Top 10 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.) Songs

These are the best songs from the Texan Hardcore Punk/Thrash Metal band D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) they are one of the founding fathers of Crossover Thrash, along with other bands such as Suicidal Tendencies.

The Top Ten

1 Beneath the Wheel

This is probably their most well known song, it revived airplay from MTV and it was from their best selling album Thrash Zone. - christangrant

2 Tear It Down

The Crossover album coined the term Crossover Thrash - christangrant

3 I'd Rather Be Sleeping

In my opinion this is the best song from this album. - christangrant

4 I Don't Need Society

This song was featured in Grand Theft Auto V (excluding Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions) - christangrant

5 Gone Too Long
6 Hooked

The intro to the song may be familiar to you, well if you play DOOM you will realize that the music for E1M1 is the extremely simular to this song. - christangrant

7 Snap

Anthrax would cover this song and Id Rather be Sleeping and it was recorded during the sessions of Volume 8 and it appears as a bonus track to the album, it also appeared on the Inside Out ep. - christangrant

8 Violent Pacification

Slayer would later cover this song on their album Undisputed Attitiude, which is bascially a Punk cover album. - christangrant

9 Nursing Home Blues
10 Dead In a Ditch

The Contenders

11 All for Nothing
12 Go Die!
13 Thrashard

A great song for Mosh Pits. - christangrant

14 Karma
15 Slumlord
16 Standing in Line
17 Yes Ma'am
18 Argument Then War
19 You Say I'm Scum
20 No Religion
21 Redline
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