Differences between Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley


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1 Their Music Styles

Elvis Presley Was The King Of Rock
MIchael Jackson Was The King Of Pop
Both are King, but you can see of the tittle show they have a different Music Style, One In Rock and one in Pop.

You cannot see anything about Elvis's music these day? Elvis opened the doors to black music in the fifties. Before that black music was separated ( on radio shows, concerts... ). People like Little Richard, James Brown, BB King and many others said more than once that Elvis made black music popular and accepted for all races. So, on a cultural level, if you're listening to black artists of any genre these days it's because of Elvis. And that's only one thing that Elvis did. There are plenty of other things. Teenage hairstyles, clothes... Elvis opened many doors in music that are now taken for granted.

Elvis, a beautiful man, a fantastic singer and a great human being, so generous. Without elvis there would be none of the others. Check it out and see what the stars of today say. The king forever.

I hate Elvis Presley! He was dumb and I hate his music style!
Michael is the true best artist of all time! And not just best-selling, best ever!
I also hate Elvis' voice and music.
But, as said by my nickname, MJ is the best! - MichaelJacksonisawesome

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2 Their Voice

Early to mid Elvis was amazing.

No doubt Elvis was a much better overall singer than Michael, with a wider range and reach.

ELVIS better - period!

Elvis had the better singing voice my a mile. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. I will however say that Michael Jackson was a far better stage performer than Elvis my a mile.

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3 Michael has sold More records than Elvis when his work with the J5 combined

Elvis is the biggest selling artist ever! The Beatles come close, but they are a group, so they achieved that with 4 people instead of all alone. Although Michael has the most sold album (Thriller), his overall selling numbers are not even close to Elvis'.

Elvis sold the most ever, check your records

Michael jackson was a self appointed so called king. He rang radio stations and told djs to announce him as the king of pop. He was not good enough to tie up elvis's shoe laces! Elvis sold more records than any other artist EVER and much of his original recordings were never collated. He was the biggest cultural icon ever and the artist of the 20th century.

Not true. Based on several lists ( Statistic Brain, Wikipedia, Business etc... of 2017 of claimed sales and certified units worldwide :
The Beatles are considered as the highest selling band ( certified units ; 270,1 million, claimed sales 600 million )
Elvis Presley is considered as the highest selling individual ( certified units ; 211,5 million, claimed sales 600 million )
Michael Jackson and J5 included ( certified units ; 183,9 million, claimed sales 350 million )
Rihanna is concidered as highest selling individual based on certified units only.
Michael Jackson has the highest selling album of all time ( Thriller. That's ONE album! ) but he is not the highest selling artist ( individual or together with the J5 ).
This list is for worldwide sales and not for US sales or UK sales.
The list of The Int. Federation of Phonographic Industry is based on artists homecountry sellings and not worldwide.

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4 Elvis's solo career has sold more Records than MJ's solo career

MJ hasn't sold more records than Elvis. This list just proves how you don't need to be intelligent in order to get on a computer and write your own ill-informed opinions.

The idiot below me mentioned that Wacko sold more than a billion records. Proof of my point.

Elvis influenced more than music. He influenced culture. How are Elvis and Michael Jackson different? Simple. Here are the facts

Michael Jackson's title "King of Pop" is self-proclaimed unlike Elvis'.
Michael Jackson was a phony, unlike Elvis.
Michael Jackson's humanitarian efforts were for self promotion rather than the genuine desire to help others in need.
Michael Jackson was a suspected pedophile, unlike Elvis.

How are they the same?

They were both entertainers.
They both died similar deaths.
But aside from the Beatles NO ONE Comes close to Elvis in terms of musical influence and cultural influence.

Well well well... THIS foolish person under me just happens to diss a guy who was down... Who was retired from TheTopTens... Well I'm going to strike back...

Michael Jackson DID sell more than a billion records.
As of 2012 MJ's solo career has FINALLY topped 1 Billion. NOT including J5's sales. MJ & J5 combined over 1.3 billion records (Slightly beating The Beatles's with their 1.2 billion records)

A phony?. Michael was a sweet man. He LOVED the world. He has been PHYSICLY ABUSED by his father MANY times. Is that a "phony"?...

He has been named the KING OF POP by PRINCESS DIANA!.. By a QUEEN!. Ever since 1989!

You really believe he was a pedophile?. The people only wanted to make MONEY out of MJ. Millions of PHONYS out there are calling MJ a phony and just happen this person below me BELIEVES IT.

Did I saw they were the same?. NO this list is called DIFFERENCES between them. READ STUFF RIGHT.

They were both entertainers
They DID die ...more - SmoothCriminal

No he did not get your facts straight check the record sales Elvis outsolled Michael you don't wanna face the truth do you but I know you check the record sales and Elvis is the greatest

Elvis is overeted. there day his music is out already. MJ is better and He never called himself but media call him King of pop just go and open T.V. internet video. no a word or something he call himself but media and people around the world call him, Korea, asain, Africa call him king of pop but Elvis just USA and Euro.

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5 The Singing Vocals

Easily won by Elvis

Elvis - the winner

Elvis is the best.

6 Their Dancing

Elvis had a natural rhythm. I doubt that he had to do a whole lot of practice before his show unless there were other people doing back-up dancing. Michael Jackson was a very choreographed entertainer and I imagine he spent hours practicing and perfecting each move. I think Michael probably had to work a lot harder at entertaining than Elvis did. The Jackson 5 were very choreographed and that is what Michael grew up with. Elvis was solo and dependent only on himself from the very beginning.

Easily won by Michael.

Are you kidding me? Nothing about elvis to say
Michael Jackson make people around the world want to dance No doubt about it..

Easily MJ.

7 MJ was Black

Emphasis on "was", MJ was a great person to us blacks, until he sold his soul for white skin. He was abused; but that is no excuse. He had health issues, which caused white blotches on his skin; but he couldve had those blotches fixed back to black instead of the rest of him changed to white. There was no proof of his pedophilia, so you'll have to decide that for yourself; he was crazy, so in that case it could've been that he was a pedophile. He has said, that he believed he was Peter Pan and that was no metaphor or playful second personality. If I was to write his obituary in the newspaper, it would say:
Michael Jackson, an amazing artist, possibly the best of all time. He was abused and could not slay that demon in his mind. Lived a life full of dazed fantasy, loved children, and was the father of three children. Was accused of pedophilia which was never proven. Changed his skin to white because he sold who he was to fit in with the whites in Hollywood. Was loved by many, and ...more

Yes Michael Jackson became white but NOT because he wanted to how the hell he would've been able to fix his disease when vitiligo was not even known at the time and there was no cure. MICHAEL JACKSON was and will always be a great artist.

Race is no issue in this discussion. Elvis made black music famous and Michael wanted to be white

He was so handsome when he was young and black, unlike when he drastically altered his appearance and looked very odd. I felt very sad that he obviously didn’t accept himself as he was (and he was awesome! ) I am not a black person but I think all colors are perfect, as long as you are perfectly yourself. Peace. ✌️

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8 Elvis did not Sing R&B or Pop

Wrong! R&B was originally Rhythm & Blues. Elvis' Sun records were almost all R&B, which later would be called Rock n Roll. Today's R&B is totally different than the original meaning of that term. Pop-music sprang from Rock n Roll, Rock, ballads and many other influences. It was called pop when the video clip and stations like MTV were introduced early 80's. But Elvis was the first and biggest worldwide pop-idol (mid 50's) ever! Elvis was called the King of Rock n Roll by his fans, Michael called himself the King of pop and the press and fans just took it over.

Elvis didn't sing r&b and pop because those genres weren't popular during his era. Anyway, he was very versatile for that times and had much better vocal than MJ - Magnolia

Not true.
Elvis had several songs hit #1 on the R&B charts during his career.

9 MJ Did Not Ever Sing Country Music

I prefer Merle Haggard's voice when it comes down to country tunes...

Of course not! He was black! If he had trying to sing country music he would have commited suicide.

10 Elvis always been on a Solo Career

Both are famous cause of being a solo-artist! Michael was great with the Jackson 5, but he will always be remembered as a single artist.

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11 Their Era

Elvis & Michael were both at the right time at the right place. They both changed music! Elvis by his new way of singing and combining different styles into his brand new own, unique style. Michael by creating his unique sound and being the ultimate videoclip-artist, and also a brilliant dancer. Both of them were highly influential in the music industry. However, there is 1 big difference... Michael was only influential in music, while Elvis changed culture and changed the world. Elvis started a youth revolution which is still going on today. 1 quote from Leonard Bernstein: "Elvis is the greatest cultural force in the twentieth century. He introduced the beat to everything, music, language, clothes, it's a whole new social revolution the 60's comes from it." Amen.

Elvis had not an impact on asian countries and africa? His movies were all big box-offices in those countries and he had several gold records in those countries too. Check your sources, michael jackson morons!

Elvis = USA and some EURO.. What's about africa and black country and asia elvid had nothing impact
Michael Jackson = Truly World Wide. No one more global. Music and Dance.

12 Their Age
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