Most Disappointing 2019 NHL Playoff Moments


The Top Ten

1 Lightning Got Swept

This disappointed me this year

Most crazy thing after having the best record for 2018 2019 season - trains45

2 Penguins Got Swept
3 Flames vs Avalanche Game 2 and 4

This Series made the avalanche become one of the nhl teams I hate - trains45

Both these games disappointed me by avalanche tying it late in the 3rd and then winning in overtime - trains45

4 Golden Knights Blowing 3-1 Series Lead

This was super disappointing - trains45

5 Golden Knights vs Sharks Game 7

This game was the worst, golden knights had a 3-0 lead then sharks scored 4 goals in 5 mins and won 4-5 in overtime - trains45

6 New York Islanders Swept in Round 2
7 Hurricanes Swept in Round 3

Odd pattern, new york Islanders swept penguins, then hurricanes, swept new york Islanders, then bruins swept hurrcaines - trains45

8 Blues vs Jets Game 5

Blues had a comeback over jets in this game it was a bit disappointing for me - trains45

9 Capitals Blowing 3-2 Series Lead
10 Maple Leafs Blowing 3-2 Series Lead

The Contenders

11 All 1st place teams got eliminated in round 1

This was quite disappointing I thought for sure one of them would of made it to round 2 - trains45

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