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1 Heterosexual 

This list shouldn't be on here because it makes people feel jealous of others. Heteros are people, gays are people, bi's are bi's, everyone is a person.

I don't really see how you can rank sex and gender identities.

I couldn't imagine my sexuality any other way. Being in the arms of a man, loving and being loved by a man is a special feeling.

Guys I don't really hate men I write that comment to see how many users I can upset

Almost everyone is voting this because this is their sexuality

2 Asexual

This is my sexuality, and I'm honestly glad to be asexual. I don't have to worry about my "girlfriend" or anything.

Ace squad unite!
I'm happy this is so high up on the list... :)
I always see so much Asexual erasure and exclusion (even in LGBTQ+ spaces)
It's nice to see more inclusion. We exist, people!

No matter the identity of one's sex and gender, we are all human people. That's what really counts.

Voting this item over and over again is my favorite past time activity, I will make this number one with my power. Bisexual is next if this gets number one

3 Bisexual

This is my sexual orientation. I’m attracted to at least two genders

This list makes no sense, since everyone will obviously just vote for their sexuality

Attracted to bicycles.

You get the best of both genders.

4 Homosexual

The less competition the better. More guys should date other guys.

Nothing wrong with that. We're supposed to be a more tolerant and accepting world, so I got no problem with LGBT.

Doesn't exist

But it does. It means being sexually attracted to the same gender. - ButterBoy

Attracted to home.

5 Transexual

I have a friend like that and I still love her for who she is! She has a girlfriend and they look so happy together!

Attracted to Transformers.

Doesn't exist

People who switch from the genders they were born as

6 Transgender

Doesn't exist

Synonymous with transsexual for the most part

People born with all sets of genitalia

Attracted to transformations.

7 Lesbian

Attracted to school lessons.

Lesbian sex is so hot

Lesbians ain't a gender

Stop steryotyping lesbeians.

8 Cisgender

What happend to the good old day when you where either Male or Female that's it

Like with "Male", self-explanatory. Although the fact that they weren't on here may indicate a joke list. Oh well.

Self-explanatory. Surprised it's not here.

Attracted to the letter C.

9 Genderfluid

As a genderfluid person, that has been assessed for mental issues, disorders, and problems, I can confirm that this is REAL.

Can change there gender using liquids.

Sounds a lot like schizophrenia.

That doesn't even make sense? How does it sound like schizophrenia?

Discovering something that doesn't exist.

10 Polysexual

What a load of crap (like most of this list). What you're describing here is promiscuity. Nothing more.

I'm going to be brutally honest here. This is basically equivalent to manipulative polygamy. Unless if it's not manipulative, I'm against something like this.

If you're attracted to multiple genders, then you are also attracted to all of them. Because there's only two. It's called bisexuality. - DCfnaf

Doesn't exist

Attracted to pollen.

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11 Bigender

Attracted to bigfoot.

People who feel like both genders

Doesn't ecen exist

made up

12 Intersex

Attracted to the internet.

Not a gender, a birth defect.

When you're born with a penis and a vagina

That’s something your born with, not a sexuality or gender you’ve felt like is right for you

But sexualities and gender identities are things you are born with.. - 445956

13 Non-Binary
14 Queer

I think I'm over here

Attracted to queens.

15 Quadsexual

I added this since were just making stuff up now

Attraction to quadruplets.

16 Aromantic

Attracted to romance.

Lack of romantic attraction.

17 Polyamorous

It's not a gender

Attracted to politics.

Poly Is a gender identity orientation

18 Neutrois

Attracted to Jimmy Neutron.

19 Trisexual

Attracted to triceratopses.

big gay

20 Intergender

Atteacted to integers.

21 Skoliosexual

Doesn't exist.

People who like polio. includes anit-vaxxers

22 Male
23 Pansexual

I'm not being rude but my friend went from straight to bisexual to pansexual

I've never understood this. A person's biological sex is obvious in real life, so I'm not sure why a non-pan person's attraction would fade based on that person's gender identity, and most bisexuals are open to potentially dating trans people

Pansexuality is just a fancy specialty word for bisexuality.

Attracted to frying pans.

24 Agender

Sounds like a redneck trying to pronounce "agenda"

Not sure how you can have no gender.

A whole slew of these don't exist and shouldn't exist

Attracted to the letter A.

25 Demigender

Attracted to democrats.

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