Top Ten Differences Between Beauty and the Beast 1991 and 2017

Disney made a live action film for the 1991 classic movie beauty and the beast with Emma Watson as belle and josh jad as Le fou so let’s talk about some of the differences between both, anyway the 1991 version is easily better

The Top Ten

The 2017 Version Has More Songs

I did notice that. - TheFourthWorld

Le Fou is Gay in the 2017 Version

Yeah, lol - TheFourthWorld

Belle is the Inventor Not Her Dad in the 2017 Version

I'm sorry, I don't remember much of these films. She's the inventor of what, though? - TheFourthWorld

The Beast Has a New Object in the 2017 Version

New object? What was it? I forgot. - TheFourthWorld

In the 2017 Version the Enchantress Has a Bigger Role
Belle’s Dad Almost Dies in the 2017 Version

He also almost dies in the original - MEGAFRIEND

There is a New Character in the 2017 Version
The Surrender is Different in the 2017 Version
The Opening Scene is Different in the 2017 Version
The Song Be Out Guest Has a Changed Line in the 2017 Version
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