Top 10 Differences Between "Harmless" Trolling and "Intentional" Trolling

As stated by Randomator, there are two types of trolling online: Harmless trolling (mainly creating an account to imitate a celebrity) and intentional trolling (where a person online is purposefully trying to get someone to react and is what most consider a troll). This list is mainly against intentional trolling as that really is objectively bad and should not be encouraged by anyone online.

Note: I don't support either type of trolling. Harmless trolling (even though harmless) is still makes you look dumber than you already could be by faking to be something you're not.

Double note: I do not support troll feeding either.

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1 Harmless trolling causes no trouble while intentional trolling does.

Harmless trolling is just there as a poor attempt at comedy. Intentional trolling on the other hand is to purposefully elicit negative responses in people on the internet and to create so much drama. That alone is enough to state intentional trolling is objectively bad.

"Harmless trolling" is not trolling. It only counts as trolling if you're trying to be annoying, rude and/or infuriating. - KalloFox34

Harmless troling isn't even trolling. It's more being a comedian (although admitted not all succed at it) - darthvadern

That’s really the biggest difference. Harmless trolls are not trying to be serious - Randomator

2 Harmless trolling does not harass users while intentional trolling does.

Harmless trolls mostly just stay at their own accounts and not harass anyone. But intentional trolls on the other hand often attempt to harass online people either by troll commenting, troll replying, or flame messages.

3 Harmless trolls do not add troll items to lists while intentional trolls do.

*Quickly thinks of Piplup*. - XxembermasterxX

The harmless trolls mostly just stay away from certain lists and make their own troll lists. Intentional trolls on the other hand submit troll items to different lists even if said item is irrelevant to the whole content of the list itself. That alone is enough to ruin hours of hard work a user has spent on his/her list.

4 Most harmless trolls do not make harmful lists while intentional trolls do.

Most of the time, harmless trolls make lists bashing a movie, game or show that everyone likes, but intentional trolls on the other hand could mainly write lists that could actually be harmful (two example by a user who I won't mention would be Reasons Why Stealing Money Should Be Legal or Reasons Why Underage Kids Should Drink Alcohol). That alone is not harmless by any means and is surely more serious than just bashing a random piece of media.

5 Harmless trolling is mainly a poor attempt at being funny while intentional trolling is borderline harassment.

Yes humor's subjective but I'm sorry, a lot of trolls really aren't funny and trolling to me is really is just a poor attempt at making peoole laugh. Intentional trolling however is only a way for intentional trolls to provoke anger in people just for laughs which alone is a tad bit sadistic when you think about it.

Humor is subjective but I’d say harmless trolls are more likely to be funny than someone who intentionally trolls - Randomator

6 Most harmless trolls don't send flame messages while intentional trolls do.

I can recall one troll on one of my older accounts (not saying who) flame messaging me and calling me a derogatory name. I did block him but unfortunately he's still on here and admin (for some strange reason) won't let me expose him for who he is.

7 Most harmless trolls do not get into heated arguments while intentional trolls do.

Harmless trolls don't really get involved in any drama but intentional trolls do. They tend to cause pointless arguments with others on the site which can create even more problems (I got into a few heated arguments with two trolls who intentionally wanted to irritate me).

I agree with that because intentional trolls want to get an angry response/reaction (of course, intentionally). They are basically parasites who annoy everyone around. - Metal_Treasure

Some Intentional trolls will even go as far as to create heated arguments - Randomator

8 Most harmless trolls commit online actions less serious than ones committed by intentional trolls.

Just like I stated with #5, harmless trolls either make pointless lists about bashing popular media which is really not more serious than making lists encouraging criminal activity or cyber harassment.

9 Harmless trolling is less serious than intentional trolling.

For real. Harmless trolling is just there while intentional trolling just turns people into major douchebags who love to harass people online for fun.

10 Most harmless trolls do not spam vote troll items on lists while intentional trolls do.

Intentional trolls might spam vote completely irrelevant items on a list in order to get it to number 1 (again, my own example would be spam voting a rock band on a list of metal bands to get it to number 1, just to give everyone a wrong impression of what metal is).

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