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1 Asexual Asexual

No matter the identity of one's sex and gender, we are all human people. That's what really counts. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I really wish I was asexual so I don't have a crush on anyone - RoseCandyMusic

My favorite sexuality because I'm also Asexual

Yeah I agree

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2 Heterosexual  Heterosexual 

I couldn't imagine my sexuality any other way. Being in the arms of a man, loving and being loved by a man is a special feeling. - Britgirl

Guys I don't really hate men I write that comment to see how many users I can upset - RoseCandyMusic

If you wanted to promote diversity, you should've titled this list Sexualities that Deserve Attention. - ProPanda

It will not probably work because users will vote on this item - RoseCandyMusic

Alright justice its #1. - htoutlaws2012

me - purpleyoshi98

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3 Homosexual Homosexual

Feel attraction to those of the same gender - AnonymousChick

Nothing wrong with that. We're supposed to be a more tolerant and accepting world, so I got no problem with LGBT. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 Bisexual Bisexual

This list makes no sense, since everyone will obviously just vote for their sexuality - Martinglez

You get the best of both genders.

Feel attraction to both genders - AnonymousChick

Attracted to bicycles. - Skullkid755

5 Transexual Transexual

People who switch from the genders they were born as - AnonymousChick

Fascinating creatures. - Puga

6 Pansexual

Pansexuality is just a fancy specialty word for bisexuality.

I would say its more than bisexuality- you can love everyone regardless of gender, and gender identity. - Lucretia

Feel attraction to everyone, even those without binary genders - AnonymousChick

Attracted to frying pans. - Skullkid755

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7 Bigender

People who feel like both genders - AnonymousChick

Doesn't exist - Puga

8 Polysexual

What a load of crap (like most of this list). What you're describing here is promiscuity. Nothing more.

I'm going to be brutally honest here. This is basically equivalent to manipulative polygamy. Unless if it's not manipulative, I'm against something like this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Feel attraction to multiple people at the same time - AnonymousChick

No, it's when you are attracted to multiple genders. It's pretty much the same thing as bisexuality. - drdevil

Attracted to pollen. - Skullkid755

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9 Genderfluid

Can change there gender using liquids. - Skullkid755

Sounds a lot like schizophrenia.

That doesn't even make sense? How does it sound like schizophrenia? - AnonymousChick

Can switch with what gender they feel - AnonymousChick

Doesn't exist. - Puga

10 Agender

Not sure how you can have no gender. - Skullkid755

Have no gender - AnonymousChick

Doesn't exist. - Puga

The Contenders

11 Transgender
12 Queer
13 Genderqueer

What is this even? - Lucretia

14 Intersex

In between genders of something? - Lucretia

15 Cisgender

Doesn't exist. - Puga

Yes, puga, you're right. you and everyone else on TTT don't exist. sorry. - AnonymousChick

16 Demigender
17 Demisexual

Only feel sexual attraction after getting to know the person - AnonymousChick

I think everyone is demisexual if it exsit - RoseCandyMusic

Doesn't exist. - Puga

18 Lesbian
19 Holosexual

Gay people who are hollow. - Skullkid755

To be honest this sexuality is just a fanbase - RoseCandyMusic

SimplyNailogical's fan added this - RoseCandyMusic

20 Aromantic

Attracted to romance. - Skullkid755

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