Top 10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters


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21 The Principal V 1 Comment
22 Lenwood Heath V 1 Comment
23 Gary Heffley V 2 Comments
24 Scotty Douglas
25 Mamadou
26 Joshie

He is a Justin Bier rio-off (throws up)

Joshie is stupid he looks like he has a butt chin - Lunala

He is 4 6 year olds

Justin Bieber? izzat you? - mayamanga

V 1 Comment
27 Mr. Jefferson

HEIS A JERK. He is overprotective and atupid - Lunala

28 Benjy

The weird kid that knows how to read but isn't potty trained.

Hey! Poopy diaper here! - mayamanga

No! Shut up!

No! Shut up!

“Hey! Poopy diaper here! ”
When he said that I imagined if he had a Youtube channel called Poopy diaper and when he says that he’s introducing himself - Lunala

29 Great Uncle Arthur

He makes funny grunting sounds

30 Bryce Anderson

He is a stinky poo. I'm a girl and I hate him - Lunala

This little jerk

Idiot is him

31 Tingy

Manny's blanket is actually a character? LOL! A piece of string held together by boogers and raisins.

Why is Manny's blanket here? - Catacorn

Why is a blanket a character - Lunala

Uhh, what the heck is Manny's blanket doing on here?

32 Nicky Wood

It's funny he's covered in freckles

33 Tyson Sanders

He pulls his pants All the way down when he uses the urinal

34 Emilio

He is that kid from book 10. He is in Greg's cabin and his glasses break.

35 Nate Wright Nate Wright The Big Nate comic strip's main character. Nate is 11 years old, he is an aspiring cartoonist, drummer, underachiever, and plays funny yet overdone pranks on Prank Day (the last day or 2nd last day of school). He is somewhat self-absorbed, believing himself to be irresistible to women despite repeated more.

Which stupid guy posted this

Ok who put him here! Probably some gullible grandma who buys her kids Ratatoing and What’s Up! Balloon To The Rescue and thinks Nikki Maxwell, Greg Heffly, Nate, Georgia and Rafe are all from the same series - Lunala

36 Vice Principal Roy

He makes trouble

37 Bill Walter V 1 Comment
38 Mrs. Graziano

Music Teacher - Lunala

She is evil

39 Mr. Tanner
40 George Fleer

Henchased them with his outie

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