Best Devil May Cry Characters

Vote for your favorite character from the Devil May Cry series.

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1 Dante Dante Dante is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, created and published by Capcom.

Sorry But if he is an Anti-hero, Demon- slaying, food loving, So Many weapons to fight with, Lazy, and Careless... HE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE

Of course he has to be number 1.Also I want DMC 5 which is coming next year. - DarkBoi-X

My opinion involves other opinions

Dude killed Mundus, Argosax, and hunts demons for a living. Also comment if you’re glad the real DMC5 is coming out. #hopeforsuccec

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2 Vergil Vergil

Brother of Dante and yet equal in power. Calm, cool, collected and serious. A great character better than DMC 5 Vergil.

More powerful and intellect than dante more collected and cool he is THE BEST

Badass brother of Dante but not as badass as Dante. - DarkBoi-X

Older twin brother of Dante - ParkerFang

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3 Nero Nero

Awesome, a badass, half demon, half human. He was a great addition to DMC and deserves more credit. The son of Vergil, nephew of Dante and yet calls Dante 'old man'. Brilliantly awesome.

I have never played with Dante so I choose Nero because I love Nero. He is strong enough to destroy any boos in second.

In my opinion equal to Dante

My vote goes to him. He is EPIC. - TriggerTrashKid

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4 Trish

That picture is not Trish - ParkerFang

I love her

5 Sparda

No one has ever seen this guy still he is also a great character as because of him we got Dante

The father of Dante and Vergil - ParkerFang

He's a favourite character even though he has NEVER actually appeared in the series? Ok. - Coreylordo

6 Lady

What Lady under dmc dante whyyy.

7 Mundus

The villain in the game - ParkerFang

8 Angelo Credo

I mean, he'smreally good at fighting, probably better at fightning against, hmm... Phantom.


9 Arkham
10 Kyrie

She is girl friend if nero - haunted

The girlfriend of Nero - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 Dante (DmC version)

He was not that bad character at least was better than Lady. He was also a badass character and deserves number 5

12 V
13 Nico
14 Cerberus Cerberus
15 Kat

She is only character from dmc that I don't hate and she wasnt even in here.

16 Lucia
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