Top Ten Most Disappointing Animated Movies of All Time


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21 Happy Feet Two

It wasn't very disappointing.

Alecia Moore & Common sucks as Gloria & Seymour.

They act annoying, cheesy & disgraceful.

Brittany Murphy & Fat Joe sounds more better.

22 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

I think that Belle's Magical World was way way worse. - SuperBananagengar


23 Tekken: Blood Vengeance

What is this? I have NEVER seen this before..

Only the final battle is great, then the movie is really boring and non sense - Ale99

24 Planes

Worse than cars 2

25 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
26 Shrek Forever After

What a horrible way to end the Shrek series... - Knucklewood

It's way better than Shrek The Third

I was only nine year old, I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies- up until the fourth one of course.

I don't mind the shrek movies but Shrek 2 is my favourite

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27 Turbo

What about Turbo Fast? - WarioMan

28 Shark Tale

Really Stupid Pop Culture Reference Cash Grab - ChiefMudkip

Really dumb and boring and pacing is SO SLOW

How come it got a bad time for some reason?

If the movie is bad why got nomilned a oscar

29 Doogal

Wasn't this the dog from the magic roundabout - milmcgirl

His name is Dougal, he was voiced by Robbie Williams, the name of the movie was The Magic Roundabout. This is a stupid yank movie with farting, pop culture, not spelling the dogs name properly. They made a movie in the 70s called Dougal and the Blue Cat. The original Magic Roundabout came out way before I was born (1965-1977) but I knew what it was when I was a kid.

The UK version is better which was The Magic Roundabout.

The US version has been low captured which was Doogal.

30 Cars

What's wrong with this movie? It's a really good movie!

These poor idiots who think disappointing means bad. - LarkwingFlight

Take that out of the list! 😡 This is my favorite movie

31 Ice Age: Collision Course

We Knew This Would Be Awful


People need to stop putting non existing yet movies to this list...
Who may not be disappointing!


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32 Monster University

This is way better than monsters inc. this doesn't deserve to be in this list.

33 The Wild
34 The Lego Movie

How is this a dissappointing movie. Perfect ending. The guy gets the girl, finds his purpose and the universe is no longer frozen by the end.

This Movie is incredibly disappointing. It stars a annoying Chris Pratt, who stars in a film which feels like a 90 minute commercial. The only good part of the film is the stylized animation

35 The Nut Job

Cheesy jokes and a bland plot with forgettable characters... That's the formula for the Nut Job (oh and don't forget to add an unnecessary dash of Gangnam Style just to add even more of a bitter taste to this slop! ) Warm for 3 minutes and have this trash literally shoved down your throat! Enjoy!

This movie looked okay but it turned out to be absolute garbage.

Incredibly disappointing.

So mean spirited.

36 Rio 2

Shut Up!

Worst sequal I ever seen

37 Monster House
38 Antz
39 The Emoji Movie

Nobody even expected this to be good. In fact we all expected it to be the worst movie of the decade. - UltimateCraig

This film was nothing but a generic cash grab of a movie.

We knew this one would bomb!

40 Ice Age: a Mammoth Christmas


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