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21 Stop being overprotective of fictional characters! - Boschian-Fantasies

Maybe not an image, but I do agree with this old journal entry written by Boschian-Fantasies (formerly Guei-Girl). People need to stop treating fictional characters like real people. Fiction is not the same as reality and I wish more people would realize that.

People who cry like immature babies when Mufasa died really need to read this!

22 Gee, you think you know everything, don't you? - Little-rolling-bean

This speaks the darn truth. I wish people would stop stereotyping animals, already.

23 Lions cannot be vegetarian and sing with pigs. - Little-rolling-bean

Everyone who can't understand the difference between real and fiction need to see this stamp.

24 Sonic - Yardley

Tracy Yardley! has worked on the Sonic comics quite a while and seems to draw the characters quite well. Thought this picture of Sonic was one of the best ones.

25 Lucina - hybridmink

This guy has an awesome art style and gallery and I wish I could draw or color as well as him. This picture of Lucina holding her sword was pretty cool.

26 Smash Brothers - hybridmink
27 Karel's journey - Toivoshi

Really good picture of everyone's favorite "Sword Demon" turned "Sword Saint".

28 Sonic Generations cutscene - LadyGT

This lady makes awesome anime-like art and this is one of them.

29 New Paper Mario: The Partners - Nelde

His fan-remake pictures of Paper Mario are so cool and made me wish that one day, Nelde will work for Nintendo as a developer. Although The Thousand Year Door will always be my favorite Paper Mario (The Yoshi partner was great), I still have some good nostalgia for the 64 original and respect for the later games.

30 xiaomu - commission - nightwing1975

This guy's whole gallery is amazing, with all the renders he did of characters from different mediums and so forth. I personally like the one he did of Xiaomu.

31 3DS Ambassadors - GBA Edition - fryguy64

Really cool picture.

32 Krystal in Dinosaur Planet - j-fujita

This is one of the first pictures I saw when I first looked at j-fujita's gallery and thought this is a wonderful take on Krystal in Star Fox Adventures.

33 Tails 2008 - j-fujita

A really good anime-styled fanart of Tails in his Sonic Riders gear.

34 Fox + Krystal have lovely time - BlackBy

An awesome picture and very well drawn, too.

35 Super 'Mon Fighter II - JoeAdok

Pokemon meets Street Fighter.

36 FZero No.1 - JoeAdok

I really like this picture.

37 Sonic the hedgehog 2 - icha-icha

Great picture of a great Sonic game. icha-icha also has some great Star Fox art, too.

38 The Seven Koopalings - LajosJancsi
39 quicksketch - Flame Runner mk-2 - MasaBowser
40 Fox Friday the 13th - StarFox-Saiyan

Fox McCloud and a bunch of Zoruas. What's not to like? Of course I like this picture because it features my most favorite video game protagonist and my most favorite Pokemon.

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