Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2002


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21 Jackass: The Movie

This movie was comedy gold. One of my favorites. - SwagFlicks

3 is the best; But this wasn't bad, I don't think. - BKAllmighty

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22 Spider-Man

It was pretty good actually not a disappointment and ranked as one of the best Spider-Man movies next to Spider-Man 2. - BoredJeff02

What is this doing here? It was neither a box office or a criticial disapointment. It was not a disappointment at all. - BKAllmighty

23 Treasure Planet

One of my favorite Disney movies from the 2000s. It's a shame that it didn't do well, financially, because the quality was there. It's got gorgeous animation and a fine story. - BKAllmighty

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24 8 Mile

It was ok for a weird rap movie. I mean I'm not a big fan of rap and all. And the songs were good I guess. However the ending was a bit of slap to the face. It's in-between decent and mediocre for me. - BoredJeff02

I don't care about Crapinem. - 445956

25 The Country Bears V 2 Comments
26 Orange County
27 Collateral Damage
28 The Pianist
29 Adaptation
30 The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Great movie. - 445956

31 I Spy
32 Showtime
33 The Master of Disguise
34 Bob the Builder: Celebrate with Bob
35 The Hot Chick
36 Hey Arnold!: The Movie
37 The Ring
38 Pumpkin
39 A Beautiful Mind
40 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers V 1 Comment
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