Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2002

This list compiles the movies, released theatrically in 2002, that left us with an empty feeling in our hearts that will never be filled.

The Top Ten

1 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

'The Phantom Menace' was a colossal disappointment. That is a fact and everyone knows it. Of course, things weren't said and done after that. Two more prequel films were left to be made and everyone was hoping (and figuring) that they'd be made better than 'Episode I'. Well, that's pretty debatable. I mean, 'Episode III', while still not what it could have been, wasn't a disaster (and is considered to be the best of the three). 'Episode II', however, is actually considered to be the worst by a lot of people. And I think I can understand why. Sure, Jar Jar Binks was gone (mostly, anyways) but instead we had Hayden Christensen's whiny and annoying Anakin Skywalker, his half creepy and half boring romantic subplot with Natalie Portman's Padme, and tons of awkward scenes featuring George Lucas' horribly-written dialogue (which takes up sooo much of the movie's runtime). In the end it's really just a long, dull, overly cheesy CGI-filled mess. - BKAllmighty

Even this movie is the weakest of all star wars movie but I think the one scene that make this movie good is the scene that anakin find his mother that is very memorable scene and the music is very good and it show the emotion of anakin and strong performance and that is the only think I can't hate this movie - Thirdwindz

True fact I was born in 2002, anyway this movie does suck looking back on it. Terrible CGI, forced dialogue and a very crappy ending and a horrendous cast! Only good thing is that the soundtrack is decent nothing else.

Yeah, this is obviously the worst Star Wars movie. - SwagFlicks

2 Scooby-Doo

Talk about tainting a beloved franchise. Sure, the series hit a few rough patches during their long-tenured animated cartoon run, but nothing could have been a bigger insult to Hanna-Barbera's lovable creation than this monstrosity of a movie. Not only was it stuffed with pop culture references and phrases that, even then, seemed outdated and clichéd, but it was also just filled to the brim with raunchy and gross humour and sight gags (gag-worthy gags). There is honestly a one and a half minute-long scene devoted to Scooby and Shaggy farting that is almost unbearable to watch. Were we supposed to find that funny? Because only four-year-olds find that funny (and this movie is anything but appropriate for young kids). There are sex jokes, peeing jokes, marijuana jokes, and a joke about eating cat poop (yes, adults wrote this movie). Did I mention that the movie is also considerably darker and more frightening than anything the franchise has ever put out (excluding, maybe, 'Zombie ...more - BKAllmighty

Raja Gosnell directed this, what did you expect?

Insulting to classic cartoons, deserves #1. - peaceswagtv

This movie and its sequel are guilty pleasures of mine. - BeatlesFan1964

3 Die Another Day

The James Bond film series celebrated 40 years with this movie ('Dr. No' came out in 1962). A feat of longevity as impressive as that should have been celebrated with a movie that honored what made the franchise so popular for all those years. Well, instead we were given a very haphazard story (that ripped off the series' own 'Diamonds Are Forever', among others), a goofy and obnoxious villain, a whack of ridiculous gadgets, a tidal wave of bad CGI (both figuratively and literally), and an ear-piercing title song "sung" by Madonna (I'd call it the worst of the series but I just might hate 'Writing's on the Wall' a bit more). The whole movie is basically equivalent to a giant barrel of monkeys with laser guns and explosive triggers. No wonder they rebooted the series after this. - BKAllmighty

I gonna say if you are james bond fanboy you gonna disappointment by the defaut it to much unrealistic gadget and weird plot but if you forget everything about James bond you gonna really enjoy have really cool action and a lot of action packed. - Thirdwindz

4 Star Trek: Nemesis

No one likes star trek

You're actually incredibly wrong in every way possible. Millions of people adore Star Trek - PeeledBanana

The Star Trek film series is notorious for being hit and miss with critics and fans. Something that is known to all Trekkies is the fact that, for some reason, every odd-numbered movie is a failure with critics and fans (at least, that WAS the case until this movie broke the chain - being an even-numbered crap shoot). Now, I have not seen this film (because I grew tired of watching bad TNG movies after 'Insurrection'), but I do know that, given the significance of this film (being the finale of the last great Star Trek T.V. series), this should have been better. Much better. And I know you agree with me. - BKAllmighty

5 The Time Machine

The original 1960 adaptation of H.G. Wells' science fiction story remains, to this day, as one of the greatest sci-fi adventure films of all-time. This film, ironically directed by his great-grandson (Simon Wells), seemed to have very little idea of what made the original film so great. It lacked the heart, the simplicity, and the charm with the addition of various subplots and side characters that gave the film a needlessly-convoluted feel. There are also noticeable plot holes regarding the cause and effect consequences of time travel. Overall, the film is like a birthday cake; it's lovely to look at, but it's mostly just empty calories. - BKAllmighty

Great movie

6 Jason X

To be completely honest, I think this movie turned out exactly how the filmmakers wanted it to (how can you make THIS and not mean it) so it almost doesn't qualify as a disappointment since it achieved what it set out to do (put Jason in Space). But there was ONE thing that the movie likely tried to do but didn't... and that was make the experience anything but grueling for its audience. I mean, a franchise like this should be able to make something that feels, at least somewhat, like an actual movie and not like a low-budget straight-to-DVD Disney Channel movie ('Halloweentown' is more actually way more frightening than this, and twice as much fun). - BKAllmighty

I like this film. It's gory, and I like the new version of Jason. - SwagFlicks

Not very great at all

7 Men in Black II

The first film was a gift sent from the heavens (as far as I'm concerned). We had the most unexpectedly-perfect pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as alien-fighting secret agents and a script that popped. How could a sequel go wrong? Well, here's how. They took the Fresh away from the Fresh Prince. Somehow, the sequel felt staler than three-week-old soda crackers. I'm guessing someone left the film's screenwriters out in the sun for too long since, for some reason, they thought they had a worthy sequel on their hands. Thank heavens the third film brought the series back to its feet. - BKAllmighty

The third is the best film in the series, this one was just garbage. - SwagFlicks

Not as good as the first but better than the third.

I like dit but it fell on the wrong track. - HeavyDonkeyKong

8 The Scorpion King

'The Mummy Returns' was already a bit of a flop when it came to recapturing the fun, spooky, adventurous feel of its predecessor. I guess the studio execs felt that more disappointment was in store for us since, in 2002, along came a scorpion. For a viewer, the movie's events glaze over the screen in a continuous stream of action and weak dialogue that's hardy memorable at all. I've seen the movie twice and I can barely remember anything about it and my last viewing was less than four months ago. But, I guess it did well enough at the box office to warrant the making of a crappy direct-to-video prequel and two crappy direct-to-video sequels (none of which feature The Rock in the title role - they got some other guy who is much less physically intimidating to do them). - BKAllmighty

9 Halloween: Resurrection

No doubt taking some cues from the success of 'The Blair Witch Project', the 'Halloween' franchise takes a major turn for the worse when it ditches traditional cinematography in favor of a lot of hand-held camera work (a first-person camera-based survivalist game show is one of the film's main plot elements). As you're probably guessing, the idea didn't work. It was another classic example of a gimmick getting in the way of better ideas that wont grow stale. Throw in a lousy plot, some hokey dialogue, and an unceremonious Laurie Strode appearance, and you've got yourself a franchise-killer. - BKAllmighty

I knew this was going to be on the list but in my opinion, I actually like the movie. - JaysTop10List

Busta, why? - SwagFlicks

10 Resident Evil

I have not seen this film. I do not have any real desire to see it, either (or any of its sequels for that matter). If someone wants to add their own blurb in my place, feel free! - BKAllmighty

Actually enjoyed the movie. Though Mila was hot!

Who has expectations for video game movies? - Skullkid755

Better yet who had expectations for the upcoming Warcraft movie? - htoutlaws2012

Man I don't wanna watch it but...
The theories could be right...
Video games could suck...
Welp, were all hopeless for more video game movies are coming in still ;T

The Contenders

11 Austin Powers in Goldmember

This is the worst out of the Austin Powers series. It was very disappointing and weird overall. - peaceswagtv

I don't know any of these movies but I'm glad I don't. - SheepBuggy

Ah, the gift of youth. The mistakes of the past remain unseen by you. How lucky you are, my friend. - BKAllmighty

When I saw this I was upset. Upset that I wasted my life on this movie. The ending and backstory was just one of the worst stories I've heard in my life. This movie is a waste of time like I said, if you haven't seen this, don't watch it. - The_Violist

What is Beyoncé doing in this?

12 Spirited Away

What the hell? First off, Spirited Away was released in 2001, not 2002. Second, how in any way is Spirited Away disappointing? This movie has everything. A unique plot, great characters, breathtaking animation, and good morals as well. I think this is not only the greatest Hayao Miyazaki film ever made, but also the greatest film of all time. I respect your opinions if you don't like it, but for me, Spirited Away is a masterpiece in my opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Miyazaki can't make garbage. This is amazing. No wonder it won the Oscar for best animated feature - Frouze

I've never seen this movie.

13 Chicago

It won Best Picture. You, who posted this here, do realize that, right? - BKAllmighty

14 Ghost Ship

The opening scene is probably the only moment worth seeing from the entire film. It's gory and disgusting but it's memorable. The rest is a bore. - BKAllmighty

15 The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Oh boy. I remember when this thing came out into theaters and completely BOMBED. That, my friends, was the beginning of Eddie Murphy's downfall. - BKAllmighty

16 Pinocchio

That pic makes me want to barf

I have not seen this. Not sure that I'd ever want to. - BKAllmighty

Such a good film

17 Spy Kids 2
18 Eight Crazy Nights

This movie is bad!

A very mean-spirited film. The jokes are painful. Literally, they hurt. - BKAllmighty

Offensive, most of the voice acting is done by sander instead of others that are better,(really) weak story. The animation was ok but that's about it.

Every Christmas movie ever made, but with Hanukah, without what made previous Christmas films great, and finally, Adam Sandler. - Skullkid755

19 Signs

I'd say what made this one disappointing was the dopey ending. I won't spoil it but it made the movie seem pretty stupid, after the fact. - BKAllmighty

No this movie was good.

I love this movie - Thirdwindz

I don't think this is the most disappointing of 2002. This is actually my favorite movie M Night has ever made.

20 Return to Neverland

Now, I liked this film. When it came out I thought it was a pretty decent sequel (compared with most of Disney's half-hearted successor films). - BKAllmighty

love it

21 Jackass: The Movie

This movie was comedy gold. One of my favorites. - SwagFlicks

3 is the best; But this wasn't bad, I don't think. - BKAllmighty

I like this movie - spodermanfan1000

22 Treasure Planet

I got the video game free with my GBA when it came out.
I never saw the movie but I was addicted to the game when I was younger.

One of my favorite Disney movies from the 2000s. It's a shame that it didn't do well, financially, because the quality was there. It's got gorgeous animation and a fine story. - BKAllmighty

Bombed at box office

23 Spider-Man

It was pretty good actually not a disappointment and ranked as one of the best Spider-Man movies next to Spider-Man 2.

Toby's crying ruined the movie.

What is this doing here? It was neither a box office or a criticial disapointment. It was not a disappointment at all. - BKAllmighty

24 8 Mile

It was ok for a weird rap movie. I mean I'm not a big fan of rap and all. And the songs were good I guess. However the ending was a bit of slap to the face. It's in-between decent and mediocre for me.

I don't care about Crapinem. - 445956

25 The Country Bears

I love this movie

The puppet bear faces creeped me out. - BKAllmighty

26 Orange County
27 Collateral Damage
28 A Beautiful Mind
29 The Pianist
30 Adaptation
31 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Haha. That's not funny. - BKAllmighty

32 The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Great movie. - 445956

33 I Spy
34 Showtime
35 The Master of Disguise
36 Bob the Builder: Celebrate with Bob
37 The Hot Chick
38 Hey Arnold!: The Movie
39 Catch Me If You Can
40 The Ring
41 Pumpkin
42 Thunderpants

Rupert Grint's second movie.
I thought it was a spoof of Thunderbirds.
It's just a toilet humour movie.
I remember the boys in school wanting to watch it. I was like "No! " So I was just did something else like reading.

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