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121 SAILOR MOON MANGA - Episodio 02 (Style Anime) - JackoWcastillo

A beautiful anime-like recreation of Mercury's first appearance in the Sailor Moon manga, when the fog disappears and she's seen standing in her Sailor Soldier form. - SailorSedna

122 SAILOR MOON CLASSIC - Sailor Mercury - JackoWcastillo
123 SAILOR MOON CLASSIC - Sailor Mars (Wallpaper) - JackoWcastillo
124 SAILOR MOON SUPER S - Super Sailor Moon - JackoWcastillo
125 The Making Of - Kymoon

A hilarious "What if? " picture showing what it would be like if Sailor Moon was actually just a show being filmed or something. - SailorSedna

126 Serenity's death - Kymoon

A very sad, powerful depiction of Princess Serenity's death in the Sailor Moon series. - SailorSedna

127 Impressions - LittleTiger488

The art style is nice and Swift Heart's expression is both cute and hilarious. - SailorSedna

128 Rise and Fall of the Disney Empire - NostalgicChills

Beautiful, touching, sad, and a bit of a true statement on how some Disney characters and such have sadly been forgotten and/or not as well remembered. - SailorSedna

129 Waiting To Be Loved Again - NostalgicChills

This artist is correct, these Disney films need to be remembered and watched again, they shouldn't be forgotten. - SailorSedna

130 Don't give up, Lucky - ArtemisA-wolf
131 Trump - jollyjack
132 Spitdash - Celebi-Yoshi
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