Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2009

This list compiles the movies released in 2009 that were the biggest disappointments.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men Origins: Wolverine Product Image

The 'X-Men' series was already on a bit of a rough patch after 'X-Men: The Last Stand' disappointed audiences after the first two movie were so well made. So, when the first 'Wolverine' solo outing arrived, fans were awaiting a change for the better. They didn't exactly get that. They got a fresh batch of faces, more Wolverine (which is what most people wanted despite the fact that he was already getting twice the screen time of his co-stars in the three films prior), and Deadpool (sort of). What could go wrong? Everything could. Wolverine's dark past, that was briefly touched upon in fragments in 'X2', was visibly different in this film for no reason (other than that the filmmakers were lazy), his whole history with Sabretooth in this film makes us question his presence and considerably altered appearance in 2000's 'X-Men', and the story stunk. Of course, I can't forget the ridiculous way they handled Wade Wilson's (a.K.A. deadpool) character. To most, it was a serious case of ...more - BKAllmighty

This movie was really good. The thing with the X-Men series is that it is all centered around Wolverine. He definitely needed to be in a couple movies but this movie made us get tired of Wolverine. The X-Men are great without Wolverine. I'm not saying kill him off, that would make things worse, but maybe make him leave the X-Men(for good this time) and make him look for Sabretooth or something

This movie was quite low but I like it

I really enjoyed this movie - Ninja_Potato123

Terminator Salvation Terminator Salvation Product Image

Oh my, I remember when I heard that the new Terminator movie was going to be about Judgement Day, my socks exploded (that made no sense, but I was super excited for this film) and Christian Bale as John Connor? Yes Please. Then I saw the movie. Terrible narrative, weird dialogue and writing, terrible villain and rushed plot of the villain, wasted cast and boring. There were a few positives but overall a massive disappointment. - idontknow

The first two 'Terminator' films are classics. Hands down. 'Terminator 3' was okay, but nothing quite as special as 1 or 2. So what were we expecting with movie #4? Something a bit more in the direction of the first two films' level of quality. We didn't get that. Not at all, even. It was a tedious, colourless, Arnold-less affair that was very boring and very much unlike anything we'd seen before (and I don't mean in the good way). Now, some consider 'Terminator Genisys to be the weakest link in the franchises' chain. I strongly disagree. Terminator #5 has a lot more going for it than this piece of shrapnel did. - BKAllmighty

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Product Image

For 'Transformers' fans, the first live-action movie was a big hit. The special effects were groundbreaking, the story was faithful and appropriately simple and straightforward (for introducing the series to new fans), the humour was almost all well-written, and the acting wasn't terrible (given that we're talking about Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox here, that's pretty lucky). The sequel, however, was a different story. The special effects were still terrific, of course, but the humour was mostly made up of bawdy jokes (and other juvenile things like pot and getting tazed in the crotch). We didn't ask for jokes about giant robot "scrotums", thank you very much. We were also given a double dose of LaBeouf's speech and body spasms and extra shots of Megan Fox in pin-up positions. Not to mention a handful of racially insensitive characters, a story even simpler and less interesting as the first movie's, and that one guy who wouldn't stop wailing, screaming, and crying. Thankfully, the two ...more - BKAllmighty

The main problem with this movie is than in the first one, Michael Bay show that he can do a very good movie, it was very good special effects, a good story, a interested characters and it was something that was very serious, I don't know what the first one got a 57% in rottem tomatoes, but in this movie change everything only to show us that Bay done this more like a homework the made it better than the original, the first guilty was the trailer, the trailer show to us the most serious and interesting parts of the movie, but in the movie we seen a human main character when are the transformers the main character, the actios isn't descent anymore, now seen just like robots making sex, the camera is in moving all the time, we seen some of the tipical stereotypes of Michael Bay's films (boobs and explosions) and the cherry in the cake, they made jokes ALL THE TIME

At least in dark of the moon fix the things a little bit

I never liked the Transformers

The movie sucks!

Fast & Furious Fast & Furious Product Image

It's Fast and Furious. It's stupid, there's nothing to be disappointed at considering that none of the films are good. - robertoiglesias271

The series had "survived" through three films by this point (and was not the multi-billion dollar franchise it is today) and had finally decided to return to its roots by bringing us back the main stars from 2001's 'The Fast and the Furious' (hence the title being almost the exact same as the first film's). And everyone was happy to hear it. Only, it wasn't the breath of fresh air everyone was expecting. It was really kind of boring, to be honest. Dom and Brian spend most of the film with a lot of tension between them (which is not how we want them to be), and Letty is barely even in the film at all (save for the first scene). Plus, with the movie being set before 'Tokyo Drift' (which makes sense to us now - 3 films later), fans ended up feeling mostly confused and frustrated. Thank goodness movies five, six, and seven were the smash hits we were waiting for. - BKAllmighty

I like the scene of the race and the participation of Tego and Don Omar

2012 2012 Product Image

Hey.I am alive! Immortalised! You're the director,you dickwad.

Roland Emmerich. What does that name make you think of? If you're thinking about explosions, giant waves, and global extermination you're not alone. He was the go-to guy for disaster movies in the late 90's and early 00's (with 1998's 'Godzilla' being a momentary hiccup in his career) and 2012 looked like it was going to be his biggest disaster epic yet. It was well advertised, thanks in part to everyone fearing the 2012 disaster that everyone thought was going to happen (thank you to whoever misinterpreted the Mayan calendar - you Punk'd the entire planet), and looked awesome in the trailers. But, unfortunately, it was about as meaningful as the actual event was (by this I mean nothing really happened). Sure, it made lots of money, but any movie with explosions and cities crumbling to the ground makes money. Probably the only really good scene was the volcano scene with Woody Harrelson (and then it was over and we went right back to being uninterested). Besides that, the story was ...more - BKAllmighty

A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol Product Image

This movie had the potential to be the next great cinematic adaptation of Charles Dickens' greatest work, and It was on the path to greatness for the first half hour or so. It was dark, intense, serious, beautifully animated, and true to the novel (and the cherished 1951 film) Then, once Jacob Marley's haw broke half way through his scene and he started to flap it around like an idiot, the film crumbled to pieces. The rest of the movie was an excuse for the filmmakers to show off their animation abilities and to really milk the 3D effect work. What a waste. - BKAllmighty

Avatar Avatar Product Image

This movie was an event. A bonafied phenomenon (as I expect 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' will be this December). Everyone went to see this movie (me included). It was even, in fact, the first 3D film I went to see since 2003's 'Spy Kids: Game Over'. So I had more reasons than one to be excited. And I initially thought it was the most amazing movie I'd ever seen. The story was exciting, the effects were stunning, and the 3D was out of this world (with the latter two being the main reasons for my positivity towards the film). It was only after a few months had past that I realized how surprisingly unoriginal the story was (it's Space Pocahontas, basically), and that ruined it for me. Sure, the CGI world is breathtaking and the 3D is perfect, but without an interesting plot there is no movie. And that's where I stand to this day. Let's hope that the sequels aren't full of copycat B.S. like this one was. - BKAllmighty

This movie was actually surprisingly great - Lucasw14

Watchmen Watchmen Product Image

Fans are divided with this one. Some say it was a great adaptation of a great graphic novel. Others don't think it did the source material justice. No matter what you think about the movie, it's still a disappointment since it should have been the greatest comic book movie ever made given what it had to work with. I mean, the graphic novel is so good that it should have been left to the world's biggest Watchmen fan to direct it. I, sadly, am one of the ones who feel that the movie was not as good as the book. It was stiff, frequently dull, and hard to follow. It's like an inert Roman candle. It came with a big price tag and was brightly-coloured, but ended up a dud in the end. - BKAllmighty

The Last House On the Left The Last House On the Left Product Image

This movie and the genre it falls under is not for everyone. Quite the opposite. The confrontational violence is pretty intense and is NOT suitable for young audiences by any means (kids - just don't). That being said, the original 1972 film paved the way for it's director, Wes Craven (who gave us 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Scream') and it's producer, Sean S. Cunningham (who gave us 'Friday the 13t'). So, we have lots to thank the original for. So why remake it? It was perfectly suitable being a lone wolf. It didn't need a remake. So what did we get? An increase of violence (primarily of the sexual kind - it's not pleasant) and a whole bunch of typical stuff found in every modern-day horror cash grab. I do not advise anyone with weak hearts and/or weak stomachs to watch this movie. The sexual violence is disturbing and hard to watch (I can handle a lot - this was hard for me). - BKAllmighty

Dragonball: Evolution Dragonball: Evolution Product Image

'Dragon Ball' was pretty popular during the time of my childhood (the shows were still frequently circulating on T.V. during that time) and I was in high school back when this movie came out so many of the childhood fans that I knew of were still around when the movie came out (otherwise I wouldn't have known much about it's existence) and I all I know about how things turned out was that the movie was an absolute bomb (critically - not sure about the $$$). Apparently the creator of the franchise disowned it as a part of the franchise and criticized it's way of handling the characters and the mythology of the whole series. And that's the #1 guy you should be pleasing, don't you think? - BKAllmighty

The main character (Goku, but not really) is the worst. Goku is supposed to be happy, not an angsty emo.

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Monsters vs. Aliens Monsters vs. Aliens Product Image
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Product Image

The general Public And Me Like this Movie So Shut It!

When Franchise Started To Really Fall Apart

A huge letdown after the first 2 films - robertoiglesias271

Up Up Product Image

Who put this here? This movie is universally loved. Come on, people. You don't put movies like this here. - BKAllmighty

I love this movie! South America... "It's like America, but SOUTH.." - Ninja_Potato123

What idiot added this?!?!

Coraline Coraline Product Image
Whiteout Whiteout Product Image
The Human Centipede The Human Centipede Product Image

It's complete stupidity, there's nothing to be disappointed at. - robertoiglesias271

Saw VI Saw VI Product Image

This satisfied most people. Saw 3D is the disappointment. - robertoiglesias271

The Final Destination The Final Destination Product Image

A little underwhelming, but not bad - robertoiglesias271

Halloween II Halloween II Product Image

This is a major improvement over the previous film - robertoiglesias271

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Product Image

The others were great, but this one was dragged out and that ending was terrible.

Iron Man 2 Iron Man 2 Product Image
The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Twilight Saga:  New Moon Product Image

We Knew It Would Suck Even Before Its Release

Pedophilia vs Necrophilia The Movie

I Love You, Beth Cooper I Love You, Beth Cooper Product Image
Land of the Lost Land of the Lost Product Image
Old Dogs Old Dogs Product Image
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