Most Disappointing Movies of 2019

Movies, we were waiting for it for mounts or years and turned out to be a trash.

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1 Hellboy Hellboy Product Image

I liked the first two Hellboy movies, I liked the jokes the atmosphere and everything, but this one just took everything from the previous movies and turned it into a trash, the movie was so boring and Ron Perlman isn't even Hellboy in this one.

The makeup looks great and David Harbour is good at playing as Hellboy, but it is nowhere near as good as the previous Hellboy films.

Really? I haven't seen it yet.

The first two were good and funny, but this one was a joke. I’ll just watch the first 2 over and over again

2 Men In Black: International Men In Black: International Product Image

after the third one I expected better, the male agent's backstory didn't really make sense as we had never met him before. all forgettable characters

I liked the men in black series funny, creative and you can watch it over and over without getting bored, but this one was just OK and it was a a huge disappointment comparing to the first two movies, the jokes and story aren't so good, but at least it didn't lose all the appeal from the first two movies

I had a feeling this will be bad.

3 The Lion King The Lion King Product Image

It felt so bland and uninspired, Disney should just stick to making movies with new plots instead of remakes.

Maybe not that bad but the acting was bland at points but the animation is impressive.

Yes I did find this one not very pleasing

Scare has Illuminati signs all over him

4 Captain Marvel Captain Marvel Product Image

This is like the most disappointing movie I've seen in my life. Not worth it...Not at all.

I disagree- yes it was not to good-but t was better that thor 1 and 2 right?

Very boring and has no plot or actual story

Stop hating on this movie

5 Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix Product Image

This movie looked so great in the trailers, I thought It was going to beat up captin marvel but no, the movie was boring and predictable, just some actions scenes there and there, and the story wasn't so good too.

Should've been number 1, it's the first X-Men film of this franchise that flopped super-hard. Just saying'.

I expected this to suck jean grey is such a boring Mary sue

I'm sorry but Jean Grey is not a Mary Sue in that movie. If she was a Mary Sue, she wouldn't have turned evil in the middle of the movie, and she wouldn't have evolved become a better person. It's not because you are very powerful that you are a Mary Sue.

Last X-men movie thank god

6 Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Product Image

I can only engage to respect opinions. But at the same time, I was never disappointed with this film. Sure the human stuff wasn't that great, but I at least enjoyed those human characters. There are no good Monsters, Kaijus, Robots, or Alien movies have good human characters (Bayformers is the example of worst human characters). The only good human characters in Kaiju films are Godzilla 1954, some of the Heisei Godzilla films, Mothra 1961, Rodan 1956, Mothra vs. Godzilla and Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster. This one is only a decent amount of those, I enjoyed those personally. But still...take em or leave em if you want. As for the action scenes...IT'S BRILLAINT! This is what a Die Hard Kaiju fan's wet dream of what they want for all these years. Godzilla was amazing, King Ghidorah is extremely terrifying at best and just perfect for a villain kaiju, Rodan was pretty good in his own way didn't do as much as what he could've been, and Mothra...Oh my god...I LOVE HER! She is just ...more

You've got Jaws and Alien, and those have great human characters in a monster movie.

The only good thing I can say about this mess is that it's better than the 2014 movie, in that it ACTUALLY SHOWS THE MONSTERS. Unfortunately, most of the movie is focused on the bland human characters and the monster fights-you know, the big selling point of these things-are obscured by fog and hard to see. Why would they do that, exactly? Was the CGI so bad they needed to hide it from the audience?

This movie wasn't disappointing at all the cgi is Amazing also in previous toho Godzilla movies the humans were bad in those as well

Hey, this movie was good! Dunno why the critics hated it, the monsters looked awesome.

7 Godzilla: The Planet Eater

Get this movie higher! So terrible. Godzilla: KOTM is a good movie, this one is cancerous, ANIME SUCKS! ’ And this movie has the worst human characters and boring action.

Why do people like this? ARE THEY STUPID! KOTM is amazing and did Godzilla justice. Plus better effects and story. This film is garbage! Planet Eater sucks! Anime sucks. Anyone who likes this are SO STUPID!

The movie sucks.

8 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Product Image

Thanks a lot Disney. Once again you screwed up Star Wars. The Force Awakens and Rogue One are the only good films by Disney, other than that, Star Wars has gone downhill, and thank god this Sequel trilogy is no longer canon

I like this film and I don't care what other people think.

This movie was awesome

this movie is a joke it's like a parody

9 Aladdin Aladdin Product Image

Life Tip: You can actually fall asleep watching this. It happened to me.

I didn't have high hopes. its nothing without robin williams

What’s with Disney and all the remakes this year?

10 The Secret Life of Pets 2 The Secret Life of Pets 2 Product Image

This is fine

The Contenders

11 Cats Cats Product Image

This movie looks awful I have not seen though

the trailer. that's all I needed to see in my life. but I am cursed to have had to see it.

12 UglyDolls UglyDolls Product Image

The movies looked great I liked the trailers, but when it came out, it was just stupid the same joke over and over and I usually like animted movies for kids, but this one just broke that rule, it was so annoying and the animation was boring too, just save your money and watch toy story 4 or how to train your dragon 3 instead.

Did you really expect it to be good?

This was actually horrible.

Cash grab, that's all it is.

13 The Hustle The Hustle Product Image

This is actually a joke movie.

Stupid and waste of money

So boring and unfunny.

Stupid SJW movie.

14 Dumbo Dumbo Product Image

The OG was good, but Disney being the greedy cash hoarders they are, just HAD to make a trashy remake of it.

It was so bad

15 Ad Astra Ad Astra Product Image
16 Polar

I thought it looked great before watching it, but the disappointment hit me like a train, the movie was so dull and has just some stupid action scenes that's all.

17 47 Meters Down: Uncaged 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Product Image

Didn't watch it but I have heard it was terrible.

This movie look a lot like Jaws.

18 The Kitchen The Kitchen Product Image

Didn't watch it, but I have heard it was terrible

19 Midsommar Midsommar Product Image

This movie only had 2 or 3 gory scenes. 2 jump scares and a lot of sexual intercourse. This movie is more people screaming in your face than it is anything else. Yea it is very artsy. But it is more of a thriller than it is a horror movie. I expected a lot more from the director of hereditary. overall don't watch this if you're looking for a scary movie. Watch. this if you are looking for a good thriller.

Yep after the stupid critics propped this up as one of the best movies even though it was so boring

Some movies are slow paced because there's subtlety hidden in a movie, and that can be very subjective. This isn't a traditional horror movie, and it's more of an artsy horror film.

A lot of movie critics didn't say that it's one of the best movies of the year, and a 83% doesn't always make it critically acclaimed, it means that 83% of critics liked it. Does everyone have to like Midsommar? No, because everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

20 Rambo: Last Blood Rambo: Last Blood Product Image

Rambo nearly made me quit watching, no action until like the ending scene, and what's worst is there's only like 15 people fighting him at the end, storywise is typical for a revenge movie

21 Steven Universe: The Movie Steven Universe: The Movie Product Image
22 The Beach Bum The Beach Bum Product Image
23 It Chapter Two It Chapter Two Product Image

The only thing disappointing is the opening, Chapter 1 had a much better opening than this!

this movie sucked so much I hated it

24 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Product Image

I hated the first movie so I expected this to be cancer like the first and everyone to be in my face about this

25 Glass Glass Product Image
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