Most Difficult Chapters in Celeste

These are the most challenging and frustrating levels in the indie game Celeste

The Top Ten

Chapter 9

Just recently added, Chapter 9: Farewell is the longest and most difficult level in the game. In the 13 total hours it took me to complete it for the first time, I died 5200 times (which seems to be more than average, but still). You have to be an actual sadist to attempt to run this level deathless. - Atham

Chapter 7C

The first two screens are no big deal but the third screen broke me. Your movements have to be so insanely precise, and it's frustrating as hell when you can't even get back to the part you're having trouble with because you fell a few pixels in the wrong direction. - Atham

Chapter 7B

Almost as long as 7A, but even harder. - Atham

Chapter 6B
Chapter 3B
Chapter 8C
Chapter 8B
Chapter 3C
Chapter 5B
Chapter 5C
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