Top Ten Difficult Sports That Have Simple Rules


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1 Golf

You hit a golf ball and try to get it in the whole with a par or birdie the hardest part is finding out what clubs to use - OneWayStreet

2 Soccer

You kick the ball to each other and kick in the goal - OneWayStreet

3 Tennis

It's out or its inn there are lines that describe it and the hits are pretty easy - OneWayStreet

4 Hockey

It may be hard to play but the rules are pretty simple penaltys and stuff - OneWayStreet

5 Baseball

Rules of baseball isn't that simple. At least not simpler than that of Bowling or Swimming. - Kiteretsunu

Understanding baseball's rules is seriously more difficult than playing it. - PetSounds

Yeah every time we play a variation of baseball (like kickball, raquetball) in PE, I kind of try my best to get out because I still have no clue how to play. And I went to a game once and had no clue what was happening the entire time. - keycha1n

Run the bases the ball gets caught your 3 strikes your out - OneWayStreet

6 Boxing

Just simple. Just hit your opponent and the opponent hits you with a boxing glove. Nothing else.

Beat the guy up - OneWayStreet

7 Trampolining

Tricks may be hard but all you do is tricks it's a hard talent but the rules are easy - OneWayStreet

8 Swimming

It's hard but it's simple to do the strokes when you get used to it - OneWayStreet

9 Bowling

Roll a ball get pins down - OneWayStreet

10 Volleyball

You can learn it in 1 hour now get good at it - OneWayStreet

The Contenders

11 Football Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.
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