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1 S.O.S D'un Terrien En Détresse

I have discovered Dimash with this song! He is having the unique possibility to make people think more about the spiritual part of the life, to reflect the emotion, to be more sensitive, to love more. I fell in love with his passion for music. To listen to him is like a discovering magic fairytale. RD

This, Opera 2, and Sinful Passion are his most incredible vocal performances (and I mean the live versions) - Metal_Treasure

One of the best songs I have ever heard. - Userguy44

I just love his voice and I'm sad it took me so long to hear him!

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2 Opera 2

I watched a live performance of this song several days ago and my jaw dropped... it is still dropped. Never seen anything like that before. He sings like a superhuman. - Metal_Treasure

3 Daididau

The best singer is not the world.

Dimash has a magnificent voice.

Hauntingly beautiful. The true story, the lyrics, and the emotionally tender performance by Dimash. His instrument playing was a bonus.

4 Sinful Passion

Extraordinary voice meets a beautiful song! Such a deep and angelic performance drenching in passion!

Love his voice. Heard him last week on The World's Best and can't get enough of him!

Best song to show off his talent

5 Tuğan Jer Kazakhstan

You are so wonderful Dimash

6 The Love of Tired Swans

Amazing performance of Dimash. He is getting mature, his low note voice is getting better.

Love this song


7 I Love Only You!

The most delicate of all the wonderful songs of Dimash.

Dimash Kudaibergen is a man who brings beauty to this world!

His voice is beauty, perfection, magic!

Such a soft beautiful rendition of this lovely song.

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8 Daybreak

This song is so beautiful and Dimash sings it with such passion!

This is one of my favorites, I enjoyed the one on singer except for the glitch in recording, the live was was jaw dropping.. I love Dimash all the way in all performances.

Love this one!

Love it.

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9 时光·沧海 (Ocean Over Time)
10 Ocean Over the Time

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? Lay Down

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11 The Crown
12 Confessa + the Diva Dance
13 戰爭與和平 (War and Peace)

One of the best songs in my life!

Really like this song!


Love this song very much...❤

14 Unforgettable Day

A magnificent song written by a talented composer and performed by talented singer Dimash.

It was composed by himself. Incredible vocal and performance

It is magic!

His voice is beautiful, bright, uniqu...

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15 Go Go Power Rangers
16 困在愛裡面 (Give Me Love)
17 荊棘王冠 (The Crown)

The feeling just overwhelms me.


18 Late Autumn

He pulls you in emotionally. Amazing song.

Absolutely magnificent nothing else can describe this performance

19 月亮媽媽 (Moonlight Mama)
20 Hello

Love you

21 熱鬧星球 (Lively Planet)

Amazing song

22 Screaming

I love the whistle notes. Such an brilliant technique. your one of the best male voicer. Love you DQ

23 Лейла (Leyla)

Love this song!

24 Restart My Love
25 Okinish
26 拿不走的记忆 (Eternal Memories)
27 Battle of Memories
28 Don't Forget Me
29 Know
30 Körkemim
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1. I Love Only You!
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3. Daybreak


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