ringtone best opening ever

31 100 Mono Tobira

Very bad. I don't even know this song, never listened to it, how does this song even sound?

One of the best openings of Detective Conan

32 Hello Mr. My Yesterday
33 Tsukiyo No Itazura No Mahou
34 Kimi Ga Inai Natsu
35 Butterfly Core

This is my best song!

I loveee this song

36 Summer Time Gone
37 Tear Drops V 1 Comment
38 Togetsukyou Kimi
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