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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


India definitely is the dirtiest place I have ever seen...Another observation is that a lot of the inhabitant smell unhygienic and don't wear any form of antiperspirant. Very interesting place to see, but definitely smells really bad and the lack of cleanliness will make you want to vomit at times.

I am Indian and I agree this is the filthiest country on the planet. cows, dog other animals roaming on the streets going everywhere people go on the street railways tracks in open in general sewers are overflowing open drainage system, pigs, garbage air population this is complete catastrophe people calling beautiful are either ignorant patriots who don't want to acknowledge the problem or haven't seen the real side politicians are really corrupt they only care to bag money in no measure is taken! I'm glad Google put it on number 1 at least somewhere it's no. 1!

I believe that India is not dirty but actually, Indian people are dirty. Cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata are like dump yards where you can't even breathe with ease and it is because of careless Indians living there. They are dirty, careless, lazy and superstitious. Indians follow a simple rule - "We are dirty, Our surroundings should also be dirty". Indians are like pigs living in garbage heaps. They don't bathe regularly, throw garbage wherever they like. For Indians their entire country is a dump yard. No body takes responsibility for their personal sanitation. They are reproducing like rats and exploiting nature for earning more. India is like a hell on the earth which will go worse in future.

The dirtiest country in the world very poor and on poverty has millions of beggars who poop on the road. They have no toilet there. Electricity in city places goes off at certain times of the day. No electricity at all in rural places. They live with animals like animals. Animals like cows, goats and sheeps walk around freely on the roads. Street thugs with daggers would chop off a man's head based on their religion or if someone insulted their leader (usually someone they idolize like a movie star). Then there's corruption in the top ranks. And poverty in every part of the country. Wouldn't say the dirtiest because there are worse countries in Africa.

Very very dirty and polluted country and ugliest country in the world. I thank Google for putting India in the list of the dirtiest countries in the world.

This is spot on accurate, I went to India just once in my life. The people are good and hospitable but the country is the filthiest place I have ever seen. Drain water running through the streets. Trash, piss, poo all over the side walk. People using potholes for defecation. I was suppose to stay for a month, I came back in 10 days. If you are going to India please vaccinate and when you come back get yourself checked out incase you caught a disease.

I meet so many Indian maid here in qatar and I observe all of them they are not clean their toilet their toilet is very dirty and the smell so bad...that's why I think India people is dirty... (but not all)

India is just so dirty you gotta keep a hand on your nose every time even in your home if you are a middle class guy. You can't even bear it for a day as there are rotting vegetable food stuff thrown everywhere and people who take bath with I don't know what cause they just smell unbearable. But it has improved a little in last 5 years.

India is first - I agree. However as an expat I have visited the modern parts of Pakistan and a few village areas and I'm laughing at how people have voted Pakistan second. Maybe go to Pakistan and see for yourselves? It seems pretty clean to me so don't see what the issue is.

Most of these votes and comments are people hating on a country they don't like. I can honestly say though with no biased feelings based off of having traveled to 25 countries that India by far is the most filthy disgusting place with the most disgusting people. Regardless of how Pakistanis or Indians feel about one another. Indian cleaning standards are almost non existent. I got food poisoning here 3 times in 2 weeks.

Worlds ugliest and dirtiest country I am an Indian and I hate india because every thing in here smells like cows poop...I feel very shameful

Unfortunately India is very polluted. There's trash in the rivers and lake( which people bath and drink out of). It's very foggy and not because of the weather but because of factories. - Picklesthekitten45

Its really dirtiest country in the world, dirty mind, dirty thinking, too much of egoistic, always think how to cheat more and more,

Being an Indian from Mumbai, I can say this country is dirty. Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Agra are all examples. I love this nation very dearly as it is my motherland, but the poverty is very high. The same can be said for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India is a fascinating country, but unfortunately it is very dirty!

Most people saying India is not dirty is from Indians.

India. The smelly butthole of the world. Easy on the cooking oil and spices now...

No we are not dirty people by choice. We are poor people with no sanitation or toilet, so where do we poop, so on the road of course. we spit anywhere, but that's because we chew gutka (Indian desi tobacco). Sometimes we do take care of roads, and don't spit on it, but rather on passers by, or in the pocket of next person sitting in the movie theatre. But there are clean things in India as well. Go and see any rubbish bin (if there is any). and it will be nice and clean.

INDIA TOPS THE LIST...! As Usual... When Modi is there there is nothing in the world could stop INDIA to be on top of this list...

At least Indians have pay and use toilets and bio-toilets whereas some countries like pakistan still lacks it and they still blames that India is dirty...

Wow all the amazing comments in Pakistan's section below just tells u of their mindset, in my opinion, forget indias dirty land with no toilets and overpopulation for a one minute and look at some of these people dirty dirty mindset, they think they above all else and also animal s treated well off than humans in india its sad. India has major major problem but point flaws of other country wow...

Dirty country, dirty people inside and out

Not all of India is dirty and not all of the people are dirty minded... my parents are from India and they are very nice - Muffin9

India is the dirtiest country in the world

Most direst country in this world

Over population and bad management make it dirtiest...