Most Disappointing Moments of the 2019 NHL Playoffs


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1 Lightning Got Swept

This was so disappointing to me my prediction was them in the finals and then they got swept by bluejackets

This was crazy this happened wasn't expecting this to happen when it was game 1

This was stupid I hate blue jackets after this

This is super disappointing

2 Penguins Got Swept

This was disappointing as well I thought penguins would make it to at least round 2

I hate that they did

This really made me angry that my team got swepted

3 Flames vs Avalanche Game 2 and 4

This game sucks I hate the avalanche since this

I hate the avalanche since this they suck - Donaldcapper

I hate the avalanche ever since this series they suck

This Series made the avalanche become one of the nhl teams I hate - trains45

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4 Golden Knights Blowing 3-1 Series Lead

This was super disappointing - trains45

5 Golden Knights vs Sharks Game 7

This game was super disappointing to watch curse you sharks

This game was the worst game it make me from excited to angry in like 5 mins I had to turn it off before I raged I didn't want to go crazy over a hockey game

This game made me so angry I had to turn off the T.V.

This game was the worst, golden knights had a 3-0 lead then sharks scored 4 goals in 5 mins and won 4-5 in overtime, they scored 4 goals during that penalty - trains45

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6 New York Islanders Swept in Round 2
7 Blues vs Jets Game 5

This was the only disappointing blues moment, it cool they won the stanley cup after being last place in the league on jan 3rd 2019 - trains45

Blues had a comeback over jets in this game it was a bit disappointing for me - trains45

8 Hurricanes Swept in Round 3

Odd pattern, new york Islanders swept penguins, then hurricanes, swept new york Islanders, then bruins swept hurrcaines - trains45

9 All 1st place teams got eliminated in round 1

Curse you avalanche! For eliminating the flames in a disappointing way - Donaldcapper

Curse you avalanche and blue jackets

Curse you avalanche curse you

Curse you Columbus! Curse you!

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10 Capitals Blowing 3-2 Series Lead

This sucked curse you hurrcaines

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11 Maple Leafs Blowing 3-2 Series Lead

I wish my maple leafs would win a playoff series I thought they would this year at game 5, nope

I thought they would win round 1 after game 5, but they lost game 6 and 7, they were the last canada team left in game 7 until they lost game 7 - trains45

12 All Canadian Playoff Teams Eliminated in Round 1

This disappointed me a lot, was hoping a canada team would make it to the finals none did - Donaldcapper

This was quite disappointing for me - trains45

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