Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2011

I guess lists for 2013 and 2012 already exist so I am jumping to 2011. This list compiles the movies that were released in 2011 that disappointed us the most.

The Top Ten

1 Cars 2

Pixar already showed us that they weren't invincible after the release of the first 'Cars'. The reviewers were consistently agreeing that Pixar had forgotten to add their typical high dose of heart and wit that was (at the time) strong in every one of their movies. So when the announcement came that they were looking to make 'Cars' their second movie to get its own sequel basically everyone's stomachs tied themselves into knots. Why would they turn their least-critically successful movie into a franchise? I'll tell you. Money. That's all it took. 9 billion dollars in toy sales was the deciding factor. The rest is history. I haven't seen 'Cars 2' (all the way into 2015) and I do not plan on seeing it any time soon. - BKAllmighty

You guys are blind to the truth because of Critical reviews but come on you guys are much smarter than those stupid Critics!

It was a movie that was never needed to be made and I don't plan on watching it again - Ajkloth

Stop thinking this is the worst Pixar movie it ain't, every Pixar movie is good except Brave!

2 Green Lantern

I think they had good graphics other then the CGI suit, the villain was good and the action was good but suffered a terrible plot and somewhat bad acting, at least they kind of kept the origin story in order and at least Ryan Reynolds tried - MarvelExpertJK

CGI suit. It all stemmed from that bad decision. It's a black hole of bad ideas from there. - BKAllmighty

The movie was bad because they did not use a black actor, next time give him the job to Tyrese Gibson

3 Sucker Punch

The trailers promised us awesomeness poured onto us in truckloads. The fight choreography, the effects, the arse-kicking, yet lovable, female lead. It looked amazing! Well, we did get those things. Only they were totally different. The filmmaker's portrayal of women was basically sugar-coated misogyny and the awesome fight sequences were barely held together by a near-non-existent story and one-dimensional characters. - BKAllmighty

4 Battle: Los Angeles

One of the best movies I have ever seen! You guys just don't like because it isn't well acted or written but we don't take a break away from our obligations to watch a really emotional, meaningful experience as hard to as that obligation, we take a break to sit back AND watch something to wash our brain out the but main reason I love this movie is that the whole movie is an all-out war and special-effects extravaganza not many dialogue breaks!

Another movie where we thought we were going to get a montage of awesomeness handed to us for the price of an admission ticket. What we got was a story that was very "been there, done that" with a river of visual effects flowing in front of our eyes trying to keep us from realising how boring it all was. - BKAllmighty

5 The Hangover Part II

Oh, Hangover series. Why did you not just remain as one movie? You had a great idea and a good trio of actors to play it all out. Why did you have to make 'Part II'? And don't even get me started on 'Part III'. - BKAllmighty

Part II was fun, but Part III was awful except for the las scene that was really funny

6 The Thing

The original movie from 1982 remains as one of the best horror movies of all time (and is often considered to be director John Carpenter's best work (besides Halloween, maybe)) and there was a story to tell about what happened immediately before the events of that film. So I was totally supportive of the idea of a prequel. I was deeply looking forward to it and had it listed as one of my most anticipated movies of 2011. Too bad the end result was a few tentacles shy of a symbiotic alien monster. It was mainly the CGI. The original movie's practical effects made it so amazing and believable but the new movie relied too heavily on (just barely serviceable) computer animated monster effects. Broke my heart. - BKAllmighty

7 Straw Dogs

The original 1971 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan George did not need a remake. It was doing just fine by itself, thank you very much. But, of course, Hollywood thought it would be worth making again, this time going with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth as the leads. Ok, this could be decent. Or it could prove all the doubters to be right in thinking that a remake was unnecessary and foolhardy. It's just another disappointing remake that misunderstands what made the original worth making in the first place. - BKAllmighty

8 Mars Needs Moms

Just take a look at a screenshot of one of it's characters on Google Images or something and you'll probably get a pretty good idea as to why it was a major critical and commercial bomb. I added it to this list since up to this point (I'm talking 2011, here) Robert Zemeckis' motion capture animated films had all been moderate successes (at least). This was the movie to push the "uncanny valley" envelope too far. Shame on you, Disney, for clearing this movie for public release. We thought we could trust you (Cars 2 would be released three months later - poor Disney). - BKAllmighty

Just how can one justify this plot line as sophisticated?! The whole idea is beyond a joke. - PositronWildhawk

9 The Three Musketeers

This was the first major movie based on the Three Musketeers since 1993 (and that had actors like Charlie Sheen, Oliver Platt, Tim Curry and Chris O'Donnell to carry it - yikes) and had the appearance of a (somewhat) serious adaptation back before a lot of promotional material was released. So it had promise. Of course, that all went away once it released itself into theatres. It was silly, contained some unpleasant humour, featured a memorably bad performance from Orlando Bloom, and (embarrassingly) had an ending that teased that a sequel was coming. Poor movie. It's suffering from delusions. - BKAllmighty

10 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I liked this movie. A lot of other people didn't. My argument was that it freed the series from all of those knotted sub-plots and secondary characters and started fresh with a mostly new cast of characters (excluding Depp, Rush, and McNally - and a few very minor, albeit familiar characters) and a new story. The results were debatably satisfying, but undeniably empty and thin-feeling at it's core. The villain is underdeveloped, the new characters could do more to keep themselves from looking like rehashes of previous characters, and the action scenes could have been greater in number and more exciting. Plus, Capt. Jack needs a bit of a refresher after four movies of doing the exact same things. Hopefully 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' (seriously? - now there are two movies in the series that have subtitles that begin with 'Dead'? ) will properly cleanse out palettes. - BKAllmighty

The Contenders

11 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Out of all the Transformers movies, this was the most disappointing.

Did they learn from their mistakes from the last one? Was it a chance to make the franchise good again? Nope.


I agree with this guy.

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12 Mean Girls 2

That was nothing like the first one. It was so exciting when they am said the sequel was coming, but really I was super disappointed.

Looks crappy

13 The Smurfs

We Knew This Would Suck

14 Rio

I Don't See Disappointment In This Movie

15 Your Highness
16 New Year's Eve
17 Spy Kids: All the Time In the World
18 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
19 Something Borrowed
20 Arthur
21 Zookeeper

We Knew This Would Suck

22 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

Boring, they don't even look like chipmucks, THB

Every Time I See These 3 Annoying Pricks
I Want To Seriously Run Them Over 1 Billion Times

23 Thor
24 Jack and Jill
25 Final Destination 5
26 The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence
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