Top Ten Most Disappointing Movies of 2015

We had high hopes for these movies but the end results just weren't up to snuff. This list compiles the movies released in 2015 that were the biggest disappointments.

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1 Minions

While I liked the first and second Despicable Me with the second receiving two Academy Award nominations, I haven't seen Minions and I refuse to see it due to it's stupid jokes in the trailers, the juvenile humor and it's pretty bad story not to mention the horrible reviews even though my parents and sister saw it. When they got back they said, "You were right, it's bad." What I've heard was that the story was bad which featured a long extended backstory of the Minions which could have been easily used as an internet clip to be cut from the film, with the Minions killing of their previous bosses, like a dinosaur, a caveman, Napoleon, and Dracula. After that they settle isolated on Antartica and easily get bored and face extinction, (which they seriously should have killed off some of them). Then three minions set off to see the world and end up in New York City (the year is 1968 by the way) and look for a villain, they then hitchhike to Orlando in order to get a job with ...more

The first two Despicable Me movies were great; The characters were likable, the humour and script were well written, and the plot-lines were excellent. The Minion characters were overrated, but at least they tried to be funny... comparison to this.
When I saw the commercials and trailers for the movie, the movie didn't even seem as good as the two main films. While the first two films were for all ages to enjoy, this seemed to appeal to children not even out of kindergarten, or for children only starting elementary.
And then the real movie came. And when I saw most of it. I cringed. The Minions jokes were comparable to kindergarten playground humour, appealing to the youngest of viewers. None of the characters were likable or fun, and Scarlet Overkill and the plot-line did not even go well compared to the other two.
Inside Out I didn't have good hopes for, but when I saw it, it was actually great in comparison to this... "movie". It's not even a movie!

3/10. ...more - Swellow

Definitely not the worst movie of 2015, but a very disappointing one. You only show small bits and pieces of the movie, not 1/3 of it! Take Star Wars and Inside Out for example: They showed very very little of the movie, and the scenes they showed us were scenes that made us interested and ended up wowing us. Whereas this movie showed nearly every scene they found funny and that was mainly what actually made us laugh. And some of the scenes that weren't in the trailer were not funny and unnecessary. Look, this isn't a terrible movie, it just missed a huge amount of the potential it had. But if you like this movie, that's good. It's just MY opinion, and it's great that you can enjoy this movie when I really can't.

Kevin is Red
Bob is Chuck
Stuart is Bomb

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2 Fifty Shades of Grey

I was excited to see this film, but I was pissed off that it will be banned in my country because of religion. I'm not devoted to religion and I don't care what religion has to say about this film. It turned out to be rumours and it will be shown without any cuts. I watched this alone and even though the sex scenes are worth getting an erection, Christian and Anastacia's relationship is deemed dysfunctional, violent, and abusive. Christian Grey is a possessive control freak who stalks and manipulates Ana and beats her for his own pleasure. I'm a feminist and I find this film absolutely degrading and psychologically disgusting and it's a huge NO for women to watch this film, especially those who haven't had the birds and bees talk. It's never justifiable and it's totally not alright to beat a woman just because a man wants to. Even though it grossed more than 500 million dollars, I would never recommend these to anyone to watch in Valentine's Day. I will watch the sequels not because ...more

Let me be clear that I did not see, nor did I want to go see, this movie. And I did not see it, thankfully. Especially since I am/was currently single and had no girlfriend or wife to ask me to go see it at the time of it's theatrical release, since walking into the theatre alone would have painted the picture of me being a creepy pervert looking for (basically) porn. Well, I am sure a lot of other males and, quite likely, females were looking for just that when they went to see it and the fact that the movie dissatisfied viewers for not even containing enough sex is hilarious to me. Sex in movies is such a simple goal to reach (especially when compared to the challenge of presenting compelling characters, intelligent storytelling, and well executed filmmaking) that the idea of the movie failing at accomplishing THAT, the bluntest and least mentally stimulating thing, makes the movie a complete fail. - BKAllmighty

I'm sure that this movie was a success because it was a so-called " official release " and not the kind of movie you search in the porn section of your video store. Suddenly it's accepted ( especially for married couples who doesn't admit at each other they rent porn movies for their own ) to watch together this crap. This movie was made for people who pretends they never look this kind of movies ( they do in secret ) hence the success of this film. My opinion, if you're into that kinda of stuff just rent the real thing in your video store

( maybe at the " backdoor " of that store.) and you will see more sex and nude than this crappy fifty shades of grey movie. You have to admit, who cares about the acting skills, the story, the lightning and dialogues in such kinda of movies.

I don't understand how a terrible story about an abusive relationship that's worse than Twilight and somehow got popular among women got a movie. I saw a sex scene from Fritz the Cat and it was better than this tripe.

Even Sailor Moon Crystal (the OTHER/BAD Sailor Moon anime) had a better love relationship than this where Usagi, who was turned into a "love makes you bland" Mary Sue (who also got kissed by Sailor Uranus who was turned into a stalker and thought she was cheating) paired with Mamoru who was turned into a bland Gary Stu was better, at least Mamoru didn't beat Usagi like a punching bag. - SailorSedna

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3 Jupiter Ascending

After seeing 'Cloud Atlas', which was an excellent movie by my standards, I was very much hoping that the Wachowski's were moving up once again. Well, this movie sort of killed them, I think. The story was ridiculous and repetitive, the characters were boring and strange (I'm really looking at you, Eddie Redmayne), and our main character, while created to appeal to women for her strength (and whatever other crap they said), is sooo incredibly helpless and oblivious. She's saved by Channing Tatum in basically every action scene and wants little more than just to get in his pants for the entirety of the film. Seriously. "Sci-Fi for women"? Nope. This movie could have had the line "woman, go back in the kitchen" and it would have made the movie more "pro-feminist". The movie is pretty much just impressive visual effects and lobotomised people. - BKAllmighty

Probably one of the most disappointing films in my life's experience. The action scenes and CGI are incredible, but that's all you're there for. Ten minutes of it is authorising her reign, which was probably inspired from waiting in queue at the bank. So, I apologise to everyone who I was eager to show it to, before I actually saw it. - PositronWildhawk

It's sad that this movie is so horrible because it has such amazing CGI effects and action sequences.

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4 Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The most anticipated movie this year, besides Star Wars 7, falls flat on its face. Financially it was a huge success, racking in over 1.5 Billion, however now that we have time to look back on this movie, was it any good? No, it was extremely dull, lifeless, with idiotic character decisions, terrible romance, no story, character development, and a laughable villain. Overall this was the plain, stale and forgettable superhero film I've seen in years, and bottom line, when Hawkeye is your best character, in a movie that has Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor as top billing, you have failed. Avengers 2 will be easily forgotten over time.

Joss Whedon did not do his best work, or at least compared to the other Avengers movie. Natasha was a bar ass, but now is like a mix of Bella Swan from the Twilight series and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series. She's a fighter who is desperate for love. Way to go for influencing young girls. Joss Whedon must have thought that "Well I'm adding another female avenger, I might as well make Natasha the star-crossed lover I originally wanted her to be". Scarlett Witch either better become a bad ass, or Natasha should fix her lover-girl attitude.
Also, Scarlett Witch seemed cool at first, but is now very wimpy. Natasha used to be cool, but now isn't. Let's hope they become the badasses they were destined to be.
Last thing, this movie was one of the dullest Marvel movies I have ever seen. There is barely any plot and character development. Unless you include those crappy romance scenes with Bruce and Natasha, and those shouldn't even count. Also, with idiotic characters ...more

Fantastic Four was certainly not better than this. Fantastic Four did nothing right at all. This one just didn't have the same charm and good story that the first Avengers had. The first was so hyped and we all knew the sequel wouldn't come close. Hopefully Avengers 3 will redeem the Avengers. - VicarSlayer23

This movie has good critics (75% on rotten tomatoes) but I don't like it as much as the first. Ultron was a boring vilain (robot wanted to same humanity from themself) and there was nothing new about the first, except the two mutants. Then the love story between Romanof and Banner was useless. It still a watchable movie, but not the best from the avangers series - Olive855

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5 Fantastic Four

It had so much potential and trailers looked awesome! But what we've got *sigh*

No no no! Not better than the force awakens. Don't compare a horrible movie with an awesome movie and say the horrible one is better.

For example: I compare Zootopia with Ratchet and Clank (the new movie that just showed yesterday). Zootopia got a 99% while Ratchet and Clank got 15% and I say Ratchet and Clank was better. You see, you should think first before you compare the worst movie ever with the best movie ever. So, Star Wars should be better than Fantastic Four.

Producers stepped in and ruined it. (I wonder if someone at marvel bribed them to do so)

Worst movie ever

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6 Tomorrowland

This movie had a good concept. It could have been something like Meet the Robinsons if they didn't complicate things. Brad Bird is a great director, but this is a terrible movie. It's boring, anti-climactic and hard to follow. The long speech towards the end was confusing and unneccesary. An idea that had so much potential blown because they attempted to put in a moral, but instead created a confusing and unending lecture about creativity, the future all balled into one. If the moral was heartfelt and authentic, I might have liked it more, however it left me with a dull, drawn out and confusing plot. It looked good in the trailer, but this is definitely one of those movies you can't judge by a trailer. It looked like an adventure through a breathtaking and awesome future world, but was instead a confusing lecture about what we as society are doing wrong.

There's not much to say about this one besides that it didn't live up to it's trailer. The trailer made it appear that the movie would be filled with visual wonder and amazement. Well, that stuff lasted for about 10 minutes and (not to give away anything) it was given to us in a way that ended up feeling falsified and empty. It's a real shame, especially after its director (Brad Bird) already gave us 'The Incredibles' and 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'. We were hoping for more of the same great work from him and we were not given what we wanted. Most of the film takes place at an old farm house, the inside of a pick-up truck, or in a wacky sci-fi hobbyist store. Not exactly breathtaking. - BKAllmighty

I actually really liked this movie. It had a lot of problems, but it was still heartfelt, exciting and full of wonder (really wish I had a better way to phrase that, but I can't think of anything). - Yoshilord

I never thought it would be super great, but I still thought it would be worth seeing. When I came out of the movie theater, I wanted to vomit.

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7 Pixels

There was potential for greatness back when the original French short film (with the same name) was released back in 2010. Once I had heard that it was being adapted into a full-length movie I was excited. Then I heard Adam Sandler was going to be in it and my heart fell deep into my stomach. I was so horrified at how bad it would be. And then it came out and proved my suspicions to be true. - BKAllmighty

I thought this movie looked pretty awesome, but when I saw some footage and the reviews, it became apparent that it just wouldn't impress. - Garythesnail

I took one look at the trailer, and thought, nope. - PositronWildhawk

I sort of liked the movie, but the jokes were kind of bland. - Powerfulgirl10

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8 The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death

I am a big fan of the 2012 film with Daniel Radcliffe. So, naturally, I was looking forward to a sequel. The trailer looked promising, the house looked just as creepy, and the idea of the house being filled with children during WWII solidified my hopes that they knew what they were doing. Well, they didn't. There were maybe 3 legitimate scares over the course of the entire film. That's it. The scenes involving the children, themselves, were absolutely devoid of tension and fear, the dialogue scenes (which mostly covered the plot exposition of the first film) were tedious and lasted far too long, and Jeremy Irvine's role in the film was completely useless. He didn't even need to be there. - BKAllmighty

That's why horror films are dumb these days. No more horror films to be release.

What has happened to horror films - idontknow

9 Terminator Genisys

I didn't hate this movie as much as I hated the big twist being spoiled in the trailers. That ruined it for me. Seeing Arnold back as the Terminator was great, the casting choices for the classic characters were well done, and the special effects were handled well (especially the scenes with the CGI Terminator from the first film - WOW). I would have given credit to the story (even with how confusing it can be) but, like I said, the trailer ruined it. If you don't know the very surprise I am referring to consider yourself lucky. I recognize that the movie was sort of like getting a high-tech lobotomy but I like the odd brainless (but thinks it's brainy) action / sci-fi romp every now and then. I would have forgiven it's flaws if not for the spoiler problem. - BKAllmighty

They spoiled the movie in the trailers. Why do that

Wow seriously. People are watching this film because Terminator 2 was the best. And then the next one was bad. Just get you money back like what haters of Famtastic Four did.

10 Poltergeist

I was actually pleased with this one. I felt it did a respectable job of staying true to the ideas and the tone of the original film and did a sufficient job of bringing just the right amount of "new" to the table. It was scarier (in my opinion - I wasn't raised on the original so I have no nostalgic sentiment for it) than the first one was, it had better visuals (even considering the fact that the original was made in the 80's), and the casting was superior (again, in my opinion). Of course, as you probably know, the general public didn't embrace it as much as I did. It didn't make a huge amount of money and the critics felt it did not differentiate itself enough from the original. So basically, to most people it was a disappointment. To me it was a generally satisfying remake. - BKAllmighty

Simply gore and jump scares. Not much more to say about this film. It's definitely no comparison to the original one, especially considering the original movie wasn't even based on a clown like this one. - D0gLover970

No gore, but all jump scares. Plot wasn't very interesting either, and the effects weren't that good. Acting was also average-bad. Pretty mediocre movie, nowhere near as good as the original. And you don't have to be raised on the original to be fond of the movie lmao give me a break.

Didn't care much because the main kid is a ginger.

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11 The Good Dinosaur

This movie was horrid. I thought it would be more about coexistence between humans and dinosaurs, but if you want to watch and find out for yourself, go ahead. Hope you make it out alive!

Drug scene is creepy and demented

I mean I was blown away by toy story and when I saw it made me go like wha this made the same studios

Looked really terrible, like a lame crossover between Land Before Time and Flintstones (that human kid looks just like Bamm-Bamm! ), and it's shocking after Inside Out Pixar sank so low as to produce this film...

If you want to see a whole dino thing from 2015 done right, watch Power Rangers Dino Charge, that was far superior. - SailorSedna

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12 Chappie

The foundations of which the movie was based upon were promising. Under the steady-handed direction of a more experienced filmmaker this movie could have been better (I am not saying Neil Blomkamp was not capable - since 'District 9' was excellent and I did enjoy 'Elysium'). This film was just an example of a movie not fully embracing the possibilities of its concept. The idea of sentient robots is a very fascinating subject and has been done over and over without losing its appeal in fiction so the fact that this one didn't work is a shame. People always want to see remakes of the best movies when I think remakes and reboots should come from unrealized ideas and films that could have been done much better that deserve a second chance. This is one of those movies. - BKAllmighty

The trailer looked fantastic, the concept is great. Why isn't the movie as good? - jktomas

The trailer was great. Then I wanted to watch it but it was R-13. but the whole time it was good. But bad reviews. But I don't care about the bad reviews.

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13 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I loved the first six movies. (I even liked the Phantom Menace) The Force Awakens was a great disappointment. I mean, sure, it had classic stuff from the '70s series: The Millennium Falcon, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, etc. But still, it didn't feel like Star Wars to me.

One way of looking whether this movie is to look at this list. This film is behind many underrated films in this list. That proves this movie is overrated.

Despite having this much push, hype and expectations this film barely made over 2 billion. Avatar on the other hand without any support made nearly 3 billion. Sorry guys but this movie was a big disappointment.

Avatar is overrated. Just because one film also doesn't make as much money as other films doesn't mean it's bad also. - SailorSedna

I thought this and Inside Out was the best film of 2015. - SailorSedna

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14 Home

It was cute, but definitely for the younger crowd - D0gLover970

It was sort of good but I had high hopes for this movie I would just give it a 7/10

This movie wasn't bad but it's more for kids than adults.

I love the idea of humankind being abducted. I wish they did more with that. Like, what if Tip turned and took over the Earth, enslaving the Boov in revenge? - GraphiteTail

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15 Inside Out

Inside out was the best movie ever

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no just no. Get it of the list. Its like saying "Lion king was not as good as Hamlet" or "Godfather was good, but not great" or "Eminem sucks". This was a great movie. It was highly relatable, had the Pixar onions and killed us a little once again. Admit it, you'd be telling about these movies to your grandkids.

Why is this on here! This is impossible WHO MAKES THIS WEBSITE

I thought this and Star Wars Episode VII was the best film of 2015. - SailorSedna

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16 I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine V 2 Comments
17 Ted 2

The first 'Ted' was a pleasant surprise from Seth McFarlane. Before that movie all we had from him was 'Family Guy' and its related shows (and that was starting to wear a bit thin). Then, along came 'Ted'. It was funny, original, and was, overall, a well-made comedy film. Of course, 'A Million Ways to Die in the West' was a misfire. But then we were told that 'Ted 2' was happening (a hopeful return to form for the inexperienced filmmaker). Well, as is the case with all the items on this list, it was a disappointment. The jokes fell flat at times, the humourless gaps were tedious, and the ending was a weak rehash of the emotional climax from the first film. So, basically, it was like watching 'Family Guy' (it was good at first but got old and is no longer shocking or surprising to anyone). - BKAllmighty

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18 Jurassic World

This movie sucks. The plot was the same plot of the first movie but takes place somewhere else, has poor scripting, and is more generic and boring. The characters were uninteresting and the movie forgot to give a reason why to like some of them. For example the two kids in the movie didn't help anybody, were one dimensional, sounded like they were winning when they were talking, and they looked like there parents didn't care about them so they sent them to a park by themselves. The visuals look like they were made in 1975 instead of 2015, the first Jurassic park had better visuals than this. The actors looked like they didn't want to be there on set and looked like they were embarrassed. The ending was very lame and some of the scenes before it were rushed and had several plot holes. And this movie has an overrated fanbase that is as overrated as black ops 2. The only positive thing about this movie was Chris Pratt. This is the worst Jurassic park film.

I thought it was pretty good. It does not deserve to be on this list - D0gLover970

Woah, woah. How is this here?! - TheYoshiOverlord

How is this not in the top 10? It should take Minions's slot for most disappointing movie of the year!

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19 Pan

I don't think it's true that pan is better than star wars.

Whoever said this was better than Star Wars..sorry to tell you but you have no taste.

This movie was much better than Star Wars.

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20 Jem and the Holograms

This movie is not cartoon, it's a musical with the worst songs.

One of the best cartoons but horrible movie

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