Top Ten Different English Words Non-Native Speakers are Likely to Pronounce the Same

The Top Ten

1 Diarrhea / Diary
2 Horse / Whores

The hard and soft "s", as well as "c" and "s" still are hard for me to distinguish. - Martin_Canine

3 Love / Laugh
4 Ice / Eyes
5 Three / Tree

"Th" is a typically English thing. Many people don't know how to pronounce it. - Martin_Canine

When I pronounce tree its "thRRee". Hard R and hard T. When I pronounce three, its soft T and soft R. sometimes hard R. - zxm

Get it to №1!

6 Balls / Bowls
7 Mashin' / Machine
8 Collar / Color
9 Four / For
10 Cole / Call

The Contenders

11 Night / Knight

These two words sound pretty same to me. - zxm

Huh? They ARE pronounced the same.

12 Our / Hour

Ditto above and below. Someone apparently doesn't understand the point of this list.

13 Air / Heir
14 Side / Sight
15 See / Sea

But they are pronounced the same - AliciaMae

16 Specific / Pacific
17 Desert / Dessert

I didn't figure out the difference until recently...

18 No / Know

They sound the same to me, a native English speaker.

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