Top 10 Tanks

The Top Ten Tanks

1 Destroyer

Fastest tank in the game. when shooter can one shot most things

A good tip: use this with maximum body damage. It's a really great attack mechanism. - ListerBlister

Booster is way better

Piece of crap - hellfire

2 Machine Gun

insane reload but it is tier 2

good tank


good - hellfire

3 Penta Shot

Not that good penetration but is a good tank to scare others off

It just wrecks all competition. No one can come near you and you can stay away from enemy bullets. It's like having your own forcefield, especially if you do 1/0/0/7/7/7/7/4. The increased health regeneration helps and the movement speed can be used for emergencies.

Once your trapped by it's bullet storm, your trapped!

Shoots front and sides

4 Overlord

Why is this not #1? This is like the classic, most OP tank in the game

This should be number 1. The world records are dominated with overlord scores.

0/7/7/7/5/7/1/0 build

good to use drones to kill other tanks but also is good just in case a rammer chases you and hits you.

Good but defense will be very weak after attacking

5 Hybrid

I vote for hybrid because his better than what he is to sneak off a win on A giant Pentagon

Way way way better than the destroyer. Really good for rammers.

why is this worse then the destroyer it adds drones

This should be higher than destroyer - hellfire

6 Triplet

Nice precise shots, with good speed and great with high damage.

This is by far the best tank in the game. Nothing is better than Triplet. - Doge4lifeGaming



7 Necromancer

Its great with so many drones

Da worst useless in middle no squares no drones and it’s drones are so weak


Build a glass missile then its e and c. I can get on the leader so fast with it

8 Flank Guard


blah blah blah it is garbage

9 Hunter


10 Assassin

So much range and extra damage buff

I think this belongs in the 15s - hellfire

Great way to sneak attack! - ListerBlister

It is a real attacking-assassin in!

The Contenders

11 Manager

Karen wants to say something

Really good tank use build 6/ 6/ 7/ 7/ 7/

Great, even if it is hard to ger


12 Gunner

This is exceedingly easy to kill, particularly as a tanks with high bullet stream, or those with high penetration like destroyer branch.

Insane Reload!

13 Twin Flank
14 Landmine

You can just use rammer stalker instead because this has longer cloaking time

It's great because you can sit there and wait for someone to come to you and it can turn invisible


15 Booster

Best for getting out of situations. Use build 7/7/7/0/2/2/1/7


Seriuosly amazing speed! great for people who want to use hands-on combat yet want to get out of a nasty situation! - ListerBlister

16 Spread Shot

A triple shot on steroids

Max penetration rocks with this

Just good

This tank is beast! killing overlords and ramming anihhilators are so easy! Build: 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5

17 Sniper

This is level 15 bruh

18 Twin
19 Fighter

531k score with this tank

68 Kills


20 Hunter X

This one really sucks, to be honest - ListerBlister

Hunter rules! - SlipperyJack

21 Stalker

VERY GOOD! Can kill any tank with its INVISIBLITY POWER! From Sniper you get Stalker Its OP!

22 Streamliner

Best ever! How is it lower than gunner?

Great FOV with good reload. Overall Amazing

How is the streamliner lower than the TANK?! same with the other tanks below and some of the ones above.

Streamliner=tank with tons of reload and range

23 X Hunter
24 Mega Smasher


25 Arena Closer

super op it can't die and it is a 1 shot

This is 1 Shot KO to any tanks if aim correctly!

top 1


26 Annihilator

What this tank is#1.


this is #1

2 mill today

27 Battleship

Best reload and best tank ever. HOW IS THIS LAST!

Really good


28 Lvl. 1 Tank

The only tanks that have better bullet penetration are the destroyer classes and the trappers or drone classes.

What the hell - hellfire

Killed #7 Pentashot as a basic tank, and I can hold my own against a destroyer.

This is the best tank ever.-tz agar

29 Overtrapper
30 Tri Trapper

I use 1/1/0/3/7/7/7/7

31 Auto Gunner

I like auto gunner. Has an extra barrel and does more damage than a regular gunner. By the way, I was once a Lv. 1 tank and I killed an Annihilator! That was so surprising.

In my opinion, very unused

32 Auto 5

This is the best because it has five barrels that all go their own way. Easy to get first place!

This should be way higher! If you use it with max reload and max movement speed, any tanks are trapped in your spray!

33 Octo-Tank

The most mainstream tank I have ever seen. Not that good, twin flank is better! - SlipperyJack

It is cool

NUMBER 1! - JolteonIsAwesome

34 Sprayer

The sprayer is op at killing overlords and other drone classes

Machine Gun When Fused With Its Son

Overrated - ListerBlister

35 Gunner Trapper
36 Smasher
37 Mothership

This is not even a normal tank - JolteonIsAwesome

I'm sorry but it got removed from so you can't use it ever again.:( You could still use it in Sandbox.

38 Autosmasher
39 Ranger
40 Tri-Angle

This should be higher - hellfire

41 Predator

This tamk is amazing! - SlipperyJack

Underrated - ListerBlister

42 Auto 3
43 Basic Tank
44 Auto Trapper

I like the maze trick

Best of maze mode

45 Factory

it sshoots lv 1 tanks op

46 Overseer
47 Quad-Tank

The worst tank ever! - SlipperyJack

48 Triple Twin

So fun but not very good

How is this so low? this is by far the best tank ever! - SlipperyJack

49 Tri Shoot
50 Trapper
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