Top 10 Most Disappointing Albums of 2017

This is a list about the most disappointing albums from 2017, this is mostly my opinion, if you want to share slmething that's good, but do it in a very respectful way

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1 Revival - Eminem

Good god, this album is bad, this is literally the worst thing Em has done yet, most of the songs sounds like unfinished demos and had very lazy samples on it, also it has some of the edgiest and unfunny lyrics he has ever done, MMLP2 was great, but this one was pretty bad - Pato_cargo

I liked it, what happens that there were many Pop songs that bore me But Eminem spoke a lot of truth and that's what pisses them off, they compare it with MMLP2 that has nothing to do MMLP2 was the sequel to finish for people to say WOW is if it is Slim Shady? , Revival was for them to know that he has the balls to face Trump and talk about politics - PrincipeAzul

Ffs, yeah but I'm glad he returned - LightningBlade

This sucks, but it’s the most overhated album to ever exist.

I mean...people are calling this worse than Kodak Black and XXXTENTACION so... - DCfnaf

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2 One More Light - Linkin Park

Frankly, I never liked Linkin Park, and this album was just plain bland. Chester being dead doesn't add bonus points to this train wreck. - naFrovivuS

Can't be disappointing if the band was always terrible (taps head). - Sop

Disappointing? You killed a singer saying this - LightningBlade

From nu-metal,eletro rock and alternative to pop rock & pop. they were trying to sell out here to get radio success again. - Th3Zm0nst3r

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3 Reputation - Taylor Swift

I know many people here doesn't like Taylor Swift, but even if you don't like her, she still had some pretty decent radio pop tracks, but in Reputation she's just trying to hard to look more edgy and serious rather her first albums, Ready for It just sounds like another Bad Blood - Pato_cargo

I miss old Taylor...badly. There's only two good to decent songs on Reputation. I'll return to listening to "Speak Now" - crowdiegal

"Oh I miss old Taylor. Oh she's so lame now" Bullcrap. People are always the same. Reputation has a few good tracks and I like the new style (don't hate the old one though) - LightningBlade

4 The Click - AJR

This one was pretty lame, AJR could be a great indie band but instead they tried the most to be generic and bland, nothing here is very special and most of it is just another stuff you can find anywhere - Pato_cargo

5 Witness - Katy Perry
6 Divide - Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran wasn't great but I could still enjoy something from him, even if it was too generic, but this album is just Ed least impressive and most weak job yet, nothing relevant at all, and Shape of You is boring as hell - Pato_cargo

7 Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony

Not saying Fifth Harmony earliest record were great but they wasn't as weak as this album was - Pato_cargo

8 Memories... Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers

I put this low because even if is the Chainsmokers, and I could expect something better than this garbage they made - Pato_cargo

9 Humanz - Gorillaz

So weird, but not in a good way like Plastic Beach. - Sop

Ok... I know many people will disagree hardly with me on this one but... this album doesn't feel like a real Gorillaz album, mostly it sounds like a record from Damon Albarn and friends, but not as real Gorillaz album, with the exception of a few tracks - Pato_cargo

10 Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence

The Contenders

11 17 - Xxxtentacion

I really like some of the songs on this album, especially F Love. I just wish the songs were longer and “more real”. But I like this album :P - DivixBucti

12 Dedication 6 - Lil Wayne
13 Damn. - Kendrick Lamar

The only bad Kendrick Lamar album. It feels unfinished. - Sop

I don't understand why many critics claim it as the best album of the year, compared to GKMC and TPAB is disappointing as hell - Pato_cargo

14 Concrete and Gold - Foo Fighters

Run was a very great track, The Sky is a Neighborhood was a little disappoiting, the rest of the album was just... meh, it sound more like a heavier Sonic Highways than a real FF comeback - Pato_cargo

15 The Ride - Nelly Furtado
16 Luv is Rage 2 - Lil Uzi Vert
17 More Life - Drake
18 Everything Now - Arcade Fire
19 Villains - Queens of the Stone Age
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