Most Disappointing Comic Book Movies

There are great comic book movies, some bad ones and some disappointing ones- not bad, just disappointing.

The Top Ten Most Disappointing Comic Book Movies

1 X-Men: The Last Stand

Not only was it the finale to the X-Men trilogy, it had the Dark Phoenix saga and the Astonishing Gifted which makes for a great finale to the X-Men trilogy, although Brett Ratner was directing it because Bryan Singer left for Superman Returns.
The movie was mediocre, sure it has its moments, but overall it was still a mediocre film. The charm of the original 2 is gone, characters who I did not care about (especially the new ones, like Angel, who was he meant to be? ) Luckily, Days Of Future Past Happened. - idontknow

This film sucked

Oh my God everything in ths movie was done wrong. easily the worst x-men movie and one of the worst superhero movies ever. my hopes were so high for this after xmen 2 and ratner shattered them. - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

2 Fantastic Four

I remember that I was one of the more hopeful people for this film, the trailers looked interesting and I thought they were going to take the franchise in a new direction, the director/cast was interesting also. Then we saw the film, how we suffered- the boringness, the yawns and the rolling of eyes-then we saw the last act, we saw Dr Doom. We all cried that day. - idontknow

I'm surprised this wasn't higher on the list. I had so much hope for this film. Every ounce of it wasted. - BKAllmighty

Terrible acting, story, etc. - MaxPap


3 Green Lantern

I never really was that excited for this movie, the trailers still did not look that good. But I was hopeful and maybe it could have been a good movie. It was A CGI mess of a film, the villain just turned out to be another cloud at the end and it was boring. However, this movie was made for Deadpool to self reference on this film. - idontknow

4 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So The Last Stand was a disappointment, at least we are still going to get a Wolverine movie. Guess what? it sucked. The claws looks like they were copied and pasted from Google images and Deadpool, what happened, I'm glad they fixed him in the new Deadpool movie because this was just below atrocious. - idontknow

5 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I saw this movie, I plan to do a spoiler filled review of this film, but in short, it's an enjoyable and an entertaining movie, Batfleck was awesome. However, I can say that it was disappointing because it's Batman V Superman, it should have been one of the greatest comic book films ever and it was average- I'll explain more in my spoiler filled movie review soon, in the meantime, I'm going to drink my Granny's Peach Tea. - idontknow

Could have paid more attention to the actual plot than making so many to set up more mediocre sequels. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Why is all of Zack Snyder's films so dark and emo?

This movie sucks... just sucks

6 Superman Returns

When Bryan Signer left X-3 to direct Superman Returns, we all got hyped as it would erase Superman 3 and 4, the trailers looked great and it must have been a big deal if he left X-Men and left it in the hands of someone else. Then we saw the movie- boring, corny, Lois Lane and Superman never had any chemistry and a wasted villain with a dumb plot twist and a dumb third act, it was even worse than X-3 (in my opinion at least). At least Man Of Steel was great, I know people don't like this movie, but in my opinion, I thought MOS was great. - idontknow

7 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Where do I begin with this film? The story is literally all over the place, with plot threads being raised and dropped constantly. The romantic subplot is dragged out for what seems to be an eternity, and it's really unfortunate when the best bits of the action can be found in the bloody trailer. The direction in this film is inexcusable. I know we're meant to suspend our disbelief for these films but can we do so in this case, where at points, this movie just defies all notions of logic? Total trainwreck of a film and I hope Homecoming brings the character of Spider-Man back to his former glory.

no plot

8 Iron Man 2

The original Iron Man was a great movie and it started the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, when Iron Man 2 came out, expectations were just as high as, I can't think of a bad pun to be honest. The film was forgettablle and it wasn't a bad movie, it's just so overstuffed with stories and characters. Black Widow is a huge plus though, can't disagree. The villain was just so forgettable and it's by far the worst of the MCU. - idontknow

9 Spider-Man 3

I'm going to be completely honest. I don't hate this movie, I don't love it, it's just not as bad as people say it is. However, coming off the first 2 Spider-Man, I do have to say that this one is disappointing. It's not bad, it just could have been so much better- story wise, the villains, Venom did not need to be in the movie- neither did Sandman and it could have focused more on Harry Osborne and Peter Parker and I don't mind Peter dancing on the street, however that scene where Peter is table dancing in the bar, yeah it could have been a better finale and the start of Sony ruining Spider-Man, it got a lot worse in TASM2 - idontknow

This movie is good! People forget about the fight scenes. Mary Jane is a horrible person in 3..oh and Topher Grace grates the nerves

We all expected this to be so much better

10 Batman Forever

I remember after the first 2 Burton Batman movies (which I'm a huge fan of the Burton Batman movies). The directors and Batman changed, no other less I was still excited and the film was just a mcdonalds commercial, although it's not as bad as Batman and Robin. - idontknow

The Contenders

11 Hulk

The first cinemaic Hulk film, what else is there to say. It was boring, I didn't care about anyone in the movie, it was too long and the villain was as cloudy as you could get, this was a smash to Hulks reputation, luckily The Incredible Hulk and everything after that saved it so, yay. - idontknow

12 Watchmen
13 300: Rise of an Empire
14 Thor: The Dark World
15 Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
16 X-Men: Days of Future Past

Definitely not disappointing

17 Ant-Man
18 Suicide Squad

Should Be In The Top

19 Howard the Duck
20 Batman & Robin
21 Man of Steel
22 Superman II

Stupid of stupids

23 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

This is one of the worst movies, of any genre, that I have ever seen. It proves that a great cast cannot save a production with sub-standard writing and directing.

24 The Dark Knight Rises
25 Spawn
26 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I was disappointed after watching this. The original was much better, it just had a much different atmosphere to it.

27 X-Men Apocalypse
28 Captain America: Civil War

Why is this here

The most disappointing movie I have ever seen.

29 Son of the Mask
30 Daredevil
31 Avengers: Age of Ultron
32 Iron Man 3
33 Catwoman
34 Batman Returns
35 The Incredible Hulk
36 Captain America: The First Avenger
37 The Matrix Revolutions
38 Men in Black II
39 The Amazing Spider-Man
40 R.I.P.D.
41 Steel
42 Venom
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