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Song title - list of artists who have songs with this title.

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41 Thank You - Led Zeppelin, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Connor, Dido, Jamelia, Estelle, Busta Rhymes, Boyz II Men

Easily Bust Rhymes. He demolishes everyone on the mentions. - AlphaQ

The Descendents

42 Is This Love - Whitesnake, Bob Marley

Also Pat Travers Band.

I love bob marley's is this love - hayden3009

I'm going with Whitesnake. - Metal_Treasure

Will I Am

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43 Drive - R.E.M., the Cars, Fu Manchu

I love the R.E.M Drive - hayden3009

44 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow, Volbeat

Volbeat song title is actually (The) Gates of Babylon but this doesn't change the meaning. - Metal_Treasure

45 Back to Life - Soul II Soul, Morgan Page

+3OH! 3 - Undistinguished

46 Heroes - David Bowie, Conchita Wurst, Mika

Alesso & Tove Lo as well!

47 I Want You- Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye

Also: Kelly Clarkson - Martin_Canine

Don't forget Praga Khan and Carl Cox! - PositronWildhawk

+ 15 more:
Squeeze, Savage Garden, Bon Jovi, Ahola, Kiss, Janet Jackson, Elvis Costello, Kelly Clarkson, Utah Saints, Shana, Madonna, Tiƫsto, Thalia, Praga Khan, Carl Cox - Metal_Treasure

48 Changes - David Bowie, 2pac

A same song title by two deceased song artists. - Fandomstuck

Black Sabbath

Pac Wins. - AlphaQ

phil ochs - RecklessGreed

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49 Push It - Salt n Pepa, Static X

I love the salt n pepa push it - hayden3009

50 Closer - Nine Inch Nails, Aerosmith, the Chainsmokers,

NIN is the best one Screw that Chainsmokers one - christangrant

51 Jump - Kris Kross, Rihanna, Madonna, Van Halen, Kylie Minogue

The Pointer Sisters? - jtnet



52 So What - P!nk, Metallica, Field Mob, Die Antwood, Ministry, Miles Davis, Anti-Nowhere League, Three Days Grace

I thought no covers were allowed. Metallica's is a cover of the Anti-Nowhere League. Still, the Anti-Nowhere League had the best one.

I don't know. I despise Die Antwood for making one of the worst pieces of revolting trash to ever exist (I Fink U Freeky) and Metallica's new stuff is kinda lame so I don't know... - AlphaQ

The Cure

53 Roses - Outkast, the Chainsmokers

Also Reba McEntire - JohnFedorchak

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
I Punche Your Face
Cause It Looks Like Poo. - AlphaQ

54 Stand Up And Shout - Sammy Hagar, Dio
55 Fight Fire with Fire - Metallica, Kansas
56 Criminal - Eminem, Britney Spears

Disturbed is the best Criminal - christangrant

The winner is easily Eminem. - AlphaQ

Disturbed as well. - cjWriter1997

Also Natti Nattasha and Fiona Apple

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57 Animals - Martin Garrix, Maroon 5, Nickelback, Coldplay

Martin Harris Wins It. Maroon 5s one was alright... - AlphaQ

Nickelback is the best one - christangrant

Oh sorry Neon Trees is not plural but it's a good song, awww. Can anyone find another animal song to make another list?


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58 Money - Pink Floyd, Kollegah, Michael Jackson, Vitamin C, David Guetta, Drake, Girls Aloud

Pink Floyd beats them all - christangrant

The Beatles

59 Right Now - Rihanna, Garth Brooks, Atomic Kitten, Psy, Van Halen, Fort Minor, Akon, Mary J. Blige, Jeanette, One Direction, Korn

Samantha James


60 Fly on the Wall - T.A.T.U., Miley Cyrus, AC/DC

AC/DC is obviously the best one - christangrant

Plus XTC's song from 1982 - jtnet

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