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1 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley

I think he is kind of dum but well he is the main character but I think he is a number 5 because he is in all books and in cabin fever I like the teacher who stands on his chair he is more funny then Greg I don't know why he is the funniest character but I know that Greg is not the right character to be on book number 12 he is just not the right character to be on character number 1 in books and in movies why!

Greg is a bit of a jerk. But if you think about it for a while, he goes through a lot. Such as his family mistreating him, and so every often, he gets bullied by jocks in his school.

i think greg is number 1 because he is in every picture

He is a sociopath we all love - MUSHROOM

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2 Rodrick Heffley

Rodrick is so badass

I haven't watched this movie in a while, but a couple reasons why he's my favourite is because not only is he really funny, but he's also an awesome drummer. I love how he torments Greg all the time.

Rodrick is a awesome drummer.
And he is so funny in Dog Days when he was in the pool and the man got him out of the pool and did the mouth thing that was Hilarious.

Dummys for this new movie replaceing him with a japenese newb, but rodrick should always be #1

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3 Rowley Jefferson

I think Rowley should be number 6 because he sometimes does not make sense and makes it not funny.

I like Rowley. I wish a book would be written just about Rowley - pancake2015

I think rowely should be number 5

Rowley is hilarious

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4 Holly Hills

Hot and guilty of charge
This is why she is my favourite character, because she makes greg go crazy

Holly is cute and makes Greg go crazy. She is nice and has pretty hair.

Holly is really pretty and nice also she's in jessie

Shes the best character in the movies. It's so sad that they have to find a new actor for her though.

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5 Frank Heffley

When he threw a brick at Greg I almost peed my pants laughing.

Why would he throw a brick at Greg? That's dangerous! Then again, Calvin's dad threw tools at Calvin, who is SIX, so maybe it's not that bad.

He at least doesn't embarrass Greg

Frank Heffley is funny. Reminds me a lot of an older versio nof Greg - pancake2015

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6 Manny Heffley

Manny is the worst character he is selfish evil greedy. He let his family freeze to death in cabin fever and I wish he would die.

While he is cute on the outside, he is a whiny devil on the inside

He's a spoilt brat and he never gets in trouble! He also has $100 dollars

His pig never made it on the list

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7 Chirag Gupta

He is very funny I'm a human being too that's very funny

He's hilarious and makes a good character. Should be higher up. - DivineGamer

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8 Susan Heffley

She is a horrible mother

She should be 6, not 9! - Btd

She's cute in the movies. - SSJ

She needs to look up to Greg and Rodrick too.
God! She's as worst as dumb Manny!

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9 Grandpa

I like Greg's Grandpa especially since he keeps dating. Its funny - pancake2015

Laugh out loud. He thought that joke was so funny!

Believe it or not! This side character was much funnier than the actual ones

10 Patty Farrell

Thank the lord she is last. She's a jerk to Greg :-(

She sucks. Who added her?!

She is a total jerk. - Catacorn

Such a nerd.'She's crazy and sucks at everything.

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11 Leland

He is an excellent character in Greg's diaries

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12 Heather Hills V 2 Comments
13 Uncle Charlie V 1 Comment
14 Fregley

I love him he bowed bubble gum with his belly he is so funny

Wanna see my "secret freckle"?

Fregley is creepy

He is among the weirdest book characters I have ever read about. In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, he actually put his own booger on a piece of paper to someone else. No wonder Greg fainted! Why is Susie Heffley always trying to set up a play date with two boys who have nothing in common? Especially when one is afraid of the other. I mean, I understand that she would want to help Greg make new friends when he's fighting with Rowley, but out of all the possible candidates, why would she chose the one who Greg would least like? It doesn't make any sense. Also, why does Greg always go to Fregley's after he fights with Rowley? He is clearly choosing the wrong kid. In the first Wimpy Kid movie, Fregley asked Greg and Rowley if they wanted to help him name his "secret freckle" which, y when way, was disgusting. He is probably dangerous. More than the Mingo Kids, by a lot. I'm 90% sure his parents keep an electrical fence, too. And who. can blow a bubble of gu m with his belly button? Is he like part ...more

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15 Gramma
16 The Giving Tree guy

Literally he looks like a burglar!

EPIC HAHA Who would want a video game without a T.V. =3

The older version of Shel Shilverstein - Btd

I love the person that added this, I laughed so hard at that part. - MoldySock

17 CannonBall
18 Gammie V 1 Comment
19 Uncle Joe
20 Silas Scratch

He just comes crawling out of the toilet - Btd

He's not technically a character, nor do I like his story arc.

I love him and I wish he was real

Too funny

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