Top Ten Most Disapointing Things About Middle School

This is a list of things that people are raving about before middle school, but when they actually get there they find that their dreams of middle school are disapointing let-downs.

The Top Ten Most Disapointing Things About Middle School

1 Immature People

My past classmates really loved to hate on teachers. They're really disrespectful to them and I don't like it at all! - Misfire

Ya I feel ike all the kids decide to become insanely annoying at this age

Everyone in my school are immature - ElSherlock

This is incredibly true. EVERYONE is constantly repeating the latest vine phrase over and over again for the entire day! I once went a day where I heard "DAMN DANIEL! " shrieked at me 17 times.

2 Physical Education

The school doesn't even bother to spend money on new equipment. Its just low-quality, worn out gear.

And THIS is why I chose Band over PE. - Absolite

You got to do that? I have to do both! I love band (I play alto saxophone) but gym is the worst.

I had it in elementary school too but it was easy - DrayTopTens

Gym is kinda good and kinda bad to me. - Luckys

3 No Recess

At mine, we can have a 15 minute recess if we have finished our lunch.

In Elementary school I thought recess was SUPER boring, but now I'm wishing I still had it.

I'm still in elementary, and I hate it. (Recess and school) I do recycling on Mondays and Wednesday's at recess, so I don't have to sit through recess all the time. Lunch is way better because I can talk without getting golf balls hit in my head. (That happened once.)

You can say that recess is for babies but it's fun! Maybe I don't want to go on a seesaw or slide but it is fun to go outside and just run around. It's better then class anyways.

4 The Desks

Middle School desks are good Elementary desks suck - Savagekid69

When I was in elementary school I thought the pull over top desks were awesome until I got to middle school and realized that you couldn't lean back in your chair, a nasty habit of mine

Desks are amazing in middle school! Elementary desks are the worst. (The collapsed on us during earthquake drills when we went under our desks.) they also were just small, and I had to scoot my chair very far back because by third grade my knees didn't fit under the desks. (I'm tall.)

Well at least you don't have to share a table with kids you hate - Pieclone

5 Lockers

When I first went to my middle school, I used to practice and get confused about the lockers, after a while, I'm not and I can do the locker combination correctly. - SpinelliFan

I only have a locker for my gym clothes (which I never lock) only a handful of people have a locker for their backpack. - Luckys

Everyone wants one in fifth grade but once your in sixth grade your wishing you still had your cubbies.

Oh please! Lockers are going to be the best! At the school I put as first choice, you get a full locker! In 6th you have to share but in 7th and 8th their all yours! You just need to practice the combo - maddyparrot22

6 The Cafeteria

I like my cafeteria because we can sit wherever, and in my elementary we have to sit only with our class. - Luckys

When I was in fifth grade I was glad we didn't have to eat in our classrooms any more in Middle School. But our schools "cafetorium" is as bad as it gets.

I sit where I want in my lunch room.

Cafeteria in elementary was worse. Smelled awful. It smells bad now, but a bit better.

7 No Snack-Time

Haha still get to bring snacks to class, just not really snack time, you eat while u work

Boi we stopped snack time in second grade - Savagekid69

We have snack time only if the teacher allows it though. - Luckys

Now I wasn't really hoping there wasn't gonna be snack time in middle school but I really do miss it.

8 Stupid Teachers

My French teacher cannot teach at all

Seriously, its like WE should be teaching THEM!

I hate my Science teacher all the others are good - Savagekid69

I kind of hate my science teacher because she can get grumpy sometimes, but all of mine were very kind to me. - Kwaysar

9 Online homework

It's bad because I procrastinate a lot. I'm procrastinating on my homework now, lol.

There are some people who can't afford computers and/or internet. I also don't like it when the homework requires you to use social media, which is what one of my teachers has assigned.

I thought online homework was outta this world until my computer took two hours to load every stinking question

As someone with no access whatsoever to a computer, this was always RIDICULOUSLY inconvenient. - keycha1n

10 One Hour Classes

Mine are exactly 1 hour

Mine are 65 mins

Mines is 80 - BigFatNoob

Mine are 55 mins - willow

The Contenders

11 Electronics

We play games on our Phones or Chromebooks but the teachers say no violent games but there is this site called go guardian that blocks all the websites with games even on your phone if you get caught playing violent games they take it to the office even at lunch they do that - Savagekid69

I have to be stealthy on a computer if I want to access the web, I got caught lots of times though...oops, got caught again! - Coreforce

It sucks how u can't play 'Marvel: Contest Of Champions'. THE TEACHERS SAY TO ME: 'No violent games'. And I say 'your boring as hell'. - CN121

At my school, people use phones and tablets, but they get stolen sometimes. They keep their devices into their back pockets sometimes. - DynastiSugarPop

12 Bullies

That's against the law in the state that I live in yet some people still do it.

I started getting bullied IN ELEMENTARY

They suck - ElSherlock

"Haha" "loser" "freak" "geek" "nobody" "nobody likes you" "you have no friends" phrases I hear everyday

13 Morons

Okay where do I start! I'm autistic, and I have a hard time doing a lot of things that are easy to others. And some kids are jerks and are like bossy and annoying. Also I didn't know the answer to a problem in Math and some kid called me "retarded." Also the kids carry on annoying and stupid stuff like putting hashtags in all their sentences, LOL,,9+10,What are those,etc. - Jake09

I hate those people. My autism is kinda mild, but I still have it and yet I get straight As and work my butt off to keep it like that and then there's some annoying slacker who's ALWAYS distracting the class. - Anonymousxcxc

There are so many idiots in middle school


What are those?!
What's 9+10? 21!?!?
Boy (and then proceed to point and make a stupid face)
And that's all I'm prepared to share

The kids in my class are the rowdy type, always doing dumb things in class. ALL. THE. TIME. People talk about Donald Trump if the teacher mentions a wall, and people are obsessed with Harambe, Dabbing, Pokemon GO, Suicide Squad and memes. The teacher always grills everyone at the end of the lesson because people are being idiotic!

14 Dating

No really. My ex boyfriend found a condom in the boy's bathroom in middle school. I kid you not. At that same time, some immature boys pulled the fire alarm. And there were then 6-7th grade girls talking about sending nudes to guys whether they liked them or not. Not to mention the rumors about people having sex in the elevators. Not teachers, but students.

Don't date till high school

This is why I always put my education first and never dated at all.

Dating is overrated. I say start dating when you're in high school. - Luckys

15 Freedom

I thought it was cool that you got to do whatever you wanted in between classes, but now I've realized that that statement isn't true

Eh, I walk around and talk to my friends between classes since my classes are close by and I have 5 minutes to get to it. - Minecraftcrazy530

All you can do is get from 1 side of the school to the other in 4 minutes or less. Hope you didn't get too tired in gym, you gotta run! - hurjelert

I feel sorry for you, all our lessons are separated by breaks and lunchtime

16 More Work

Not that much

Some nigts I don't have homework - epictoonsfan1

17 Uniforms

My uniform isn't even strict, we don't need to wear dress shoes or ties. All we need is a blue polo (which can be any shade of blue) and some khakis, navy sweatpants, skirts, and shorts (depending on the weather). We're actually allowed to dye our hair wacky colors and wear Jewelry as much as we want. - FlakyCuddles43

Well... I wish I didn't have uniform in this England. God it's so uncomfortable. Hell I want to move back to Russia and wear the Russian school uniform instead. And it's always dull colors. What's up with that. And school is next week. (yeah of course I'm so excited to meet all the people I hate NOT)

A school near me wanted new uniform which was pink (in england almost every school has uniform) but I heard the students started to riot, and so the have non-uniform

Thank god we don't have uniforms. Just a dumb dress code policy where you can't wear anything that is shorter than two fingers and that you can't wear jeans with too many holes in them something like that. - Anonymousxcxc

18 No Video Games

AKA School in general - ONHOLIDAY

Lol we play video games on our chromebooks - ayumi-oki


19 The Ice Cream Box

lucky kids - willow

? What the heck is that? Never heard of it. Also my middle school never served ice cream.

I don't have this but I have a froyo machine at my school instead - sum_fudge

I thought the ice cream box was awesome until I ran out of money.

20 Detention

Detention at my school is actually ok. It's literally sitting in a well-heated room for 20 minutes at lunch. You can get after school or weekend detentions, but they're almost never given out. - PenumbraDoge

I'm a good student so I don't get detention (though once I almost got it because I left class early) - Luckys

Believe me detention sucks hardcore. I got detention for my science teacher once and it was the worst thing I have ever experienced

When I was in middle school we didn't have detention. - Ilovestephanie

21 Changing Rooms

I change in the shower stall because it's just really weird changing in front of 20 girls. - Luckys

Since I have a lot of people in my middle school there's like what 40-50 girls each period in the locker room. Also because the gym lockers are ridiculously small you can't really fit much. Plus it feels like you have zero privacy in there so even though not many people care it still feels really awkward. Also the locker room smells bad too. - Anonymousxcxc

Ours is very small and there only 3 showers and about 20 girls. Not to mention the lockers are the size of one textbook so you can only fit some of your clothes in them.

Our changing room is tiny and it have 9 showers, nobody ever uses them so they really need to renovate it

22 Theft

life - willow

Happened more in elementary

23 Attention Seeking

Yep, some people try to act like babies to get attention. - Arcxia

Lmao. mainly preppy ass bitches - ayumi-oki

24 Student Gets Grounded By Parents

When I was in 7th grade I found a $5 bill. I tried to turn it in and the teachers told me to keep it, so I took it home. I told my parents and they berated me thinking that I was trying to sell drugs to the other students. Seriously, what the actual f***! >:(

no joke - ayumi-oki

25 Evil Teachers
26 Pep Rallies

The music was too loud and the student council president was always looking like she high on drugs.

Good thing we ain't got these - ayumi-oki

It was caous - willow

27 One kid posts random pictures on your Google document and your group all gets in trouble.
28 Showing no mercy no matter how bad your life is

About a year and a few months ago my grandparents died within two weeks of each other. My grades started suffering because I didn't know anyone who I could pour my heart out to!

THis year (January) my dad died. It was the worst moment of my life. MY focus for a week was to not bawl. The school didn't care, I got slammed with the hardest test of the year. Some kids thought I was JOKING when I told them that. My family is in a financial struggle and I might have to move back to Chicago. The school didn't care. In Februrary, my Grandma died of two primary stage 4 forms of cancer. My grandpa's heart gave out and died after. So I'm a wreck right now and the school still doesn't care.

29 Group Projects

Especially when you're in a group full of bossy people...


I’m shy but confident in the inside and when teachers bring up the word “GROUP PROJECT” I feel like killing myself.

30 Your Childhood is the Best Time of Your Life, but is Ruined by So Much Time in School.


31 Flex

What's that? - Luckys

I don't have Flex. Just this 90 minute period every other day called Core+. It's basically study hall, but sometimes you do other stuff. I don't like it except for the fact that I get to finish homework in that class and the fact that my awesome science teacher is my Core+ teacher. That's it. - Anonymousxcxc

At least this was the case last year. Now my Core+ class is supremely boring because the teacher that I have for that class this year isn't as interesting as the one I had for last year. - Anonymousxcxc

Don't you mean that song? Flex, time to impress...(I don't know the words) (sorry everything reminds me of song lyrics)

Do u mean Advisory where you go to different sessions to do things? Cause I have that.

32 Public Embarrassment

Id embarrass them back - ayumi-oki

33 Lunch Detention

I only got it once for not being able to turn in my homework on time in like sixth grade. Yeah it's not like the stereotypical detention situation, but it's unbearably boring. Because the teacher that I was in detention for had a class going on at that time I just sat on the floor and had lunch without talking the entire time. - Anonymousxcxc

I got this once in 7th grade and I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT

Don't get detention then. Be good.

Still. I love it - ayumi-oki

34 Mean Girls

Your a mouse? That is so fetch!

I'm a mouse. Duh

35 6th Grade

I'm in 6th grade ;-; - sum_fudge

6th grade was the worst.

There is SO much build up for 6th grade at my school (since it’s the start of middle school) and I spent pretty much all of my Fifth grade havin go guidance lessons about the change to 6th grade, and I never got to actually enjoy my last year of elementary. Then I got there, and the teachers kind of just leave you hanging there, they never taught me how to read my She dilemma so the first few days I just wandered around the Halls asking my friend to help me. Also, we only got one tour of thr halls in middle school, so finding the classes were hard too. Plus, my teachers had an exam assembly’s with us, and they started talking about Sexual Harassment somehow, and then some kid asked “what’s sexual harassment? ” So we had a DETAILED discussion on that. Ugh, it was the awkwardest thing, at least split us up into genders, I was sitting next to a Bunch of boys when’s they started talking about Consent, and Not being pressured, and “sex isn’t everything”

36 The drama

I can not explain the amount of drama that happens

This kid in my school is a complete wah wah

37 No Sleep

I get up a 6:30, leave for the bus at 7:25, school starts at 8:00, schools out at 2:40

I hate wakeing up at 6:00 it sucks

38 Weekend Homework

I started getting weekend homework in 6th grade

39 Extra Homework

This is so true though, like there’s no point

40 It's Too Hard

Buhahaahah (sorry school is really boring for me.) I'm stuck in curriculum 2.0 and I'm not allowed to advance

'Mr? or Mrs? ', It's too hard! Yeah, we've all said it at one point. - CN121

41 Annoying People

Id kick there ass - ayumi-oki

42 Principal's Office

We have 3 principals one for 7th grade and one for 8th grade and then one for the whole school I don't get it. but the 7th grade one is super nice so I'm not scared of him. - ayumi-oki

Dr. Floate's Office

43 Assistant Principal's Office

Shes super nice lol - ayumi-oki

Mr. Townsend's Office

44 Posers

There are so many wannabe goths at my school. - Popsicles

45 Nosy People
46 There are a lot of rude people
47 We still have yard duties when we are old enough to protect ourselves
48 No Talking

Well if it's not during tests or lectures then that's dumb because it's instinctive for most people to socialize with their peers. - Kwaysar

49 People in your group that don’t do anything so you have to do all of their work
50 The people who have no concern over your mental health


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