Top Ten Diary of a Wimpy Kid Female Characters


The Top Ten

1 Holly Hills

She is so cool. Patty Farrell can be a bit of a jerk sometimes. - TopTenJackson


2 Gammie Heffley

"i may have let one "slip"

Gramma and this ass sucks.

3 Susan Heffley

She's is hilarious - WinchesterGirl26

Lol she is so funny. Making Greg do stupid thing shes a ordinary mother,not so sure lol...

4 Trista
5 Gramma
6 Heather Hills

Um, Heather Hills is like both 6 and 10 - VideoGameTiger

So pretty in the movie dog days Roderick and heather are so funny

7 Laurel Stringer
8 Angie

Angie Steadman is one of the few characters in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, who actually seemed unmotivated by popularity. Angie showed independent thought and an un-discriminatory personality. Angie is in the middle ground for someone who doesn't want to be popular, but isn't exactly a nerd. She's mature enough to see the futility of the common goals in middle school, independent in nature and unique in her ideas. Angie is one of my favourite characters if only for the fact she doesn't follow the social rules.

Angie is better than that no good for nothing Susan and Patti

Best character

Since Angie is played by Hit-Girl

she would have beat up Greg, Rodrick, Frank, Susan, Manny, Patti, Rowley, Rowley's parents and the teachers if she wanted to

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9 Erika Hernadez
10 Rachel

The Contenders

11 Meemaw
12 Mrs. Graziano
13 Patty
14 Mrs Jefferson

She is funny

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