Top 10 Differences Between Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth

Both bands play melodic death metal but they sound very different. This list discusses some of the reasons for their different sound.

The goal of this list is to show that there is variety even within the sub-subgenres of metal (within melodic death metal) and not to say what band is better.
I love both bands and I just wanna show that the same sub-subgenre can be made in different ways and both versions of the same subgenre can sound awesome in their own right.

Children Of Bodom are from Finland, Amon Amarth are from Sweden.

The Top Ten

1 Children of Bodom riffs are mainly power metal-ish, Amon Amarth riffs are mainly black metal-ish

Both bands also use thrashy riffs but they are usually secondary riffs and not main riffs. Traces of thrash metal in death metal are pretty common because death metal was significantly influenced by thrash.
Children of Bodom - most of their songs have power metal-ish main riffs complemented by some thrash metal riffs. The melodic part of their songs comes from power metal type of instrumentation, and sometimes - from folk tunes.
Amon Amarth - most of their songs have black metal-ish main riffs, especially their earlier songs that were perhaps heavier. Later Amon Amarth included some other elements to the riffs (heavy metal riffs that are also melodic) but the basis of their riffs is the same: melodic and somewhat atmospheric black metal-ish riffs. The melodic part of their songs comes from these riffs. Amon Amarth also incorporate folk tunes. - Metal_Treasure

2 Amon Amarth vocals are deep death growls, Children of Bodom vocals include growls but also high-pitched screams

Vocal-wise, to me Children of Bodom sound more extreme than Amon Amarth. So Amon Amarth are probably better for beginners in death metal. - Metal_Treasure

3 Children of Bodom use keyboards whereas Amon Amarth don't

This is another significant difference. - Metal_Treasure

4 In general, Children of Bodom songs are faster
5 Amon Amarth songs are almost with no screams while Children of Bodom songs have many screams

Amon Amarth songs usually have a longer intro growl (if any) that can count for a scream and that's all. But Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom screams/shrieks more often. - Metal_Treasure

6 The style of Children of Bodom's guitar solos is usually neo-classical metal, Amon Amarth's style isn't

Some neo-classical influences can also be found in Amon Amarth songs but it isn't as common as in Children of Bodom. - Metal_Treasure

7 Amon Amarth lyrics are viking / mythology themed, Children of Bodom lyrics are similar to thrash metal lyrics (anger, hate, antagonism)

Amon Amarth's lyrical theme is another aspect of their black metal background.
Amon Amarth's lead singer Johan Hegg said that the Viking theme and mythology were "perhaps, more accidental from the start. When we wrote the first song with Viking lyrics, we felt it was a topic that suited the music that we wanted to write really well". - Metal_Treasure

8 Children of Bodom songs are more aggressive

On the whole, Children of Bodom songs have more aggressive vocal style, guitar style and drumming (because Children of Bodom songs are faster, drumming is also faster and this makes it sound more aggressive). - Metal_Treasure

9 Guitar work is more emphasized in Children of Bodom songs

All Children of Bodom songs have dueling solos on guitar and keyboards; besides, many of their songs have more than one guitar solo. Also, Alexi uses more guitar techniques. - Metal_Treasure

10 Amon Amarth are more accessible

This conclusion is subjective because it's based on my personal experience - Amon Amarth was the band that helped me get into death metal. At the time, I didn't like death growls and certainly didn't like Children of Bodom. Now I love both bands but for me personally Children of Bodom were less accessible when I was a beginner. - Metal_Treasure

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