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1 The Good Dinosaur

The first real bomb from Pixar, and for a good reason. If you've seen any dinosaur movie before (and I legitimately mean ANY dinosaur movie) you've seen the plot of The Good Dinosaur. It's just so bland and uninspired, and for Pixar to accomplish that is very saddening. - Jackamalio

Ultimate disappointment. First of all, humans acting like dogs makes no sense! Why couldn't they talk and act like people? I would love to see that bond, similar to Pete's Dragon. The Boy and Dog plot is so overused these days and now the human is the dog and the dog is the boy. The cartoon character designs doesn't fit in the serious tone and realistic backgrounds. I had high hopes for this movie, and it flopped. Arlo is so annoying and a cliche main character. I wish Spot would have been the main character instead and he should have been able to talk. Give the character who I ONLY care about in the movie the ability to speak so I can connect with him, not the cliche idiotic dinosaur.

The reason why they can't talk like humans, is because they are cavemen. - TristGamer

Okay... I really hate this movie. I'm one in 50 people to hate this. It's a really bad movie with such an unimaginative name and setting. First of, dinosaur cartoon movies are old stuff. Second, the title sounds like a direct to video unpopular cartoon voice. And third, this film fails completely. The dino's are bland as bread, the voices suck, everything is cruelty to the main character, it felt like a rip off of Land before Time, nothing goes anywhere and Arlo is so generic and annoying.

However, I have some good thoughts of this. The backgrounds are amazing but the dino's animation tends to ruin the atmos, the T-Rexes were creative and funny, it does have a pretty good message, Spot was the only character I like and wished he got a spin-off, and this film isn't as bad as Cars 2.

But, no. Really. It's awful. I so prefer Inside Out than this and why was this released on the same year? No wonder it looks rushed.

I Love This Movie And Thunderclap is my favorite

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2 Mickey's House of Villains

Well, I do like Disney Villains... is it ANY good? I haven't seen it before.

This movie is awesome l love villians

It's a Halloween movie special!
The leader and the antagonist was Jafar?
At least The Queen is the first villain of the first Disney movie.
But why Jafar?! Why?!

its ok

3 Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars

It bothers me how many people take this as a crossover. It's a parody of Star Wars, which is something that even state at the beginning of the episode! Maybe it isn't great, but it sure is better than most of the movies it's above on this list. - LarkwingFlight

I understand that Phineas and Ferb is a great show and stuff. But seriously, those crossover with other franchises are just too dumb and unnecessary.

This movie sucks it's so dumb and an insult to the star wars trilogy - VideoGamefan5

This was just plain B-A-D

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4 Minions

This is obviously a run-in to keep on the merchandise of Minions, which marketing is almost as big as Frozen. I want to like this film, but it has no real story. It's just Minions roaming around the big city.

I'd be honest, I actually want to see another Despicable Me movie (wait for it) where it revolves around the girls who are adults. Think of Toy Story 3 where the kid character is all grown-up. Margo could be a university student and might run in with Antonio; Edith is a karate student but due to her mischievous demeanour could be disobedient to adults; as for Agnes, a college student perhaps and she can see her old unicorn in her closet and remember her 'unicorn-obsession' phase.

Seriously, make it happen.

Completely disappointed when this movie came out. The minions are cute but this movie proves that the minions are not able to maintain a stable movie plot that is actually funny. The only time I actually watch this garbage is when I have to force myself through it just so that I can get to the fantastic Despicable Mes. This movie is so boring that when I saw it in theaters I actually got bored. I have never gotten bored at a movie theater. This movie is pretty bad and it did not deserve to reach the $1 billion gross milestone.all this movie does is show you that you need Gru and the girls and everyone to actually have a good Despicable Me franchise movie.

I never saw this, but I saw both despicable me movies. They're funny in the background but a whole movie couldn't be very good, and most of the people commenting on this list are older kids or teenagers or young adults, and the humor they use is very childish and so it can get old when it's constant.

My sixth grade science teacher was obsessed with this movie it was all over her classroom, she would make corny references, and, even in sixth grade I thought it was the dumbest movie ever, and that this teacher was a tiny little kid trapped inside of an adults body, this movie is the most garbage movie. My friend found a thing somewhere online that said "in the next movie the minions will sing Havana, but instead of Havana, they would say banana, its cringey but it's so true"

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5 Shrek the Third

Throws all the heart of the first two out of the window for a bunch of lame jokes.

Crap movie takes everything the first two movies and messes it up

This is the worst piece of crap I have ever seen in my life. I watched it when I was a little kid and I don't even want to watch it again in my life. EVER!

The movie just get boring to watch way was this movie made it has bad casting

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6 Cars 2

It was okay... There's nothing special here it's definitely not able to live up to average Pixar storylines but it's not terrible.

This movie wasn't that bad, it was Disappointing, turning a racing movie into 007 without the sexual parts.

This is the only Pixar movie I actually hate.

5/5, guilty pleasure.

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7 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
8 Home

I liked this movie. It was fun and cute! Sure, it's objectively bad, but sometimes a bad movie is better than a boring movie. - LarkwingFlight

Honestly this was a guilty pleasure for me I found it cute. But I can see so many people hating this It would probably not appeal to older kids/adults and they wasted quite a lot of good voices. Rihanna was in this! Steve Martin was in this! Sheldon as an alien was in this! I like it and I don't really care if people don't like it but I can see why people don't like this

So cute, but I can understand why older kids/ people find it a bit annoying.

I am happy that this overrated movie is in this list because I hate this film! This film is most disappointing Dreamworks film of all time! I hate this film because my mom and sister have an obsession on this sick film! How To Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda franchises are better than this disappointing movie!

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9 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ruined The Franchise's Reputation And legacy

This Is When Ice Age Got Ruined

The whole time I was rooting for Grutt to win because Manny's character is RUBBISH in this one

This is when Ice Age went downhill and unoriginal.

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10 Tekken: Blood Vengeance

What is this? I have NEVER seen this before..

Only the final battle is great, then the movie is really boring and non sense - Ale99

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11 The Angry Birds Movie

It looked good, but it was basically like every kids movie out there. There are good guys, they live their lives, bad guys come, hero is a nobody, they fight, good guy looks dead, everyone cries and gives up, then he comes back, everyone is happy the end

What? Good movie. It was funny. The birds didn't know that "The Pool Of Wisdom" was Mighty Eagle's pee pool. Bomb and Chuck were swimming in it and spitting it into each other's mouth. It was so funny and graphic. Mighty Eagle was like " Mm." "The pool of wisdom? " Red asked. "More like the pool of wiss.

That's one of the least funny things I have ever heard in my life. - RalphBob

It was cute enough, not my favorite, but not disappointing. I went with my friend, brother, mom, and her friend and we all enjoyed it as a silly kid movie.

HELL NO! This is one of my favorite animated movies of all time!

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12 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

I think that Belle's Magical World was way way worse. - SuperBananagengar


13 Home On The Range

Because of the Wild West, I expected this to be a great movie, even for Disney standards. But no, Home on the Range turned out to be an overly zany flick that should be rated Y for Youth and has very phoned-in attempts. I've still seen even worse Disney movies. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Worst Disney movie I saw in my life.

I HATE THIS MOVIE! It was a major disappointment from disney.

Agh. This movie was not bad, but horrible by Disney standards.

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14 Alice In Wonderland

Why is this on here!?

This was a cool movie!

He means the new one.

Spoiler alert and theory: Alice was tripping on LSD the whole time in wonderland while her sister wasn't looking. - DCprincess_29

15 Treasure Planet

This was an amazing movie, people are out of their damn minds

This film got bomb at the box office

Man, treasure planet was my jam. - Jackamalio

I thought it was great! - LarkwingFlight

16 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

This was a really good movie. - RalphBob

At least the show was good.

This movie is stupid and shucks

No the worst Nickelodeon movie is:
1. Avatar
2. TMNT 2
3. This

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17 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

What are you talking about this movie was beautiful

18 Spirited Away

Are you kidding, this movie went BEYOND my expectations, it was absolutely amazing. - Jackamalio

This is my favorite anime movie! Why is it so high on this list! How is it above Frozen?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wow, people just randomly put great movies on here. Just wow. why this is on here... - TheAlbinoWolf

19 Frozen

Really, it's not that bad. All the hate started when someone (probably popular or famous) said it was bad, and people, not being able to agree with their own opinions, followed along. Sure the fandom is terrible, but the movie itself is pretty good (except Let it Go, that sucked).

Of all movies, why is this all the way down here?! And why is Spirited Away above Frozen?! Spirited Away rules, Frozen drools! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This shouldn't be here. I loved the movie when I first saw it. The only reason everyone hates it is because of the huge fanbase surrounding it. - LarkwingFlight

A massive Disney failure
Very disappointing

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20 The Lego Ninjago Movie

Because the first 2 lego movies were actually good, this one I heard wasn't as good as the other 2 - VideoGamefan5

This Movie is BAD!

21 Ice Age: a Mammoth Christmas


22 Fantasia

I loved Fantasia. Who put this on the list?

23 Cricket On the Hearth
24 Shrek Forever After

What a horrible way to end the Shrek series... - Knucklewood

It's way better than Shrek The Third

I was only nine year old, I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies- up until the fourth one of course.

I don't mind the shrek movies but Shrek 2 is my favourite

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25 Ratchet & Clank

Before you see this movie, don't base your opinion on Rotten Tomatoes rating.

It isn't an Oscar winner, but it's not as bad as the critics said.

26 Cinderella III: a Twist In Time
27 Happy Feet Two

It wasn't very disappointing.

Alecia Moore & Common sucks as Gloria & Seymour.

They act annoying, cheesy & disgraceful.

Brittany Murphy & Fat Joe sounds more better.

28 Mars Needs Moms

The kid looks ugly.

Animation was TERRIBLE! - Victoryboy

From the trailers you could already see how horrible this is - 445956

This movie is good

29 Foodfight!

This isn't disappointing. No one actually expected to enjoy it. - LarkwingFlight

Was anyone honestly expecting this movie to be good?

I seriously could only watch 5 minutes of this garbage before I wanted to fall asleep.

Rapsittie street kids has a lower IMDb score but it's not as famous

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30 Shark Tale

Really Stupid Pop Culture Reference Cash Grab - ChiefMudkip

Really dumb and boring and pacing is SO SLOW

How come it got a bad time for some reason?

The plot makes me want to heave myself out a door every time I see it. This is how it goes. Old shark - gangsta. old shark - gangsta gets killed. younger son feels sad. Older son feels sad. Older son goes off and makes economy which terrorizes fish. Younger son wanders off in a no shark area. Fish and girlfriend find younger shark. the three befriend. younger son realizes he has to go back to older brother. he goes in disguised as a dolphin with fish friends. gets exposed. older brother gets angry. younger son eventually explians to older brother that fish are gucci. all sharks become volunteer and fish and his girlfriend's car wash. happy. cheering. afro. credits. boom. - DCprincess_29

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31 Tripping the Rift: The Movie

Are you kidding me?! I love that show. I will see the movie after when I watch all the episodes.

32 Ice Age: Collision Course

We Knew This Would Be Awful

I hate Peaches's new hairstyle and I also hate space stuff and Julian - RedTheGremlin



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33 The Lego Movie

How is this a dissappointing movie. Perfect ending. The guy gets the girl, finds his purpose and the universe is no longer frozen by the end.

The guy STOLE the girl, the "finds his purpose" plot is overdone and trite, the purpose was trite. "Perfect" my rear!

What?! This movie is actually very good!

This Movie is incredibly disappointing. It stars a annoying Chris Pratt, who stars in a film which feels like a 90 minute commercial. The only good part of the film is the stylized animation

34 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Lol Picahontas is rude in this one


35 The Wild
36 Monster House
37 Antz
38 The Emoji Movie

Nobody even expected this to be good. In fact we all expected it to be the worst movie of the decade. - UltimateCraig

This film was nothing but a generic cash grab of a movie.

We knew this one would bomb!

I can't even keep a straight face trying to say that this movie was pure "cinematic experience". I can't even say that without feeling like I'm lying. THE MOVIE IS ABOUT A EMOJI WHO CAN'T EMOJI! WHAT'S NEXT? A MOVIE CALLED THE FIDGET SPINNER MOVIE. IT'S ABOUT A FIDGET SPINNER THAT CAN'T SPIN. bruh. - DCprincess_29

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39 Finding Dory

I usually don't really have expectations for these kinds of movies, but I loved "Finding Nemo" when I was little, so when I found out they were making a sequel, I had pretty high hopes that it would be just as good, but although it's definitely not a bad movie, it doesn't even compare to "Finding Nemo". It's just my opinion though. Some people will disagree which is fine, but please be respectful about it.

This movie didn't even come out yet, did it? - RalphBob

This movie is a bit SAD, you know when Dory meets her parents and my favorite character is Hank, the octopus! - Victoryboy

This is what I waited 10 years for... dissapointment

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40 Planes

Worse than cars 2

41 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

F this movie.


42 Hotel Transylvania 2

Stupid kid and Mavis gets really annoying. - RedTheGremlin

43 Turbo

What about Turbo Fast? - WarioMan

44 Rio 2

What exactly did this film establish that the first Rio didn't? Aside from the Ice Age 2 twist. Found this very unnecessary.

Shut Up!

This one is was more cringe-worthy than the first one. Every five minutes Jewel says something cringey. This is the cringiest animated movie ever! - RedTheGremlin

Worst sequal I ever seen

45 Doogal

Wasn't this the dog from the magic roundabout - milmcgirl

No he is not the dog from the magic roundabout, the dog from the magic roundabout is called Dougal.

His name is Dougal, he was voiced by Robbie Williams, the name of the movie was The Magic Roundabout. This is a stupid yank movie with farting, pop culture, not spelling the dogs name properly. They made a movie in the 70s called Dougal and the Blue Cat. The original Magic Roundabout came out way before I was born (1965-1977) but I knew what it was when I was a kid.

The UK version is better which was The Magic Roundabout.

The US version has been low captured which was Doogal.

46 Epic

Absolutely awful. It's ugly and boring too. - RedTheGremlin

47 Cars

What's wrong with this movie? It's a really good movie!

These poor idiots who think disappointing means bad. - LarkwingFlight

Take that out of the list! 😡 This is my favorite movie

48 Chicken Little

It's a very cruel, unfunny movie probably the worst animated god the cgi is so bad

This movie wasn't disappointing... It looked bad to begin with

Chicken little getted abused daily because he thought the sky was falling.

49 The Lion of Judah
50 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
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