Top 10 Differences Between Edgy Music and Emo Music

I'm sick of these two kinds of music being labeled as the same thing, because they're completely different.

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Emo music is upbeat and poppy, edgy music isn't

We all know that it's not your fault of being a harsh person and suffered depression for years, but how many years have you suffered depression? I'm just asking.And just like it is not my fault too, my origin of my anger is unknown and I don't know if I've been abused or some other source I don't know and I'm scared of even worse...- Kevinsidis

Bands like Simple Plan, and FOB are famous for making poppy and upbeat songs while being cringey at doing so. Bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin are famous for making angry music.

True but... neither Simple Plan or FOB are actually emo, just pop punk and listened to girls with many insecurities in their life - Pato_cargo

I'm so sorry about your 3 ex-girlfriends,also I'm bisexual too.Happy national comeout day and I hope you get better.- Kevinsidis

Edgy music is angry, Emo music is happy

From what I've heard edgy music has a more intense angry vibe to it, where as emo music generally tries to be upbeat.

Emo isn't happy.It's usually sad but not depressing. - DarkBoi-X

Both sing about teenage issues, but they do in different ways

Edgy music tackles teenage issues like isolation, in a very aggressive and annoyed way. Where as emo music might tackle a similar issue, but trying to do so in a upbeat melodic way.

Both have punk influences, but Edgy music mainly has grunge or punk rock as a influence, Emo music has post- hardcore influences

Bands like Nirvana have punk influences, whereas bands like Falling in Reverse have post- hardcore influences.

And where exactly did you get the idea Nirvana was edgy? Did someone told that to you so you can make this list? - Pato_cargo

Edgy music is about aggression, Emo music is about being melodic

This is fairly noticeable.

Both have a teen demographic, but Edgy music is directed towards teens that either want to rebel or feel misunderstood, Emo music isn't

Edgy music in general, is usually about rebelling or feeling misunderstood, Emo music I guess is about trying to overcome breakups or something.

Both have distorted guitar riffs, but Edgy music has intense angry vocals to go along with the guitar distortion, Emo music doesn't

If you don't believe me then, listen to Linkin Park, then afterwards listen to FOB and you can tell the difference with the distorted riffs and vocals.

Edgy music is known for it's aggression, Emo music is known for its melodic vocals

Not the biggest difference but worth mentioning.

Edgy singers sing with pain and aggression in their voice, Emo singers sing with melodic voices

Edgy singers: Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain, Shaun Morgan, Adam Gontier and etc.
Emo singers: Patrick Stump, Hayley Williams and etc.

Both can sound whiny, but Emo music usually sounds whinier than edgy music

Nine times of 10 emo music, is way whinier than edgy music like Three Days Grace or Seether.

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Edgy music is cool while emo music is cringey

Emo music sucks. - AlphaQ

I added this. - DarkBoi-X

Edgy music is good while emo music sucks
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