Top 10 Difficult Objectives In Goldeneye 007

These are my top 10 difficult objectives in Goldeneye 007!

The Top Ten

1 Protect Natalya: Control

I hate this part it's very tough and took me weeks to complete

2 Settle The Score With Alec: Cradle

Plays this on 00agent mode its hard

3 Use Radio To Contact Jack Wade: Caverns

If you break the radio you have to restart the entire Caverns again - beatles5

So hard try my best not to break the radio

4 Eliminate Xenia: Jungle

She's a nun but she's frustrating to eliminate because she have powerful guns!

This was not fair

5 Defeat Baron Samedi: Egyptian

Me is for the Golden Gun. Every time I running for it, machine guns SHOWS UP!

This game is too hard by God I can't play it anymore

6 Crack Boris' Password: Train

There's a lot of things to do in this level it's stressing

You have to shoot Xenia for the extra time - beatles5

The train level is really hard


7 Locate Helicopter: Statue

This was hidden well it took me 3 hours to find it

This is why I don't like this game that much

8 Destroy Heavy Gun Emplacements: Runway

This was hard they should had health in that game

This took me 10 days to pass my god!

This one is the hardest

This has to be number 1

9 Disable Security Cameras: Bunker 2

This one was hard the cameras were in sneak places

This one is hard how is not in the top 5

10 Find Natalya: Archives

If you use your weapon Natalya runs away, and you have to find her again - beatles5

It's not that hard

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