Top Ten Dirty Pick Up Lines That'll Get You Slapped

Wanna get slapped today?? Tell a girl some of these ;)
WARNING: inappropriate

The Top Ten

1 Are you a weather woman? Because you should be expecting a few inches tonight

I AM a weather woman, and there's a 0% chance of that *Slaps you* - Quicksilver_HG

What the- *Slaps whoever put this here* - Fandom_Lover

Said this to happyhapyjoyjoy
I'm happy she didn't try to find me and slap me - speed

Idiotic... just idiotic. You say that an dyou might be missing a few inches.

2 Are you breakfast? Because I want to eat you in bed

Let's just, imagine that, an male praying mantis said this to an female praying mantis. - StephanTheIdiot


3 Are you fire? because I want to put my raw meat on you

This is disgusting.. - kawaiitohru

This is the best list! Pick up lines are usually boring, but these are the best!

4 Are you a muscle sore? Because you make me want to rub myself

I'm starting to get uncomfortable. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

5 Are you Santa? Because the thought of you coming keeps me up all night

Remind me to use this on a girl some time. Or not. - PetSounds

HAHA double meaning - Elina

Holy crap, the sexaul innuendo in this phrase is hilarious! - RockFashionista

6 Are you a cat? Because I wanna pet you

I would definitely slap that person in his face if he EVER says this. - funnyuser

7 Are you from Iraq? Because I want you to Baghdad ass up
8 Are you a restaurant? Because I wanna eat you up

Some of these are actually not bad to use. - Therandom

It should be are you food
You don't eat a restaurant still good though - speed

9 There will only be seven planets left after I destroy Uranus

This is funny

Uranus haters. Quit destroying a perfectly good planet. - Merilille

What...I don't...OH - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

10 Are you a house on a rainy day? Because I wanna be inside you

The Contenders

11 Are you a dirty cat? Because I wanna make you wet

Oh. Well, uh.. I'm still dry. - kawaiitohru

Haha - PeeledBanana

12 Are you Gillette? Because I want you against the sink
13 Your beauty is why God invented eye balls, your booty is why God invented my balls.

Wow these are so cringe worthy. - Powell


14 Are you a transformer 'cause you are optimusfine
15 Are you a bed at night? Because I wanna sleep on you all night baby
16 I must be a pirate because I just found the booty.

This list is awesome - PeeledBanana

17 You got an a** so fat let's make a baby

I would legit slap anyone who would say this to me. - kawaiitohru

How is this a pick up line in any way? It's just a statement saying this girl's butt is big, and that he wants to get her pregnant. Not clever at all. - yaygiants16

18 Are you a murderer? Because the thought of you coming keeps me up all night.
19 Are you a straw? Because I want to suck on you

I'm never drinking out of a straw again 🍹

20 Are you a nut cracker 'cause you can bust my nut
21 Are you a banana peel? because I'd love to unpeel you.
22 Are you a school? Because I wanna shoot kids inside of you.
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