Most Difficult Genres of Movies to Create

These genres are most difficult to make. I will explain why. By create I meant story writing, arrangements, casting etc all of them.

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1 Comedy

Making people laugh is actually a hard work. Otherwise it's a plain stupid movie. - zxm

Yep. This is true. Writing a comedy is actually a lot harder than writing a drama.

2 Horror

You have to scare people through your movie. It may be still popular if it isn't good. But as time passes it may become comedy movie instead of horror movie. so you have to write something that'll keep alive throughout decades. - zxm

3 Science Fiction

Should be lower (in my humble opinion) I should imagine you can let your imagination run riot with this genre. There aren't too many rules to follow, unlike Crime where police procedurals have to be accurate; or Thrillers where you have to set pace and mood and create a convincing antagonist and protagonist. You can play around with Sci-fi as there are no set rules. But as I said, it's just my opinion. What do I know? I'm not even keen on this genre. - Britgirl

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4 Adventure V 1 Comment
5 Fantasy V 1 Comment
6 Action V 1 Comment
7 Drama V 1 Comment
8 War V 1 Comment
9 Thriller

Depends on how much you can thrill audience. - zxm

10 Mystery

You have to make something that can twist other's mind. - zxm

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