Most Disappointing James Bond Video Game

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1 James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

For a game that encompasses two movies, it's rather short.

Isn't necessarily disappointing. I think Quantum Of Solace is a good fun game, that I usually play if I want a quick weekend-morning shoot em' up for an hour or two. Most of the levels have a pretty good replay value, especially those with stealth elements, like the opera house and casino. I was terrible at the stealth bits when I first played Quantum, but over time, I have actually grown better at the stealth levels and the shooting ones.
By far Quantum's biggest flaws are it's fairly uncinematic cut scenes and lack of variety of gameplay. The game never really lets you feel as if you are Bond, something that Blood Stone definitely improves on in my opinion, and just falls into them Call of Duty cliches a bit too much.
It is undeniably a fun experience, with some standout levels, the weapons feel great to use, all that stuff. It just feels like Bond has been placed in a Call Of Duty game. 7/10

2 Goldeneye Rogue Agent

A good shooter as far as games go, but I found it rather boring.

3 James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire

Very good, but the story is hard to follow.

4 James Bond Jr.
5 007 Racing

I'd like to be inside the developer's mind the next time they think up something like this.

6 GoldenEye 007

Great for the old-style gamer, but nowhere near some of the other games of that era.

7 James Bond 007: Nightfire
8 A View to a Kill
9 Live and Let Die
10 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
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