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1 Destroyer

A good tip: use this with maximum body damage. It's a really great attack mechanism.

Versatile in firepower and ramming. Of course this takes the cake

My build: 2/7/3/7/7/7/0/0

I've gotten 550k+ max score with this.

Fastest tank in the game. when shooter can one shot most things

Lol does a lot of damage

2 Penta Shot

This beast absolutely wrecks everything in the game. I'm surprised it's not #1. If you want to get score fast then destroyer, but you can easily get teamed with that and die fast. This one will allow you to wreck entire teams and nothing can even get close. Its really too broken to be allowed in the game.

It just wrecks all competition. No one can come near you and you can stay away from enemy bullets. It's like having your own forcefield, especially if you do 1/0/0/7/7/7/7/4. The increased health regeneration helps and the movement speed can be used for emergencies.

Extremely hard to kill. Very powerful. Obliterates overlords. Weak against high bullet penetration

Not that good penetration but is a good tank to scare others off

3 Overlord

This should be number 1. The world records are dominated with overlord scores.

Why is this not #1? This is like the classic, most OP tank in the game

Good but defense will be very weak after attacking

This should be number 1 I won every time I use this

4 Triplet

Great thing, this Triplet. It's strong, it has great firing speed and accurancy, can escape from battle quickly, and I always became the top tank with it easily. It deserves to be higher. The same thing for Overlord, it's somewhat underrated.

This is by far the best tank in the game. Nothing is better than Triplet.

Nice precise shots, with good speed and great with high damage.

the best

5 Hybrid

I vote for hybrid because his better than what he is to sneak off a win on A giant Pentagon

Way way way better than the destroyer. Really good for rammers.

Why is destroyer better thatn hybrid? exact samething except hybrid have drones. Also the combination is unstoppable, and if you get a hit it is ohko

This should be higher than destroyer

6 Booster

Seriuosly amazing speed! great for people who want to use hands-on combat yet want to get out of a nasty situation!

Best for getting out of situations. Use build 7/7/7/0/2/2/1/7

One of the most op ones I dare say


7 Machine Gun

Leads to gunner and destroyer


insane reload but it is tier 2

8 Necromancer

Build a glass missile then its e and c. I can get on the leader so fast with it

Its great with so many drones

This is op against snipers, ans sometime triangles

you can be OP if you use it correctly

9 Manager

Really good tank use build 6/ 6/ 7/ 7/ 7/

I manage people

Great, even if it is hard to ger


10 Sprayer

I've gotten runs on this that are absolutely freaking amazing. Nothing can even touch me.

I absolutely destroyed everyone with a sprayer before
Then I got smited by a salty destroyer :V

The sprayer is op at killing overlords and other drone classes

About 11 turrets, this is op

The Contenders
11 Assassin

So much range and extra damage buff

I think this belongs in the 15s

Great way to sneak attack!

So strong as I think

12 Hunter

Leads to strong tanks

13 Flank Guard
14 Triple Twin

Should have been quad twin

How is this so low? this is by far the best tank ever!

So fun but not very good

used to be a boss and everyone was scared by this tank but NOW... It's well, Forgotten (r.I.p Triple Twin (n <-- Graveyard))

15 Gunner

It’s free dragon build fighter food lol

Insane Reload!

really good reaload

16 Spread Shot

This tank is beast! killing overlords and ramming anihhilators are so easy! Build: 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5

Max penetration rocks with this

Like penta but a bit weaker.

A triple shot on steroids

17 Octo Tank

The most mainstream tank I have ever seen. Not that good, twin flank is better!

If it's a war you want, you're gonna have to give it more than that, hellfire.

It's hard to get near it

It is cool

18 Landmine

It's great because you can sit there and wait for someone to come to you and it can turn invisible

You can just use rammer stalker instead because this has longer cloaking time

19 Fighter

This should be top 3!

531k score with this tank

such a fast, powerful bullet spammer

the king, biggest score in was used as a fighter

20 Twin Flank

Leads to strong tanks
Double sided

21 Sniper

Has better damage than most classes in its branch

This is level 15 bruh

22 Twin
23 Tri-Angle

This should be higher

Fastest tank in, don’t evolve your triangle unless glass fighter

24 Arena Closer

why is this not number 1 it is invincible + 1 shot

super op it can't die and it is a 1 shot

This is 1 Shot KO to any tanks if aim correctly!

Its literally arena closer.

25 Streamliner

How is the streamliner lower than the TANK?! same with the other tanks below and some of the ones above.

Streamliner=tank with tons of reload and range

Best ever! How is it lower than gunner?


Great FOV with good reload. Overall Amazing

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