Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2014

This list compiles the movies released in 2014 that disappointed us the most.

The Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2014

1 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

My god... the trailer and the pics was saying than this can been the best movie of the year but... NO, the only thing what we got is the twilight version of the superhero movies, in the first movie Emma stone and Andrew garfield seen very cute together but here seen very annoying, jamie fox character is just strange and very pointless, I was waiting something more epic than the 2004 version but, we had this?

Dang, and I thought every superhero movies could be good.

This is actually worse than Spider-Man 3, it did everything that Spidey 3 got wrong and did it worse. Terrible villains, way too rushed and the sub-plots and the ending was awful and it was overall very hard to watch. It's a very bad film. - idontknow

Wow, this movie was bad.
Horrible Characters, horrible villain, and a horrible ending - Ajkloth

2 Annabelle

Audiences and critics both loved 'The Conjuring'. And many of us highlighted the opening segment featuring that creepy-faced China doll, Annabelle. Virtually everyone wanted a full movie about her and we got just that. Only, like the doll, the movie was hollow and mostly stagnant. The elevator scene was really freaky, however. I can't ignore that. - BKAllmighty

3 Dumb and Dumber To

Nobody remembers the 2003 prequel, 'Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd', thankfully (it is now considered to be non-canon), and (almost) everyone was psyched when it was announced that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were returning for a direct sequel film. It's to bad (<-- see what I did there? ) that it turned out to be yet another failed comedy sequel. It rehashed too many of the first film's jokes, brought nothing new to the characters, and crammed every other sentence with a sex joke, poo joke, or bad pun. - BKAllmighty

4 Transcendence

This film has a lot to convey, and has a very thought provoking concept, and it was that that made me like it. So "empty head" is not at all how I would class it. What makes it dreadful is the acting. Depp and Freeman were able to shine, but they were the only actors that were at least trying to save the film. But they were weighed down by the other main characters chanting past emotional rants like auction callings, and not even conveying the truth about artificial intelligence and its consequences. Thus, it was alright, but its meaning was ripped apart. - PositronWildhawk

I don't disagree that the concept was intriguing and thought provoking, I just felt that the filmmakers had ambitions that exceeded their grasp of the science behind them. And yes, I agree that, besides Depp and Freeman, the cast struggled with conveying realistic emotions and passing seemingly unbelievable techno-babble off as plausible science. - BKAllmighty

The trailer was spacy, modern, confusing (in a seemingly forgivable way), and had Johnny Depp (without white face makeup) and Morgan Freeman. Sounds like the makings of a promising science-fiction movie, right? Well, normally these sorts of elements would combine nicely. Unfortunately this movie was nothing more than a pretty face with an empty head. It's confusing, depressing, a little disturbing, and very cold. Come on Johnny. Pick a good movie already! - BKAllmighty

5 Sin City: a Dame to Kill For

The original 'Sin City' movie (which is a brilliant film) was released way back in 2005 (a whole nine yards... I mean... Nine years (couldn't resist) before the 2014 follow-up), so the black and white comic book filmmaking technique wasn't exactly unique and/or edgy anymore. That's one big issue with the film. Well, it's sort of the whole issue, actually. With the uniqueness of the visuals gone there really wasn't a lot about that film that made it stand out from the crowd. The story was alright enough and the returning actors were a welcomed sight for fans but beyond that, who cares? Nine years is too long of a gap to keep the public interested (in most situations - 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is a good example of a rule-breaker). - BKAllmighty

6 A Million Ways to Die In the West

After 'Ted' was such a huge box office and (surprisingly) critical success, everyone wanted to see what Seth McFarlane had up his sleeve afterwards. Well, scenes with Neil Patrick Harris defecating into a derby hat and sheep erections (with three funny scenes that you already saw in the trailer). That's it. Now you don't need to see the movie, folks. - BKAllmighty

7 Exodus: Gods and Kings

After thoroughly enjoying both the original 'Ten Commandments' and 'Prince of Egypt' movies, I was looking forward to another serious, live-action epic adaptation of the Book of Exodus (Moses' story). And when I learned that Ridley Scott was directing it, it was like I was being promised an excellent movie. Unfortunately, the dramatic and artistic liberties of the filmmakers ruined multiple elements that were essential factors in the original Bible story. I won't go into detail since that would take forever but anyone who believes in the Book of Exodus will surely tell you (after seeing the movie) that the focus was not where it should have been. Too bad, Ridley. You had a great opportunity and you squandered it. - BKAllmighty

8 The Interview

All that hype for what? Not much, I'll tell you. After ISIS (or whoever they were - sorry, I am not a very political person) made those threats and after Columbia Pictures decided to abandon a theatrical release for the film, everyone couldn't wait to get their hands on a copy of this thing. It's almost like controversy is enough to spark global attention (that was sarcastic, of course). And what was all the fuss about? Another sub-par comedy with its fair share of insulting humour, shocking language, and "offensive" political satire. Big whoop. - BKAllmighty

9 Sex Tape
10 Noah

The Contenders

11 The Other Woman

Who honestly actually thought this would be good and was disappointed? There were funny jokes, but like, two. Not disappointing, just bad - Gangem

12 Annie
13 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The series' legacy has been cemented in moviemaking history as a quality action-thriller series featuring iconic actors (Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck) as the lead role, Jack Ryan. And up until this point the quality level of the series has remained relatively consistent (with Ben Affleck's film typically considered to be the weakest - while still decent). Unfortunately, that parade has hit a speed bump with the latest installment. Chris Pine does a serviceable job as Jack Ryan and Kevin Costner and Kiera Knightley put in decent performances also. It's just that the movie feels like it has the story of a half-hour television episode that's been stretched out to fill a full-length movie. You would think that makes it feel like a long and dull movie. Well, you'd be half right. It is sort of dull, but it feels like it IS a half-hour long. It goes by so quick and then you forget almost everything about it. - BKAllmighty

What the heck? This movie does not belong here at all! This was a great and fantastic movie to watch! Chris Pine did an excellent job in this and the plot was very interesting! Doesn't deserve to be on this list! I really liked this movie and it was very entertaining! So in other great movie should not be on this list! - LucyLu18

It was okay, but kind of boring and confusing, while I expected to be a little more entertaining. - RalphBob

14 Left Behind
15 Devil's Due
16 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

While it wasn't a complete failure (far from it, really), 'Mockingjay - Part 1' did little to impress when compared to its two strong predecessors. The action scenes were few (really few) and watching Jennifer Lawrence pretending to be a lousy actor for those promotional videos they kept on trying to make throughout the film was tedious and unentertaining. Typically when a series divides their final film into two parts the first part suffers. This movie was no exception. Hopefully 'Part 2' will be the satisfying ending that everyone wants to see. - BKAllmighty

I loved this movie, although it didn't completely follow the story line in the book. You can't really get everything right though, or we'd have a few 10 hour movies on our hands :P - Ninja_Potato123

17 The Lego Movie

No it's great, less disappointing than TMNT - Gangem

18 Maleficent
19 Rio 2

Come On Its Not That Bad In My Opinion

I Actually Liked It
Don't Hate

Rio was a very very good movie.Then they turned it into a franchise and I think Rio 2 ruined that franchise. I will always look at Rio differently now

I LOVE The First
The Second One: "Drumroll" It Was Okay - JPK

20 Zapped
21 The Nut Job

This movie is not dissapointing no one expected it to be good

22 Penguins of Madagascar

I expected it to be more funny. I don't know why it was all about Private either. I really expected more. The T.V. show was way better. This movie reminds me of the movie Minions. They both have better films.(Madagaskar, Despicable Me)Minions focuses on Kevin and Penguins of Madagaskar focuses on Private

I Was Quite Disappointed With This Movie
But I Did Like Benedict Cum berbatch's Character

23 Maze Runner

If you read the book this was so disapointing. They took the idia then toataly screwed it up! You'd think they could get the maze walls right at least! None of it was anything like the book! There was no blades, Tomas didn't kill a greiver durring the night.

24 Need For Speed
25 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Don't expect true comedy from Nickelodeon, Happy Madison, Viacom, Michael Bay or Sony Pictures Animation. I actually expected this movie to be a bit terrible thanks to Viacom and Michael Bay. It has some action that will take me on a ride, but its explosions are OVERDOSED BIG TIME! There are even worse directors than Michael Bay. Heck, Nickelodeon actually had the guts to let M. Night Shaylaman direct their movies (with Avatar: The Last Airbender).

26 Horrible Bosses 2
27 Transformers: Age of Extinction

Uh We Knew This Would Be Bad

28 Godzilla

This movie is awesome! - Fireboy

29 Lucy
30 The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
31 Big Hero 6
32 Guardians of the Galaxy
33 Son of God
34 Taken 3
35 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
36 Earth to Echo
37 Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
38 God's Not Dead
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