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Vote for your favorite character from the Devil May Cry series.

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1 Dante Dante

Sorry But if he is an Anti-hero, Demon- slaying, food loving, So Many weapons to fight with, Lazy, and Careless... HE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE

My opinion involves other opinions

All the devil may cry characters are awesome - HollowArrow

Many people think he is anti-hero but he is not he is the best, bad ass character of DMC
DMC destroyed him

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2 Vergil Vergil

Brother of Dante and yet equal in power. Calm, cool, collected and serious. A great character better than DMC 5 Vergil.

More powerful and intellect than dante more collected and cool he is THE BEST

What the hell? Vergil is number 3! he deserved to be at least no2...

Older twin brother of Dante - ParkerFang

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3 Nero

Awesome, a badass, half demon, half human. He was a great addition to DMC and deserves more credit. The son of Vergil, nephew of Dante and yet calls Dante 'old man'. Brilliantly awesome.

I have never played with Dante so I choose Nero because I love Nero. He is strong enough to destroy any boos in second.

In my opinion equal to Dante

The most charismatic in the serie in my opinion

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4 Trish

That picture is not Trish - ParkerFang

I love her

5 Sparda

The father of Dante and Vergil - ParkerFang

He's a favourite character even though he has NEVER actually appeared in the series? Ok. - Coreylordo

6 Lady
7 Dante (DmC version)
8 Vergil (DmC version) Vergil (DmC version)

Is that fair? - AdamDestructorJr.

9 Arkham
10 Mundus

The villain in the game - ParkerFang

The Contenders

11 Kyrie

She is girl friend if nero - haunted

The girlfriend of Nero - ParkerFang

12 Angelo Credo

I mean, he'smreally good at fighting, probably better at fightning against, hmm... Phantom.

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